Her grandfather is a dirty pervert.

He bought our daughter, who is not living with us, a $100 gift certificate to La Senza(The lingerie store)

She's 15.

I had already grew tired of his sexist attitude, chauvinistic remarks to women and his general lack of respect for women. Now he's buying my 15 year old daughter a gift certificate to a lingerie store.

WTF is that all about? Doesn't that seem wrong to anyone else? It's not a GrandFather's job to do that. Hell her own mother wouldn't take a 15 year old to shop at a lingerie store.

Yeah, maybe she'll buy modest bra and panty sets. Then give her a fucking gift card for Wall Mart. Not La Senza.

Instead of buying that for my daughter, maybe he should have saved that for his wife.

It gross me out and the only reason I have not called him and told him off, is out of respect for my wife.

He is so fucking lucky. I mean really.

It gives me the creeps. Dirty old grandfather.

Whats next? Does he want her to model what she bought?

I feel sick to me stomach.

Please tell me I am not crazy. Don't tell me that this is normal.

I think it is disturbing.

I want your comments.