He killed the dog, totalled his car and damn near killed us.

My best friend and I were coming home from a party. We were both liquored up and neither us should have been driving. After a brief arguement about who was less hammered, he took the wheel.

It was all shits and giggles for the first twenty minutes or so. He was focused on the road as I was focused on rolling a doob, the tunes blasting . Then he tapped me on the shoulder, grinned and then stomped on the accelerator. His 86 LX was done up to the tits. Chirping through all the gears he was up to 100 before I knew it. I wasn't sitting quietly. Too busy hootin' anf hollerin' for him to go faster, booze and our hormones adding at least another 15mph. At one point we ran through an intersection and went airborne. It was fucking intense.

Until we hit the dog. We were probably doing about 80 when it appeared in front of us. I sure as shit didn't see it and I was looking wayyy ahead for cops or people or anything. It was after 4 in the morning and the streets were pretty vacant.

So this dog runs out on the street from a side street. My buddy tries to avoid it but at that speed there was no way he wasn't hitting this pooch. All hell breaks loose as he swerves to avoid Fido. Our back end slides out but not before the poor dog gets clipped in the leg and ass. One of the most vivid memories of the accident was the dog flying through the air.

We spun around about 300 degrees before hitting the first of three parked cars. My drunk-ass friend broke his wrist at this point, spinning the wheel trying to get out of the skid. He screamed like my neighbour's kid did when he was attacked by the swarm of bees. We then took out two signs, one row of newspaper boxes and one traffic light. We bend the light over at its base and the slid up the side of it like some kinda Hollywood stunt team or some shit. Writing this feels equally as intense as three weeks ago when it happened. The trippest thing I've ever been involved with.

We came to a stop in a cloud of airbag dust. My buddy is moaning about his wrist and I am trying to get the ringing out of my ears. Chris(not his real name) then tells me that we have to run. He's drunk, his daddy is the ADA and shit would go down if news breaks out. At this point I don;t give a damn about him, I'm thinking about the dog. I tell him that we need to check on the dog.

The dog was dead. The was a garage close to the street and the dog had hit it and got all smashed up. I felt like puking and Chris just walked around looking at his fucked up car and the dead dog muttering about all sorts of stuff like jail and his dad and something about getting his ass kicked. I puked a little inside my mouth, for real, then told him we needed to call someone. He said no fucking way and calls a taxi to a 24h laundrymat in the stripmall a couple blocks away. He tells me we'd call the cops and report the car stolen. Then he runs to the Stang, opens the trunk and grabs some tools. Nex thing I know he's pulling the ignition out and screwing with the wires outside his steering column. I laugh and know what he's doing. I grab my backpack from the back and when he's done, we book.

We use the payphone outside the mini-mart beside the luandrymat to call 911. Chris tells the cops about the accident, telling him he was driving and saw it happen. Our taxi comes and away we go.

I still remember the dog flying through the air and even worse, that I left it there. I own a dog and can't imagine knowing my dog lying somewhere dead.

We never got caught. I've changed enough details in this to ensure my safety. The thoughts in my mind from that night are more than enough punishment. That shit is for life.

I am obsessed with sex.

Well, most of you probably think, "Oh hell, he's a guy, of course he is!",but I beg to differ. I am absolutely obsessed with sex. I'm in my early 20's and living in the south. I've found myself to be bi-sexual. I am in a relationship, but I keep all of this from her. First off, I'm addicted to porn. I have been for awhile and look at it all the time. I masturbate a couple of times a day and I'm still not satisfied. I love looking at breasts and cocks, I love watching men cum and watching trannys have sex. I watch all kinds of porn, except the bizarre (scat, torture, etc). I can never watch the same movie twice, and usually skip most of the sex scenes and go straight for the money shots. Many times when a movie won't do I'll read stories, and the more hardcore the better. I love some of the fantasy stuff, but some of my favorites are just plain everyday sex situations. I probably know every major free story site by the back of my hand, unless there's a new one not on Google yet.

When both of these get boring I start calling phone sex lines. I prefer keen because I can surf the prices and get a good show cheap. I sometimes even call trannys (so they say) and live out fantasies with them since there's no such thing where I live. I've spent hundreds on these calls and always get off good with them. I wish they were local escorts too, because I'd spend thousands if so. I surf escort sites all the time looking for a new girl or someone visiting my area. The pickings are slim here and I do have standards if I'm going to be forking over money. I want a hot, big titted woman who'll take control and screw me silly. I wish there were more than 3 in the area, because those three are DOGS. I've even attempted picking up a couple of women at nearby stripclubs, but the clubs are horrible, have strict laws, and 95% of the women are hideous. This has yet to work, but I'll probably try again in a couple of months.

On top of this I'm courting two long time friends who are also in relationships. They both are up for random sex and discretion, and are also absolutely gorgeous (which is a plus for a guy with my looks). I'll likely end up hitting both of them up eventually (they live hours away). I've had cyber and phone sex with each and I can't wait to do the real thing.

Of course, women aren't my only fantasy, as you can tell. Many times I dream of being a woman and having my pussy stuffed with cock, being gangbanged,and being cum all over. I wish I could be cum all over now, even as a guy.I've met a few guys online through Squirt, but I am scared to death of STDs so I just don't do it anymore (I'd kill myself if I ever gave my woman anything, I've been lucky and will remain that way since I've given up men and unprotected sex). Truthfully, the taste and feeling of their cum in my mouth was heavenly. I wish I could have 10 or 15 guys shower me in it.
Unfortunately, I'm stuck though. A long term relationship, headed for the big hitch. Almost out of college, but can't get away from the podunkville I live and will probably end up living. I guess most of my fantasies will remain just that, but my obsession will never be cured. This is just a scratch on the surface, just a glimpse into my world.

Fuck, I'm fucked up. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

For the parents reading: Take it from my experience. Tell your kids about sex and don't let them secretly find out everything they can online about it and become obsessed. Just flat out tell them about it. And make sure they know it's not as big a deal as it seems. Fuck, if I'd had been told that when I was 14 or 15. Maybe I'd be somewhat normal instead of so fucking jaded.

God help me.


I fuck up the computers on purpose

I work for a pc repair company as a field tech. I purposely add keystroke loggers and even trojans to people's computers to make sure we get return visits. There is much more to the story but I need to head out to a call.

I am a horrible big brother

My little brother, Bjorn, who is a year younger than I has dependent personality disorder. He is clingy to me and only me. He has to sleep in my bed with me, he cannot be without me for more than a school day or else he will freak. He and I have always been close, best friends. But, I wish for him to go away.

It's not because I don't enjoy him being so dependent on me. I enjoy that very much. I love my Bjorn and I am starting to think it isn't brotherly love. I want him to go away because, every time I see him, these unbrotherly thoughts come into my head and I wind up feeling gross and guilty. If he were to go away, maybe I wouldnt have these thoughts and feelings anymore.
I love to watch him sleep. He is so pretty. I love when we are in a crowded place he holds my hand or arm. I really love it when he hugs me. I have never had a crush on a boy before. Just somehow my baby brother is different. He is just so perfect and wonderful.

But, I am so horrible! It's gross and wrong. I always cringe when he calls me 'brother'. He refuses to call me by my name which makes these thoughts of mine even worst. I am so very selfish for wanting him to be with me and only me. He deserves a wife and children. Once, I begged my brother to let me bathe him and he finally let me. I just wanted to touch him once and I have been feeling guilty about that ever since. I am a horrible big brother. I really enjoy those thoughts of him. How disgusting. I just hope my baby brother never figures it out. I am certain he would hate me.

Me and my ex

Ive been married for almost two years now. ive never had an affair, but i want to so bad it makes me crazy sometimes!!! it was weird one day and it almost happened. my wife was out of town on business and so i went to another city to go out to a club with a few friends (one of which was my ex g/f) we all got pretty trashed and then proceeded to one of my ex's friends house. there we continued to drink and laugh and talk about the good times.

i went to bed early because i had to drive home at 4 AM so i could be at work by 630 soon after my ex joined me on the floor in the second bed room, i pretended to be asleep. once she laid down she started to rub my hand and then my chest and then my crotch, the whole time i pretended to stay asleep. what made it even more akward was that her current boyfriend was asleep on the other side of her! if only i would have just not "stayed asleep" i would have a much more interesting story to tell. it was really hard not just rolling over and taking her right there on the floor, but i was just to afraid of waking up her boyfriend. maybe another time.

I worked in a lottery-scam boiler room

I can't tell anyone this because it is very embarrassing. I used to work the phones in a boiler room type operation. We would call hundreds of people a day and tell them they won the lottery and needed to forward a payment so the cheque would clear "customs".

Many people figured it was a scam and hung-up, but many many more fell for it. After working the scam for a couple week I had to quit. The guilt was killing me.
I was painfully reminded of my horrible past recently when my own grandmother fell victim to a similar scam. It made me want to curl up and die.

I secretly watch my roommate having sex

We have a common door between both rooms. He put a poster up on his side to block the windows, but I went in and put a tiny hole through the poster so I could look through to the other side.

He gets a ton of girls and I don't get many at all. I'm still a virgin.

I am getting some great pointers for when I do have sex for the first time. I have watched him have sex with at least twenty girls so far. I watch everything, from beginning to end. I usually end up playing with myself too as I watch.
I can't tell him or he'd kick my ass.

I have the perfect wife. Her 5 rules for my affairs.

This story belongs on TSYCT because I can't really brag about this to anyone. It's personal and about my wife so maybe you can post it joe?

My wife and I have been married for 4 years. We have had our ups and downs but through it all, we have been together. Strong you could say, even in moments of weakness. Anyways, I just changed careers and now work for Fed-Ex. My wife realized that I would be coming into contact with many more women now and as a result she has something very interesting to say to me before I start my first day at the job. This won't be verbatim but it'll be as close as I can get.

"Now you'll be coming into hot receptionists and the like. Women that have had fantasies about sleeping with the Fed-Ex man. Here's my rules.

#1- You can't have sex with them without me present.
#2- You can't make out with them. No passion, only lust.
#3- You must tell me all about it after.
#4- You must not lie at any time or it's over.
#5- You must wear a condom.

I know that men have desires. I might even want to shag the guy down at the shop that fixes my car. It's all about honesty. If you are honest, I have no problems with you fulfilling your sexual needs elsewhere. Again, you may not sleep with any other women, unless I am in the room as well. That is not negotiable.
Just remember to respect my wishes and I will grant yours."

Can you believe she said that????????????
I couldn't say anything the entire time she was speaking. My mouth was wide open the whole time. I couldn't in my wildest dream imagine she would say that to me. I sort of had my suspicious that she was a little more open minded than most. She is always watching sex shows on TV like the Sin Cities one. I watch it sometime too. Anyway, I guess she is a little more openminded that I imagined.

I don't nkow it I will ever act on this knowledge I have. It's nice to know the option is there. Gives me a bit more confidence.

That's my story. I hope you post it.

And you know my name is Simon

Happy Anniversary to TSYCT!!

Yes folks, it's been a whole year since I started this project. Seems like just yesterday!

Some highlights for me?

-Reading all the great stories from other people.(and some of the crappy ones too!)
-My 100,000th visitor.
-Having the first of many stories land on CollegeHumor and Fark and then watching as the traffic and submitted stories go through the roof.
-Having the Angelina story listed on Gawker
-Hate mail coming my way, written by people that don't agree with the whole anonymous concept of my blog.

And of course...Probably the most rewarding experience of the past year has been the ability for me to provide a spot for people to rid their closets of some ancient skeletons. I can't express just how much that has meant to me, especially given the comments I have recieved as a result.

That was the whole point from the beginning. As we get older and try to better ourselves, our past kepts holding us down. Stories we have deep inside our souls, that we couldn't tell anyone, now have a place to be put to rest once and for all.

This blog has been like therapy for many, and all those that have commented, you are like therapists of sorts. Yes, even you asshole dave...

So in closing, thanks to all of you that have come here, read and submitted your stories, and commented on others. Without your support, many would still be struggling with the demons that have haunted them over the years.

Keep sending your stories in...

Much respect and appreciation...


What a great birthday

Something strange happened and I had to promise not to tell anyone,it would be too messed up if people find out. I am 26 years old and from a country in Europe, I don't think it would be wise to give any more information...

It was my birthday on a Monday a couple of weeks ago. The weekend before we had a family reunion, not in my city but like 800km away. My girlfriend came with me to meet my family. She had to work on Monday (my birthday) so I took her to the airport on Sunday night. I had taken a day off for my birthday and wanted to meet a close friend and his girl who were living close to the place of the family reunion.

After I took my girlfriend to the airport and kissed her goodbye, I drove to my friends place but found out that he was on a business trip. His girlfriend, lets call her Linda, was there and we wanted to go out together. I would consider her my friend too, I have known her for a couple of years and we always had a good time together. We decided to go out for dinner even if it was pretty late already, something like 11:30 pm. The restaurant where we wanted go to was almost closed but Linda told them that it will be my birthday and we have to eat something and party. They made some food for us and we started drinking. At 12:00 Linda would start to sing Happy Birthday for me and it was not the last time this night...

After this restaurant we wanted to go a pub and Linda decided to show me the most fucked-up place in the city. It was so ugly but very cool, only homeless and drug addicted people were there. I think I didn't quite fit in there, as I was wearing some nice clothes and in general don't look like an alcoholic. We had a couple of beers, talked to a few guys who were weird but quite nice. I think at around 3:00am we decided to leave. In the next hour a lot of weird things happened, but they are not really important so I will just give a short summary. If anybody is interested I can elaborate more on that. Linda and me left, one weird guy was following us and wanted to show us some other places. Most places were closed because it was early Monday morning. We were in the red-light district and Linda went to a porn shop to buy a vibrator and promised me that it was meant as a gift for a friend. Whatever. The weird guy who was following us was annoying us so we tried to get rid of him. Linda faked kissing me and finally he got the message that we would like to be alone and he left. We did not really kiss, just rubbed our faces together but it still felt weird. This is the girl of one my best friends!

After this we went to a club but they were closed, too. The owner and the barkeeper were still inside and Linda convinced them to give us a drink because it was my birthday. They agreed and we had a great party of four, drinking some more and listening to all the music that we wanted in the empty club. At around 5:00am the owner told us we should leave because he would like to go home. Linda had at least one drink too much and I had problems getting her home because she could hardly walk straight. In the taxi she would move over to my seat and we started kissing. I knew it was wrong but it felt pretty good. When we arrived at her home I really was not sure what to do and thought about putting her in her own bed and go to sleep in the living room myself. This didn't really work, when I left the bathroom she was lying in the bed that was prepared for me in the living room.

I thought "what the fuck?" and we started kissing again. I was somewhat drunk too and don't remember all the details but somehow I undressed her and started to lick her. She was moaning like crazy and seemed to enjoy it a lot. After a couple of minutes she pulled down my clothes and demanded that I fuck her. I entered her and from this moment she became even wilder. We had the windows open and I think the whole street could hear her. We had great sex and after this fell asleep. After a few hours I woke up and she was still there, lying naked next to me. She looked so cute and I thought "ok, we already did it once, there is no harm in doing it again". I woke her up and we fucked again, this time we moved out of the bed and did it on the carpet. Bad idea, I got a bad abrasion on my knee while doing it and I think she got some as well. But at this moment we didn't care and the sex was fantastic again. She was moving so wild I really had problems staying in her. After I came in her again - we didn't use condoms - we fell asleep again.
We woke up at around 11:00am and what's the first thing you do when there is a naked girl next to you? Start to kiss her and fuck her from behind of course. We didn't talk very much after this, both were a little bit confused and also hungover. Later we agreed that we can not tell this to anybody because her boyfriend would dump her and never talk to me again. I left her appartment and went on the trip to my city. When I arrived my girlfriend called and asked me if I had a nice birthday party. Yes, that was certainly one of the best birthday parties I ever had.