Goddess in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom

It feels so good to be able to tell someone. I am a woman with a good job in a male dominated environment. I earn good money have a successful husband and 3 great children. The problem is that I cannot stop thinking about sex with my husband. My pussy is damp now, with just the beginnings of what we get up to, in my mind. I find myself drifting off in conf calls and meetings and imagining what my man could be doing to me, my sex throbbing as my clitoris becomes swollen and protrudes from my shaven lips. Let me tell you about last night, and maybe it will help me to clear my thoughts......

We had been mildly flirting with each other all evening, as much as you can with 3 children in the house. My satisfaction was all i could think of, playing over and over in my mind what I needed. I am ashamed to say it, but I felt like a bitch on heat. Wanting to expose myself to him, in the most explicit and crude way. He knows when i am aching for him and teases me with his arrogance, by making me wait. Finally the time came, and i tried to play him at his own game by pretending to be uninterested. He knew. As we stripped for bed I kept my panties on, and crawled on all fours across our huge bed knowing his eyes were on me. He slid between the sheets and the moon penetrated the room, showing the curves of my body and the shadows of his muscles against his tanned and beautiful skin. As he nuzzled his lips over my breasts, nipples becoming engorged, and erect, he slid one into his mouth and held it between his teeth as he bit down gently, increasing the pressure until i let out a yelp of pleasure and pain. My back arched to show my appreciation and he responded by moving his hand down over my belly to the top of my underwear. He knew i was more than ready, and pulled the cotton aside as he moved down over my swollen sex, to reveal my smooth pussy. I panted with anticipation as he pulled the material tighter, until it snapped between my lips and began to press down onto my clitoris. He bit harder on my nipples and pulled on my panties until the material was rubbing against my ass and pussy, grinding into me. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh and as i writhed and moaned with pleasure, and could feel his hardness twitch eager to push its way inside me. He asked me to turn around. I got on all fours, and he slowly pulled at my panties, sliding them down over my now naked ass, and watching as my body released them to expose my glistening hole, swollen and pink, pussy milk inviting him in. I spread my legs, showing him my open sex, and loving every minute of it.

"Spank me" I whispered, ashamed but desperate. He obliged, and as the sting of his hand connected with my fleshy ass cheek, it sent an electric shock of pleasure through my body, pushing my ass and inner thighs open. He did it again, and I knew he was losing his control. The power shift was coming to me. He moaned as he could smell the aroma of pussy, sweat and ass which rose up from my body, and he pushed his fingers between my thighs and found the nub of my clitoris. Gently he began to rotate his fingers as he pushed down on the small yet responsive mound of pink, and my body opened up to him, my face resting on the softness of the pillows, absorbing the sound of my pleasure as he pursued his mission. I came time and time again, and knew that each time he was getting more desperate to enter me. He began to tongue fuck me, pushing his way in, and I loved it. I reached up and pulled my ass cheeks apart, and he laughed with appreciation.

He stopped to take in the view, and I felt so dirty. The moon flooded, and i asked him if he liked what he saw. He loved it. His fingers returned to their task, except this time he didnt go between my thighs, but slid his thumbs up and down between my ass cheeks. I tensed up, nervous and excited. I could feel my sticky wetness working against his skin, allowing him to slide wherever he wanted. I was so turned on, and he played with ass teasing and coaxing me to relaxation. The sharp pain as he entered me here was exquisite as first the tip of his finger moved slowly in and out, going deeper each time. My pussy throbbed and opened aching for the same attention. Another electric shock as he took his finger out and my tight hole closed. He rammed his cock hard and wide, into my pussy and i pushed down on him back and forth as he used the whole of his length to satisfy me. He slapped my ass and grabbed hold of my thighs as he rammed himself into me time and time again, faster and faster.

I felt like a whore, showing myself to him, and loving the roughness of his desire. I began to feel dizzy with sheer pleasure and pain as he continued, i knew he couldnt hold much longer adding to me excitement. As he came, his final thrusts were almost too much to take. My pussy gripped him tightly as i came over his hardness and he groaned with pleasure as i squeezed the last of his climax from him. As he slid his sated cock out, I let him watch, as our come ooze out from my hole, as the sudden coolness of exposure tingled on my skin.

This is how i want it all the time. My husband loves it, and so do i but I ashamed of loving it so much. I have a vibrator for when he is away, which he knows about but does not approve of. It feels so good but feel like i am living a double life. Nobody but my husband would guess and i guess the old saying is true, a goddess in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. I never meant to be like that and have been what i thought was a feminist all my life. I cant shake the feelings of guilt, does anyone else feel this way?

I'd like to buy a shotgun

I haven't written to you for a long time. I have since graduated from my new school. I have a job that gives me half a year of vacation at a time, with excellent pay. The shame of my personal failures have driven to this point at a very young age. The shame and depression that I feel everyday seems to drive me towards being a better person.

Good, right? Nah. I'm writing this at 2am. On a cold porch. I havnt accomplished anything of note. I havnt loved truly, i've only felt pain deeper than I thought possible. Folks go through life, happy and content....while some of us seem destined to soak up the wretchedness left behind.
I tell my friends that I'd like to buy a shotgun to go duck hunting. I'm terrified to buy one because I know I'll only use it to kill myself. It doesn't matter if you update this site or if you'll even read this. It only matters that my thoughts are out there.

How my first lesbian experience happened

My first lesbian experience was almost a year ago. It was in May, and I was with my girlfriend at the time. We had been dating for two weeks already at the time, and we didnt plan for it to happen, it just did.

One day, Taylor (my girlfriend at the time) walked me home from our bus stop, and came inside my house with me when I told her that my brother was gone (my family is homophobic, and she wasnt allowed inside the house anymore after my parents found out about her, so we had to keep it a secret). So, we went into my room and curled up on my bed in my room for like half an hour. We just layed there together for about 10 minutes, and then everything started happening. She had been teasing me the past couple days, asking me "how far she could go" when it came to undressing me or touching me. So, she started touching the inside of my thighs and eventually put her hand down my pants. I didnt tell her to stop what she was doing, so she just continued going, and I just decided to take my pants off, and then I layed on the edge of my bed while she gently touched me. It was the most amazing feeling ever, and I wasnt nervous at all b/c I trusted her.

Suddenly before I knew it she had started fingering me, and I just like went crazy, but not bad crazy. She did it for like nearly 5 minutes, and I was just shocked yet happy at the same time when all of that happened. I was self conscious at the time b/c I didnt know if she would like comment me or something on the way I looked, only b/c that had never happened to me before with her, but once I realized that she didnt care about how I looked I felt more confident about myself and now im not self conscious anymore. It makes me so happy to know that I could actually fall in love with a woman, when i didnt think that it was ever possible, but after the first time for me, i just fell madly in love with her. It will definitely change your life and how you think of yourself. Dont let anything hold you back though, I mean I see it as a way to get close to the person you love the most in your life. All I know is that I loved it, and I hope you love it too!

I cheat on my girlfriend with her best friend

I am a college student and this crap is really starting to get to me. I work hard, study hard and drink harder. Somehow I just cannot come to telling anyone that I am bi. My girlfriend, whom I have been dating for several months now is completely in love with me. I took her virginity and she says that she wants me to be the one and only, her lobster, whatever other people call it.

It kills me because she is really sweet to me and always there, however, sex is not really interesting with her anymore, and I cannot come to stop liking her best friend (who happened to introduce us).
She is the type of girl that will cry if anything goes wrong and has serious self esteem issues. I am a very straight up, outspoken, cut-throat, in your face, person.

I feel like she doesnt know me and I dont know if she knows me but I dont want her freaking out because Im bi. Much less, I dont want her to tell my fraternity brothers that I am bi because I dont know how they mihgt take it.

I am confused as crap now, and I am really about out of ideas.


Me and my camera phone

Have been very busy lately. I've found a new fetish for myself. I like traveling on buses and trains and trying to take upskirts photos. Sometimes I'll get a great shot right away but sometimes I need to take a couple of them before I get a good one. I love my camera!

Her grandfather is a dirty pervert.

He bought our daughter, who is not living with us, a $100 gift certificate to La Senza(The lingerie store)

She's 15.

I had already grew tired of his sexist attitude, chauvinistic remarks to women and his general lack of respect for women. Now he's buying my 15 year old daughter a gift certificate to a lingerie store.

WTF is that all about? Doesn't that seem wrong to anyone else? It's not a GrandFather's job to do that. Hell her own mother wouldn't take a 15 year old to shop at a lingerie store.

Yeah, maybe she'll buy modest bra and panty sets. Then give her a fucking gift card for Wall Mart. Not La Senza.

Instead of buying that for my daughter, maybe he should have saved that for his wife.

It gross me out and the only reason I have not called him and told him off, is out of respect for my wife.

He is so fucking lucky. I mean really.

It gives me the creeps. Dirty old grandfather.

Whats next? Does he want her to model what she bought?

I feel sick to me stomach.

Please tell me I am not crazy. Don't tell me that this is normal.

I think it is disturbing.

I want your comments.

My husband impregnated me, after he passed away

Hi Joe. Here is my story.

I married into a very religious family. I married a wonderful man, whom I thought I was going to spend my whole life with. Sadly my husband Chris was taken away from me far to soon. He had Osteosarcoma (a malignant bone cancer). We knew he was going todie. We were married for a year before he passed away. This disease made him unable to walk, let alone make love to me. So a few weeks before he died, it was his idea to freeze his sperm and have me artificially inseminated with it. A little while after his funeral I had the procedure done... It worked and I am 6 months along with a boy.

The reason this is a story I cannot tell Chris' parent's don't believe in artificial insemination. If they knew I am sure they would turn their back on my son. Right now they find it incredible that their son will live on, and they will love my son.

Chris was an only child, and I have every intention of giving my son Chris' last name. Actually I am going to name him Mac Christopher _____(Mac means Son of). I had to tell someone. I hope this is an appreciated story, it sure beats all the cheating spouse stories I think. Thanks for listening

My first lesbian experience.

For my birthday last month my boyfriend Kevin gave me a present I will never forget. My first lesbian experience. It might be more of a bi-sexual experience but whatever you want to call it, it was out of this world. I’m going to write this in two part. I’m not sure if that is allowed Joe but maybe you’ll allow me to tell my story.

Kevin had made dinner reservations at our regular spot at our usual table. After getting dressed up and having a little pre-meal cocktail at his place, we called a cab and headed out.
We arrived around 8 to a small line-up. The restaurant was busy as usual, people talking and eating and all seeming to be having a great time. The atmosphere was the main reason we fell in love with this spot from the beginning. The hostess greeted Kevin by name and guided us to our table by the fireplace. Kevin took my coat for me and pulled my chair out so I could sit. Always the gentleman, I could see other women watching and smiling. Kevin’s chivalry was the main reason I started dating him. He had a great deal of respect for women and it showed in his every move.

As I took my seat I noticed something a little different. There was an additional table setting. Usually our table was set for two but tonight there was a third set of utensils, another place mat and an extra set of drinking glasses. Kevin took his seat as the waitress came to take our orders. When she left I asked him why the third setting. He shrugged his shoulders and said it was obviously a mistake. I nodded and Kevin and I enjoyed the atmosphere and some small talk before dinner.

Dinner arrived and we enjoyed our fabulous meal. The drinks kept flowing and our conversations turned from life to marriage to our situations to love and on to lust. We revisited many different topics but we seemed to keep coming back to sex and sexuality. I have the feeling that the liquor played a major part that.

I had often talked about wanting to sleep with another woman with Kevin in the room. As any other man would, Kevin had no issues with this and in fact supported my desires. We talked about how we would meet another woman, how it might happen and all the things I’d like to try in the company of another female. The waitress came with a dessert menu just as Kevin was turning me on with his views of how a night with another woman might feel like. I was halfway hoping that the waitress heard our words, my imagination fuelled by the liquor and our sexy talk. Kevin asked me if I knew what I wanted for dessert and I blushed, thinking of kissing our waitress right on her full moist looking lips. I said I’d need a few minutes to decide and she left us alone.

Then he told me. He told me that the third place setting was not a mistake. He told me about how he had talked to the girl that we always saw at various parties and functions. Janet and I shared many a drink, talking about our lives and such. We had often used her as a visual aid while we had sex and now Kevin was now telling me how Janet was going to be joining us for some dessert. I felt my pulse race. My thoughts raced to kissing her and feeling her tongue in my mouth. I took a drink and tried to compose myself. Kevin was grinning ear to ear. I’m sure he had his doubts about setting this up and I was going to make sure to show him my appreciation during the night.

I caught sight of her as she walked in. Not that I wasn’t already staring at the door or anything! lol!
She was wearing a sexy little black strapless dress, matching black Ferragamo’s and a cute little purse. Her brown curly hair was in an up-do with a couple of seductive strands cascading down her face. She stood by the front door for a minute, scanning the tables. Then our eyes meet. She smiled, nervously put a strand of hair behind her ear and started walking towards us. Kevin has his back to her but he sees my face redden and my eyes sparkle. He turns just as Janet arrives at our table. He quickly jumps up and pulls out her chair. I can’t help but to sneak a closer peek at her legs as she sits.

Janet, Kevin and I exchange nervous, “Hello’s” while the observant waitress approaches. Janet orders a drink and Kevin and I order some blueberry cheesecake. Kevin blushes next as he asks for some whip cream, his eyes darting back and forth, from Janet’s ample cleavage, to her deep brown eyes, to my fingertips seductively tracing around the top of my glass, back to her cleavage and back to the waitress. Kevin was going be in for the time of his life and me? I was on my way to having not only my first lesbian experience, but also I was about to share an experience so memorable that I now want to share it to the world. Why is this story I cannot tell?

Kevin, my boyfriend, is a professional athlete and had been very married for the last five years. I’ll write the second part of my story in a little while. I’ve left enough for you to stew on. I’m sure I’ll get some nasty comments about how I am a home wrecker, however I have no problems looking in the mirror in the morning. This story is not about what I am doing but what I experienced when I had my first taste of another woman, my first lesbian, bi-sexual experience or whatever you call it. Please suggest another “name” for this encounter if “lesbian affair” is not appropriate. I am certainly not an expert in such terms.

Thanks for reading. I’ll write the rest of the story next Sunday if time permits.

We beat him and ran

We were supposed to go to a party and the guys' car we were going to go in broke down. The fucking beater wouldn't start. We did a quick money check and being all broke students we didn't have piss. I'm not sure who made the suggestion but we decided to call a taxi and do a punch and run.

We called a taxi and all four of us piled in the back. We told the cabbie to take us to a spot about a block away. We're all drinking 40's and laughing and then we get to the spot. The cabbie stop the car and my boy Rampage rabbit punches the guy in the back of the head and we all open the doors to run out. Rampage punches him a few more times and the two of us bolt out of the cab. We take off after the other two guys, the cabbie yelling at us to stop as he talks on his cell and the CB. 10 minutes later we are at the party getting our drink on. The party was dope.

I feel like shit thinking about it, but hey, the fucking raghead deserved it. Straight up. Coming to my country, taking our jobs and then blowing up our buildings and shit. I don't feel too guilty about it. Fuck them.

He killed the dog, totalled his car and damn near killed us.

My best friend and I were coming home from a party. We were both liquored up and neither us should have been driving. After a brief arguement about who was less hammered, he took the wheel.

It was all shits and giggles for the first twenty minutes or so. He was focused on the road as I was focused on rolling a doob, the tunes blasting . Then he tapped me on the shoulder, grinned and then stomped on the accelerator. His 86 LX was done up to the tits. Chirping through all the gears he was up to 100 before I knew it. I wasn't sitting quietly. Too busy hootin' anf hollerin' for him to go faster, booze and our hormones adding at least another 15mph. At one point we ran through an intersection and went airborne. It was fucking intense.

Until we hit the dog. We were probably doing about 80 when it appeared in front of us. I sure as shit didn't see it and I was looking wayyy ahead for cops or people or anything. It was after 4 in the morning and the streets were pretty vacant.

So this dog runs out on the street from a side street. My buddy tries to avoid it but at that speed there was no way he wasn't hitting this pooch. All hell breaks loose as he swerves to avoid Fido. Our back end slides out but not before the poor dog gets clipped in the leg and ass. One of the most vivid memories of the accident was the dog flying through the air.

We spun around about 300 degrees before hitting the first of three parked cars. My drunk-ass friend broke his wrist at this point, spinning the wheel trying to get out of the skid. He screamed like my neighbour's kid did when he was attacked by the swarm of bees. We then took out two signs, one row of newspaper boxes and one traffic light. We bend the light over at its base and the slid up the side of it like some kinda Hollywood stunt team or some shit. Writing this feels equally as intense as three weeks ago when it happened. The trippest thing I've ever been involved with.

We came to a stop in a cloud of airbag dust. My buddy is moaning about his wrist and I am trying to get the ringing out of my ears. Chris(not his real name) then tells me that we have to run. He's drunk, his daddy is the ADA and shit would go down if news breaks out. At this point I don;t give a damn about him, I'm thinking about the dog. I tell him that we need to check on the dog.

The dog was dead. The was a garage close to the street and the dog had hit it and got all smashed up. I felt like puking and Chris just walked around looking at his fucked up car and the dead dog muttering about all sorts of stuff like jail and his dad and something about getting his ass kicked. I puked a little inside my mouth, for real, then told him we needed to call someone. He said no fucking way and calls a taxi to a 24h laundrymat in the stripmall a couple blocks away. He tells me we'd call the cops and report the car stolen. Then he runs to the Stang, opens the trunk and grabs some tools. Nex thing I know he's pulling the ignition out and screwing with the wires outside his steering column. I laugh and know what he's doing. I grab my backpack from the back and when he's done, we book.

We use the payphone outside the mini-mart beside the luandrymat to call 911. Chris tells the cops about the accident, telling him he was driving and saw it happen. Our taxi comes and away we go.

I still remember the dog flying through the air and even worse, that I left it there. I own a dog and can't imagine knowing my dog lying somewhere dead.

We never got caught. I've changed enough details in this to ensure my safety. The thoughts in my mind from that night are more than enough punishment. That shit is for life.