I found out that the man that molested me is "anxious" to hear from me.

I found this site before Christmas and found it strange to be reading people's confessions and stories and secrets. After reading a bunch I submitted my own story.

Here it is

After I wrote my nasty secret I felt better. It felt strangely wonderful to tell total strangers something that I had never, ever told anyone else. I was finally to put the whole ordeal behind me.

Then my worst nightmare came true.
I just got a call from a relative. Apparently MAO is in town and is "anxious" to get in touch with me. WTF???!?!

That is exactly what I don't need in my fucking life right now.I'm angry. I'm hostile and I'm scared shitless. What so I do?


A beatdown over the phone

There is one thing that would always cause a fight when I was in jail. The phone. Usually there'd be 2 phones to a range which held around 28 guys. 2 phones + 28 guys = a good reason to fight.

This one time I was the one that needed the phone. My cellmate was on it talking to his girlfriend. I already didn't like him because he kept shitting in the cell just after we got locked up, instead of taking his dump before and saving me the stench. I told him repeatedly not to do that, but he was a fucking moron.
So there he was having phone sex with his girl. The other phone was being tied up by the guy that ran things, he was talking to his lawyer. We all knew well enough that when he was on the phone, no one was to bother him. So I didn't.

I went up to my cellmate and tapped his shoulder and asked him to hurry up. He quickly looked up and waved me off. I stepped back and paused, thinking of what I was going to do next. I walked into my cell thinking that perhaps it was time to do some shanking but since I wasn't really a weapons kinda guy I thought I best handle this with my hands, only after I asked him once more.

So I politely (remember I am in JAIL. Being polite is quite strange) went up and gently tapped his shoulder and asked that he hurry as I had to call my lawyer about some upcoming issues. He looked at me, flipped me the bird and told me to fuck off before putting his hand back down to continue his conversation.

I heard him say, "It's okay baby, it's just some piece of shit."

He didn't get the word "shit" out before I started swinging. I threw punch after punch at him. Upercuts, jabs, right hooks. He was trying to defend himself and talk to his girl.(If it was me, I woulda dropped that call right quick).

He managed to land a punch on my cheek that really pissed me off. I grabbed the phone out of his hands and started beating him with it. At one point I him pinned up against the bars with one hand as I beat his face in with the phone.

He lost consciousness and I let him drop to the floor. I wiped off the phone and started making my call, just as the screws showed up. They opened the door and dragged him out, asking what happened. Everyone looked the other way. No one saw anything.
I was never really a violent man and since I was released over 15 years ago I have become model citizen. I am married, have children and a grandchild.

The reason I cannot tell this story is because my new family has no idea of the things I did in my past. Also, I sometimes find myself thinking about the guy and wondering if he was okay because at the time he did not look it.

I'd rather if you didn't post my name or location. Thank-you.

Lesbian with a fetish for cock

This is so weird to me. I'm a lesbian, but I've been really curious about cock lately. I know I'm a lesbian because I LOVE women, love how they taste, smell, walk, look. Women are the only creatures that bring out the ooey-gooey feelings in me. Dykes, specifically, straight women don't do it for me...too whiney. For guys, I've never been able to feel anything but friendship. They are physically unappealing to me...except for their cocks.

I'm not about to cheat on my girlfriend, but sometimes I go to adult friend finders and watch guys jerk off on camera. Then I get myself off with a big dildo while I watch. It's usually only around my fertile time that I feel the urge to do this. Maybe it's because my body wants to reproduce. Oh, and it's just the cock. The balls are totally gross. It's too bad they are so visible when a guy gets an erection.

Name kept secret
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We broke in to her ex-roomates house and robbed her blind

What a terrible thing we did. I had just started dating this girl and all was cool until she first came to my place and I didn't have much to my name. She had been telling me all along how she hated her ex-roomate and wanted to get back at her. So she comes up with this plan to take me and my van and go to the house she used to live in to rob it.
So I did it. I needed stuff and had no respect for anyone, let alone a stranger that my girlfriend already didn't like.

We kicked down the door and took everything the van could fit. Tv, microwave, chair, bookcase, stereo and even a couple cool looking plants.

I broke up with her months later but kept all the stuff. IN fact, the same bookshelf now stands across from me.

I think I should throw it out. Bad Karma staring me right in my face.



I really doubt he'll ever see his daughter again.

i had been seeing my boyfriend for 1.5 yrs. he was the biggest dick. it was a relationship from hell. his ex wife recently filed suit for full custody of his daughter. i dont blame her. he has been a drunk for the past year. he was wasted 24/7, he had no job till a month ago. well recently I had a doctors appointment and when I got out, I saw his car at a local bar. then i went home. he called me about 1/2 hour later to ask if I could pick his daughter up from day care. I could tell he was piss drunk, he was slurring every word. but I had a plan and said no. so he starts berating me and then I drive near the day care to see whos going to pick her up. his truck comes into the parking lot. he takes her. hes terribly drunk. picking up his 8 year old from after school care. i follow him all the way to his house. it was a perfect spring evening and i knew everyone would be outside. all the neighborhood kids are in his yard. im in the driveway.

He starts berating me in front of all these kids, i drive away. the next door neighbor (who is his daughters' school secratary) apparently heard him and called Child protection services. now he has a court case to deal with (and with what money? remember he was unemployed for a whole year!) and his house is going into foreclosure. i relayed my story to CPS. i really doubt hell ever see his daughter again. but what goes around comes around.

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Why I wish he was dead.

I was told that I'd never get pregnant...but I did and the biological father is a piece of trash. I should have told him that it wasn't his...we weren't married, weren't together, just having sex. He's barely contributed to her life money or otherwise...only sees her because he knows I don't want him to. God forgive me, but I just wish he'd die so she wouldn't have to have him in her life. She'd be better off wondering what he was like than really knowing him.
He's a total worthless piece of crap. He stalked me, harassed me, abused me and made my life a living hell. His stepfather molested my daughter when she was 2 and her father says he doesn't believe that it happened...because she was with him when it did. I was the one who got the restraining order against that sick bastard that touched my baby. His mother is a pathological liar, his brother is a drug addict, his sister was on trial for the murder of her child, he's a worthless piece of crap and I wish he wasn't her father and I really wish he wasn't a part of her life at all.

I feel guilty that she has to have anything to do with him...she knows my husband and I are really the ones that love her and take care of her. I don't say anything bad about him to her because she has to find out for herself. I'm so sorry that he's her father.

That bitch of a judge took his side in court when I tried to get full custody. She saw us for 5 minutes and decided the fate of my angel. I am powerless against the system to keep him away from her. I've spent so much money trying...money that I didn't and still don't have, but did it for her. Then we ended up in criminal court and civil court so many times, finally because of the molestation and still her father has the same rights as me...it's just not fair or just.

So...you understand why I wish he was dead.

Deadbeat dad

I'm newly remarried and I've told my new wife about a daughter I have in another state on the other side of the country. I've told her that I send child support money and have been doing so since the beginning.
The truth of the matter is that I've never sent the mother a dime. When she got pregnant she was sleeping with more than just me so I told her I didn't think it was mine. I told her to get a paternity test done. She never did and I refused to pay one single red cent.

I feel like a deadbeat dad every year around Father's Day. I can't wait to have a child with my wife so I can start being a dad.

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I'm staying faithful for now.

I am trying with all my strength to not cheat on my husband with one of my co-workers. He's been flirting with me for months now, ever since I made the "mistake" of telling him how good he was looking. ( He had lost weight and really was looking good)
Since the compliment, he has been very flirty and has been paying me many, many compliments. He always makes an excuse to come to my office and I have to be honest. The constant attention and sexual tension he gives me is making me rather hot for this man. He gets better looking each week and the more he talks to me, the more i look at him and the more I think about how his body must look like under his suit.

We have a staff softball tourney next weekend. I am looking forward to seeing him in athletic clothing. I wonder if he as nice legs.

I'm staying faithful for now. If I cave, I'll be back to tell you all about it. I sure can't tell anyone else.

Thanks for listening.

Marge(Not my real name)
Location kept secret

Most days I wished he was dead. Then he died.

I watched a Law and Order show last night that was about a mother that killed her son because he was a menace to society. I couldn't stop crying because of some bad memories that it stirred up. Memories that I had repressed and put away. I haven't thought about it in at least year now and all of a sudden, this episode brought me back five years.
Five years ago my son died after getting hit by a drunk driver. He was twenty-one. What the papers weren't told was that he was on a downhill spiral for the five years prior to his death. It started when he started getting involved with the wrong crowd. He had gotten at least two women pregnant and had dropped out of school, lost his decent job and was going no where fast. He had started doing meth, drinking, partying and staying out for nights on end. His health suffered as did his relationship with me and his father. The law had also been involved in our lives. He had become abusive both physically and verbally to us as well as one of his girlfriends. The drugs were rotting his teeth out and the last time we had seen him, he looked just like the junkies you'd see on tv. His teeth were all black, his eyes sunken into his head and bones sticking out of his clothes. We new his was sick and tried numerous times to get him help. We even tried an intervention but he attacked his father and pepper sprayed his cousin who tried to restrain him. He was in a bad state.

I often found myself wishing death upon him. I wished him a quick and painless death. I laid in bed some nights imagining what i'd say when the phone rang and I was told that he hed been found dead. I often thought about how better our lives would be, how better he would be if he passed away.

Then I got the phone call. It was about three am. The Sheriff was on the phone, telling me that he had been hit by car driven by a drunk dentist on his way home from a Christmas party. I cried and cried and at one point I had to be medicated by our family doctor. I feel so much guilt for having those thoughts. I felt responsible. My guilt was made worse when we were paid out from the insurance. I felt like I was spending blood money.
I've never told that story before. After watching that show I felt the need to get it off my chest after all this time. I am too ashamed to even hint at my husband that I had those feelings. Telling you today makes me feel better already.

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Me, frogs and the overpass

When I was a little girl I was often left to my own devices and left to find my own fun and excitement.

One day I thought it'd be a good idea to take frogs that I would catch in a field and put them in a bucket. Then I thought it was an even better idea to take these frogs to the overpass near by and then drop them on to the roadway below. Sometimes they'd hit the ground and live for a few seconds before being squished. Sometimes they'd hit the windshield of a car and bounce off and sometimes they'd stick.
I was playing real life Frogger. And even though I hurt living things as a child, I haven't grown up to be a serial killer or anything.

And now I like frogs.

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How my sister and I became lovers

This was many years ago, but to my best recollection, this is how it started. My sister Sherrie and her friend Linda were walking home from a party and I stopped and picked them up. They climbed in the car and Sherry sat next to me in the middle and Linda by the window. They were both pretty drunk. I dropped Linda off and Sherry stayed next to me. I drove home, nervous that someone would see her sitting so close, like my sister was my girlfriend. When I got home she told me to keep driving through our yard because my parents were still up, so I drove past the farm buildings onto a field road and back to a brush pile that we had and that I also used to stash my liquor. It was a warm night and we were both in shorts.

When I stopped the car, I became quite aware of our legs touching. I got out of the car and got a bottle and gave her some and I had a drink too. She didn't move from the center of the seat so I put my arm around her and pulled her to me and started rubbing her arm while we talked. I told her I was really warm and took my shirt off and kicked off my shoes. She said 'no fair' and I told her she could take her's off too, if she wanted. She surprised me when she did and her bra too. I hadn't seen her like that since we were little and she had changed for the better. When I pulled her close to me and felt skin on skin, my heart started racing. It seemed crazy to be with my sister like that, but I was 17 and horny all the time, so I wasn't going to object. I started sliding so that we could lie down and she slid along with me. Now we were laying on the seat with only shorts on and my bare chest was touching her breasts. I could hardly breath I was so excited. We lay like that for awhile, still talking. She was complaining about her boyfriend and how bad a lover he was and she was saving herself till he would go down on her. I told her I loved eating my girlfriend, but she said he thought it was gross, but she blew him and he never returned the favor. A couple of years earlier, we had practiced kissing with each other, just so we would know what to do when we had dates and I started talking about that. She said it was kind of weird that brother and sister had made out and I said it was kind of weird too that we were laying half naked with each other right now too.

We laughed and then I kissed her in kind of a brotherly way and she kissed me back in a sisterly kind of way. Then I kissed her again a little longer and she did the same. We went back and forth like this until we started to do open mouth kissing and then started frenching. We were both really excited and I was hard and pressing against her and putting my leg between hers and she didn't seem to mind at all. I reached for her breasts and started feeling them and she let me do that too. I started kissing her face and her neck and then moved down to her breasts. I lingered there a long time and then started to kiss on down to her stomach. When I got to her shorts, I unzipped her and put my hand in her panties. When she didn't object I started to slide them off and she lifted her butt up to make it easier for me. I sat up and admired her naked body and started to run my hands all over her. She had her eyes closed and was letting me touch her everywhere. I ran my hand between her legs and onto her clit. She was moaning now and letting me do EVERYTHING. I spread her legs apart and started kissing her on her inner thighs and rubbing my face between her legs. I told her that her pussy was beautiful and that she smelled really good. I put my fingers in her. She was really wet so I scooped up some of her juice and tasted it. Sherry nectar, I told her. It tastes wonderful. Really?, she said. Oh yeah, I could live on your juice. Keith doesn't like my pussy very much, I don't think. Are you going kiss me there? Oh yeah, I'm going to kiss you there till you scream. I started licking up and down her slit and then I focused on her clit, licking and sucking and using my tongue inside of her. She was bucking and moaning and holding my head.

Suddenly she she cried out and started throwing herself at me and when she started to orgasm she pushed my head away. I looked at her as she writhed beside me, amazed, as I always was at that age, that I could bring a girl such pleasure, especially my sister. While she was lost in it, I took my shorts off. I thought I could at least get a blow job from her, but she lasted so long that I pulled a condom from my glove box and put it on. I spread her legs and put it at the entrance. She didn't object, so I pushed it in. That got her attention and she tried to move away, but I held on and stayed in her. She said, no we have to stop, I might get pregnant. I told her I had a condom on and she quit fighting me but was still saying, no, we can't do this. I said we kind of already have, since I was deep inside of her, but if she really wanted me to stop, I would. I pulled out and then started teasing her, by rubbing up and down her slit and going in just a little way and pulling out and going deeper sometimes and pulling out. I could tell she was getting as excited as I was and her objections were now only token. Please, stop, oh god, oh god. Please, we can't do this, we have to stop. Are you sure you want me to stop? I don't know, it feels really good, but we shouldn't be doing this.You're my brother.

I settled into a very slow rhythm, going really deep and pulling almost out, thinking that she would quit her objections, but she didn't. Please we can't do this Hilton, please stop. Well, I wanted her, but I wasn't going to rape her. Okay, I said and very slowly pulled out completely. Let's change places and just hold each other. Okay, she said. We maneuvered in the seat so that she was on top. I was on fire and I thought that she was probably on fire as much as me. We held each other for awhile and made out some more. Then she sat up and started rubbing her pussy on my cock. I reached down and took my cock from her and started moving it around her entrance and telling her it was okay, slide it in if you want, but if not, let's just do this. We continued that for quite awhile, I kept spreading her lips and rubbing her clit. She started to get close again, so I put it right at her entrance and she slid down and let me inside. Then she laid down and we started making out with me inside of her and her grinding on me while I played with her breasts. We did this for quite some time and then she exploded again, maybe even bigger that the first one. I just lay there and waited till she settled down and then turned her over and started doing it hard into her for several minutes until I had the most gigantic orgasm of my life. We lay there exhausted and I think we were both thinking, my god, what have we done, but it was an extraordinary experience for both of us. We didn't talk much as we cleaned up and got dressed. I drove home and we sneaked in the house and we kissed like lovers before we went to bed. And that night was just the beginning.

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No one knows it was mine to this day

In 8th grade I took a class trip to DC. the night we got there I had mexican food and wasnt feeling good later. I was constipated. well, at about 3 am i finally got it out. I tried to flush the toilet but to no avail. I didnt know what to do, there was no plunger so I just decided to leave it there. well the next morning we all woke up a little late, me being the last to wake up. I find my three friends fighting over who the crap belonged to. it just so happens that earlier that one of my friends who well call P, was walked in upon by one of my other friends while trying to scoop the poop out of the toilet with her bare hands. she was funny enough to blame it on a burglar who broke in just to terrorize us by taking a monster brick dump, then later saying that after she peed and flushed the toilet the monster brick dump defied the force of water and appeared in the toilet. she was fucked.

A plumber was called after our teacher started banging on the door because we were holding up the bus. it took the plumber 20 minutes to unclog the toilet. we made the whole 12 busses in our group over an hour and a half late leaving the hotel that day. the whole day we spent accusing each other of taking the shit, going back and forth shifting the blame. at around dinner time P finally admitted to the poop after breaking down. no one knows it was mine to this day


Cleaning house

I regularaly clean houses for my aunt's business. She often send me out alone. When she does I make myself food while I am there and I also go through all the people's private stuff. I found vibrators and other sex toys in the bedrooms and sometimes even drugs!
I never take anything except food. I'm just a curious kitty!

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