My husband impregnated me, after he passed away

Hi Joe. Here is my story.

I married into a very religious family. I married a wonderful man, whom I thought I was going to spend my whole life with. Sadly my husband Chris was taken away from me far to soon. He had Osteosarcoma (a malignant bone cancer). We knew he was going todie. We were married for a year before he passed away. This disease made him unable to walk, let alone make love to me. So a few weeks before he died, it was his idea to freeze his sperm and have me artificially inseminated with it. A little while after his funeral I had the procedure done... It worked and I am 6 months along with a boy.

The reason this is a story I cannot tell Chris' parent's don't believe in artificial insemination. If they knew I am sure they would turn their back on my son. Right now they find it incredible that their son will live on, and they will love my son.

Chris was an only child, and I have every intention of giving my son Chris' last name. Actually I am going to name him Mac Christopher _____(Mac means Son of). I had to tell someone. I hope this is an appreciated story, it sure beats all the cheating spouse stories I think. Thanks for listening