No more wine.

I threw a New Years Party at my apartment a few years ago. I invite the whole apartment block plus many friends and of course my girlfriend. Party was a blast, everyone had fun. It's about 5 in the morning and everyone that's staying over is situated and it's time for my girlfriend and I to bring in the new year.

I lay her down on my bed. I stand at the foot of the bed and start doing a strip tease for her. I stumble in my drunken state, then fall backwards into my closet, ripping the door right off.

Still playing cool, I shake it off and resume my stripping, even though she's laughing a little. I am finally buck nekkid and I lay down beside her.

Then it starts.

First a gurgle in my throat. Then the room starts spinning. She's laying beside me, we're about a foot apart, face to face.

The bed spins, my head spins, I feel sick.

Before I could even move, I puked. Now, when I say puke, I mean like the scene in Stand By Me when they do the pie eating contest. Projectile-type vomiting.

I hit her right in the face, full force. There was so much puke, there was an outline of her on the wall behind her, only where her head was, there wasn't any puke.

It was bad news. I had drank red wine and white wine, Jim Beam and then had some conversations with my buddy Jack Daniels. Top that off with a few shots of Tequila and I puked right in her face.

We stopped dating shortly after.

Want to know the irony? I used to call her "stank-breath" behind her back. She had some major halitosis.(sp?)

Guess I was the stank-breath that night!

Wruf in Ottawa

The guy left his finger behind

We got the news that this family was going to be out of town and they had dope stereo equipment dvd's computers and shit. 8 of us go in the next night through the sliding glass door in the bakyard.

...There was 2 people sleeping in the bed! Seconds later we all panicked and everyone bolted...

We split up when we get inside. I went upstairs and in to a bedroom looking for something small. I found a watch and a walkman so I grabbed them. I went in to another room when I heard someone loudly whispering in the hallway. I went out and saw 3 of the other guys all looking scared. I asked them what's up and they pointed in to another bedroom. There was 2 people sleeping in the bed! Seconds later we all panicked and everyone bolted downstairs not even being quiet anymore.

We ran out the back door and up over the tall chainlink fence. The biggest guy there was one of the last to get over the fence and when he got up and over, he dropped pretty fast. The screaming started when he hit the ground.

It was bad. I saw what was left behind. There was just a shiny white bone there and some stuff hanging down.

The guy left his finger behind. No shit. He had a huge gold ring on and it got hung up on the top of the fence. He screamed as he landed on the other side of the fence. I we turned around when we heard him scream. It was so nasty. The guy was fucked. One of the guys went up and got the finger down.

It was bad. I saw what was left behind. There was just a shiny white bone there and some stuff hanging down. We got back to the car and tied it up tight and drove him to the emergency. He was crying and yelling and we were yelling and screaming the whole way to his hospital.

They couldn't re-attact it. He told people he shot it off by accident. Guess he wanted to sound all hardcore. He didn't want to tell the real story cause he sounds like a dumbass.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

This blog is great!

Great for a laugh. Just don't let your boss see ya readin' it! I'm gunna send my sotry in as soon as I get home.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

He did my girlfriends mother

My buddy did. One night me and him went over to her house to pick her up so we could go
to the movies. While we were waiting for my girl to come downstairs, my buddy was totally flirting with her mom, and she was giving it right back! My girl's dada was out of the picture and her mom was a total cougar. finally my girl came down and we left.
2 days later my buddy calls me and tells me that the next night, he went back and started kissing up my girls mother. He told me that within minutes they were doing it on the living room couch then the floor. Then he said he fucked my girlfriends mom! Right there in the house. He told me that my girl wasn't home, she was at school. I'm kinda jealous her mom is hot!

Name withheld upon request
Somewhere in Philly

MILF photos and videos

I did a big bitch

Or maybe I should say the big bitch did me! Good and proper I might add. I met her at a house party. Near the end of the night I saw that I wasn't getting any attention from the hot girls in the house.
I started chatting up the big one and before long she was all over me like I was a Mars Bar. We made out for a while and she asked me to come upstairs with her. I agreed and we headed up to an empty bedroom. She gave me head without me even askin. AND it was damned good head too. Probably the best blow-job I've ever gotten! I came and she was eager to clean up the mess with her mouth.
It's a story I couldn't tell my friends, they'd all laugh at me! Now the whole internet can laugh with me!

S.E. in Portland

Secret pitstops

I find myself on the road allot. Sometimes I get the urge to have sex, but since I am not dating, I have to take matter into my own hands.
I pull my truck over and park somewhere, usually in a mall or shopping center. I drive a 5-ton truck, so I don't look unusual sitting there. I lay my head back and masterbate, No one can see me, sitting high in my cab. I do my thing, then continue onfor the rest of my day.

Jarome I.

I killed

I killed my hamster when I was 8. I took it out of it's cage to play with it, when it tried to bite me and get away. I squeezed it so it wouldn't fall out of my hands. I squeezed it too hard and it died. I put it back in the cage and tried to make it move. It didn't. I snuck out of the room. When my parents found the dead hamster, they asked me but I told them I had no idea what happened.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

I swear to GOD

My parents are total idiots. Not only do they not care about what I do, but when they attempt to show some interest it sounds foney. I wish I could switch family with soemone else. Anyone else!

I bet they wouldn't even miss me if I were to take off. They'd miss someone to boss around, someone to clean the house, they'd miss their little slave-girl.

They wouldn't even notice I am gone.

Ashleigh in London

I meant to hit her

We were throwing rocks down into a ravine. Me, her and her stupid cousin.

She was teasing me and wouldn't stop. Told me I threw like a girl. I yelled at her to stop bugging me. I told her I could throw the rock further than her or her cousin.

I picked up a rock and threw it, hitting her right above her eye, cutting it open.
There was blood streaming down her face, it was very dramatic. She had to go to the hospital and get stitches.

I didn't really "mean" to hit her, but I was looking right at her when I threw it.

Oshawa, Ontario

Dear The Stories You Cannot Tell

Thanks for putting this blog out there for the world to see. I posted my own story I cannot tell a week ago. (not telling which one!)

Since then, I resolved a few issues in my life and I think I've turned the corner now.
After I posted my story I felt different, knowing that others would be reading what I wrote.

It was kinda liberating actually, so I came back today to read other's stories or secrets.

I've spent the last hour reading all these stories and I've come to one conclusion.

It could be worse. I ain't the only one with issues!

Keep up the good work!

Denver, Colorado

My secret

On the one side, I am married and have 1 child. On the other side, I am gay. I've been leading this double life since I realized a few years ago that i was indeed gay. I had my feelings prior but felt it was curiousity. Now that I have experienced another man, I know now that I prefer them over women. Problem is, I've realized this a little late in life.
It's frustrating knowing that I'll die a gay man in a straight man's life. I see no point of wrecking our happy home by coming out. I would alienate myself from my family by doing that. Then again, it's not like my family has ever been really close-knitt.
Thanks for letting me vent. Only two other people in the world know my story, but I guess more will now.

I feel relief!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

Tax returns? ha!

I've been cheatin the IRS for over 10 years now. I run a small business and operate mostly on a cash basis. I haven't paid the proper amount of taxes in years!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

When I was little

I'd crawl in my brothers bed after my parents went to sleep. I had problems wetting the bed, so I'd crawl in with him, pee the bed, then go back to my bed. He'd get in crap in the morning for peeing his bed

W.P in Detroit

I ate road tar

Black Bart chewing gum. Remember?

I used to eat the tar off the road in summer after the sun warmed it up all day.

Some random guy on the East Coast


Holy Condoms

I hated this guy named Marcus.
Our class went on a end of the year class trip and I ended up being in his room. When he left, I put pin holes through each of his condoms.

I haven't seen him since. Years later and I sometimes catch myself wondering ever happened and if he has children.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

Canada vs. America

These 4 guys come to my after-hours. They were obviously drunk, stumbling, college-aged guys. There are four of us outside the door, three doormen and myself the manager.

...Initially they didn’t complain, until the big guy decides it’s time to get a little belligerent...

The biggest one in the group keeps going on how they are from Blaine, Washington. We weren’t sure why this was important, but in his drunken state, he made sure we all knew they were American and from Blaine.

I gave my guys the look, and they informed the four that they would not be permitted access as they were already drunk. Initially they didn’t complain, until the big guy decides it’s time to get a little belligerent. He starts talking about American-this and American-that, telling us all how they are better and blah, blah,blah. The four of us laugh at him, and laugh even louder at his anti-Canadian comments.

My guys tell him that it was probably in their best interests to leave.(Which it was. 4 hammered guys vs. 4 sober doormen)

...but since he was American and obviously smarter than I, agreed that he should in fact, pick the biggest guy in the group to fight...

My head doormen pleads with them to leave, as they are now causing a scene, offending some of our regular patrons. Again they go on with the American-this and the American-that, the humour now wearing off.

Suddenly out of nowhere, the big guy says he wants to fight. He looks at all four of us. I am the biggest, standing 6’4” and around 275 at the time. One of my guys was around 5’6-250, another 5’10-210 and another 6’3”-225. I was the biggest looking by far.

He turns to me, who has remained quiet for most of the exchange, letting my guys do their job.

He says,” You. I fucking fight you!”

I look around behind me, assuming that he is talking about someone else.

I ask him, “Why me?”

The American says, “Because you are the biggest!”

I immediately questioned his wisdom, but since he was American and obviously smarter than I, agreed that he should in fact, pick the biggest guy in the group to fight.

I asked him to step beside the club, and told him that we could indeed, “get it on!”

He put up his dukes, as if he was a boxer.

I matched his stance, having boxed before.

He throws the first punch, a drunken straight right, that I slip and counter with a right-hook of my own. I hit him right in the jaw, knocking him backwards.

I stand back and wait.

...I then gave him three quick upper-cuts, the last of which resulted in a permanent reminder that I carry for life...

He comes at me again, this time swinging his arms in some sort of pseudo-Shaolin-Drinking-Monkey style that I hadn’t seen before. I assumed it was American.

I avoided all his swinging, quickly getting inside and tying him up, with some good Canadian common sense. I took his shirt and pulled it over his head, rendering his arms useless. I then gave him three quick upper-cuts, the last of which resulted in a permanent reminder that I carry for life. His front teeth marks in my knuckles.

He went down for the count.

I stood back, looking at his friends. I asked if any of them would like to dance, they all declined. Apparently only big man had balls that night.

He eventually got up, then did the famous “I am faking that I am sorry, trying to shake your hand, so that I can grab you and sucker punch you” routine.

I declined his offer to shake his hand, not eager to touch the blood from his face that he had wiped all over his hands.

He came closer, extending his hand, playing coy. I told him to “piss off” and I guess that made him angry.

He came at me again, but this time I wasn’t looking to educate him. I wanted our affair over.

I gave him a straight right to the nose that broke it upon impact. He was sent reeling back, his nose flowing with blood. We all watched as he wiped his face, his whole nose moved from one side of his face to the other. It was rather gruesome.

This apparently took the fight out of the American.

He took his friends, flipped us the bird a couple of times and they headed back to Blaine, Washington, in the United States of America.

The story ends there. I'm willing to bet that when they returned to Blaine, they failed to tell all their buddies that they got their asses kicked Canadian style!

BigDawg in BC


I feel guilty

I used to run this after-hours club in Vancouver. We rarely had any problems as I also owned a nightclub security company, and my guys would come to the after-hours after their shifts had ended.

There are quite a few “fight” stories, but only one that I have guilt over.

A guy was pulled out by my staff, for allegedly trying to put his hand up one of my girl’s skirts, then calling her a bunch of names after he was told to piss off. I told him he was done for the night, so he went and stood beside the club.

Normally things would have ended, but for some reason, this guys kept beaking off about this and that, and you don’t know who I know and all that. I snapped and ran towards him, smashing him in the face with my elbow. I had stopped punching years before after incidents with the police. I would normally slap a guy, but this guy just sent me over the edge.

He spun around twice from the force of the blow. He landed face down, unconscious. I instantly felt bad for the guy. My guys dragged him around the side of the building, checked his pulse, then laid him down.

Minutes later he got up, tried to run a few steps, then fell flat again.

He did this three times before making it across the street and out of our sight.

To this day, I wish I could go back. I would have just slapped the guy as opposed to the elbow.

I doubt he’d ever read this, but hey, you never know.

Sorry man. I hope there wasn't any lingering effects!

BigDawg in BC


I cannot tell you much I hate my step-father. He thinks he's my dad? Yeah right. He's not half the man my dad is. My step-father has no parenting skills, no inter-personal skills and no hygeine skills!

My mom loves him a great deal. I have no idea what she sees in him, other than a paycheck. I can't wait until I move out next summer!

Cindy in Long Island


Our secret Saab-Story

I had just gotten home for summer break, freshman year. I was stressed from school, pissed because I had to stay with my parents for the summer. Back to my Dad’s bullshit rules and Mom being her subordinate self. About two weeks into vacation I decide to head to Clearview Mall, a quick drive from my parents place.

I was there for a few minutes when I ran into some of the guys I used to hang out with. We ate some food and talked about school and what they were up to. They told me that one guy we all knew, was having a party on the weekend because his parents were out of town. We exchanged numbers and I left.

Couple of days later, I head out to the party. My Mom lets me take her Saab and I go pick up a couple of the guys, hit the store to grab some beer, then head to the party. There was probably 50 or so people when we got there, nothing major.

Except. My X was there.(We'll call her...Sarah) I hadn’t seen her since I dumped her before leaving for college. I saw her in the kitchen as I passed by on the way to the shitter. I did a double-take not knowing if it was her for sure. She ran up to me, I was certain she was going to be pissed.

Instead Sarah put her tongue halfway down my throat. After playing tonsil-hockey for a while, I stopped to catch my breath. Apparently she had a couple drinks before we got there, and was not angry in the least. In fact, she seemed pretty damn happy.

We talked for a while, I made sure her drink was full. I was driving Mom’s car so I didn’t want to have more than a couple beers.

After enough small talking and, I asked her if she wanted to go for a drive. She said, “Sure!”. I went and told the guys I came with that I was going for a drive, but I’d be back to pick them up unless they called my cell.

I made her finish her drink then I opened the door for her. She got in, I closed the door and went around to my side. She had already unlocked and opened my side, and we all know what that means.

10 minutes into the drive, she puts her feet up on my Mom’s dashboard. I was angry at first and going to tell her to take her shoes off the dash, but then I noticed where she had her hands. She was touching herself, telling me how she missed me and wished I didn’t go to school out of state. I could barely drive, with her pleasuring herself beside me.

She takes my right hand off the steering wheel and adds it to her two hands touching herself. It feels hot and moist. I tell her that if she doesn’t stop, I’ll have to pull over.

Then she says,” I thought you would have pulled over a while ago!”

I take a couple of turns, in no particular order, trying to find a side street. Seconds later I’m parked in line with other cars on a residential street, and she had climbed over and now on top of me. Normally I’d be pissed because Mom has leather, but in this situation I let it slide!

We got hot and heavy for some times before she allowed me entrance. It felt like heaven, memories from our past sexepades. Thoughts flooded back into my mind as she rode me like I she had never before. She climaxed a couple times, obviously enjoying the drive!

I wasn't getting enough depth so I opened the door, then took her around the back of the car. Moms Saab had the turbo and had a fin on the back. I made Sarah grab on to the fin as I took care of business from behind.

There we were, on a sidestreet, with her bent over the back of the Saab, holding on to the tail. What a sight!

With all the danger of getting caught, we got all worked up, then she had a really big climax.

That was the one I was waiting for. It sent me over the edge and I joined her, shaking and trembling. At one point I swear I ripped the fin off my damned self!

We got back in the car after we finished shaking, rolled down the windows and I drove her back. She asked for my number, but hasn’t called me since. Maybe embarrassed? Whatever the reason, she rocked my world and made the summer at the parents house so much better!

Sorry about the long story. I probably could have went into more detail, but, I was getting horny just thinking about our Saab-Story!

Enjoy the read!

J.D. in Pittsburgh

The joy of wet wipes

I know this is not a secret, but it's something I gotta say.

Around 6 months ago, I realized the joy of wet wipes. I went to a buddy's workplace, then found myself having to take a dump. Crude I know, but hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

I was in the can, minding my own business, when I saw the bottle of the wipes beside the toilet. I decided to use them instead of the normal toilet paper.


I'd adivse you all to keep a bottle of wet wipes near your toilet bowl. I've never felt so fresh after something so dirty in all my life!

The man in Seattle


Ratted them out

Last new years eve my friend D made us go to some party so he could see his bitch, and when he went inside we all left. Then I called the coppers and gave them the parties address and reported the underage drinking. My friend made it out just in time, but his girlfriend, "Compton Ass Terri", and many others got MIP's, and the coppers arrested the kids dad for numerous charges of contributing to delinquency of minors. My mexican buddy told me to (he is D's stepbrother), but I don't really feel too bad about it because I didn't know any of them.



Welcome home baby!

Here's a story for you.
I was away on business over the Christmas vacation. Missed my girl terribly. Called her daily, but talking wasn't enough. I missed her bad.

...Her hair is up in a bun, with a couple of strands hanging down, just like I like it...

Time to come home. Called her and asked her to pick me up. She said she would, then told me to make sure I was "dressed-up" when I landed back home. I asked her why, she wouldn't say.

My plane lands and I head into the busy airport, trying to find my luggage when I spot her. She looks like she is going to work. Her hair is up in a bun, with a couple of strands hanging down, just like I like it. She's wearing a business suit, complete with nice jacket and blouse and her skirt. She's also carrying her briefcase and that confuses me a little.

I run up to her and we embrace. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. It was very passionate, in plain view of everyone else. Minutes later, after our making out ended, we actually had applause from other passengers.

It looked like the kiss you'd see in a movie. I am suprised there wasn't music playing.

We grabbed my bags and headed outside. I looked around, but didn't see her car. She pointed to a limo. and told me that's our ride home.

...She opens the briefcase and inside is a bottle of wine, 1 big-assed-4-paper spliff, and a CD...

Excitedly I jump in the limo, while the dude put my bags in the trunk. My girl gets in with me and her briefcase.

I ask where we are going.

She tells me to nevermind.

As we pull away, the driver asks, "where to?'

She tells him to," Drive around downtown and don't stop or look back until I tell you to!"

Now this gets my motor running. Obviously.

The dude puts up the privacy screen and we're all alone. She opens the briefcase and inside is a bottle of wine, 1 big-assed-4-paper spliff, and a CD.

She pops the CD in. Slow jams come over the stereo. I like the way it's going down so far.

She lights the doobie, the limo fills with the sweet smell of sativa.

We toke, we drink, we make out for a while.

Then things get steamy. Turns out, she's wearing her black garters, matching bra and panties with some incredible sheer pantyhose on. Before long we're full-on doing it in the back of the limo, Barry White keeping us company. This went on for almost the entire 2 hour drive. It was probably the best sex of our lives.

Limo's haven't been the same since.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

I used to steal cars...

I used to steal cars when I was a teenager. Me and my friends would go to the long-term parking lot at the airport, then take cars parked there. We’d drive them to school and shit for a week before leaving them on a street. I can’t count how many we took. I feel shitty now, my car got stolen last week.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


Broke into the bar

Me and a buddy decided we needed some cash. We broke into this bar when it was closed and were trying to open the safe, when we noticed flashing lights outside. We ran to the windows and saw that the police has set up a drinking and driving checkpoint, right outside the bar! After panicing for a bit, we stayed and took everything out of the safe and a shitload of meat and cheese from the freezer. We took our time while the flashing blue and red lights kept the bar lit up for us. We drove out after the police let and it was all good!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


We have this friend

We have this friend who’s dad is a trick. We saw him go into a massage parlour a week ago. We talked to one of the girls that works there, and she said that he is a regular customer.
Should we go tell our friend what her dad likes to do on payday? Or should we just leave him be. We think it’s disgusting and think we should tell her.

Location withheld upon request


A horrible secret

When I turned 18, my dad kicked me out of the house. I had no job and no money. I went to stay with a buddy in his little 1 bedroom basement apartment. He had no furniture or anything. We made a plan. Since we both had very little money and no furniture we decided to do something about it.

2 days later we stole a moving truck. One of those 1-ton ones. We drove to a place where we knew there was a bunch of cabins. It was in October so we figured the cabins would be closed for the winter. Sure enough they were. we spent the day breaking in to cabins and taking everything we needed for our place. Tables, chairs, lamps, a couple futons, tv, vcr, stereo you name it. We drove back home unloaded our new furnishings then dumped the truck. At the time we didn't give a shit, but looking back I feel serious guilt for what we did.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


My secret illness

I tested positive for H.I.V, one year ago last week. To this day I am unsure how I contracted it, but regardless, I have it. I haven't told my family, nor my friends, nor have I told the soccer team I play on. I don't know how to tell people without them assuming that I am gay or have been gay. I've never slept with a man in my life, but as soon as I mention HIV the assumption is made.
I've stayed single since finding out, afraid of even dating.
I don't know what the hell I am supposed to do. I feel lost.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


I've been cheatin'

On my exams since, well, since mp3 players became portable. With a turtleneck on and my hair, no one can see the headphone wire going to my ear. I just record all my notes as mp3's then "presto!" I am good to go.

I'm thinking they might start putting metal detectors in the classrooms. Then I'd be screwed!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

A secret about stealing

Let’s see…Where do I start?
A year ago, I worked at this restaurant downtown. I was just a waiter nothing special. The sous chef was my roommate and he got me the job.
After a month or so of working there, me and the roommate had an idea. Since we were always broke it seemed and without food in the fridge, we decided to start taking home food after our shift.
We started by taking blocks of cheese. They were pretty big and had to cost a bunch. Then we moved on to steaks(great on our BBQ), prime ribs, chicken, pork, we took anything we could get our hands on. It was geat being able to eat well at home for once, instead of kraft dinner or pork & beans!
Not telling you where I am from. Just in case. My roommate is now the chef there and I quit a few months into the job.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld

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He took it and lied about it

My older brother started getting into some heavier drugs around 6 months ago. We were used to seeing him high on weed or drunk, but suddenly things became worse. I ended up finding a rig in his dresser, looking as if it had been used.
Then things started going missing. A new pack of batteries, an old timex watch that I had, cd's, dvd's and a couple of playstation games. We figure he was taking stuff and selling it to get his fix.
We were sorta ignoring his behaviour and his stealing, hoping that it would just go away.

Then my great-geat grandfathers ring went missing and the shit hit the fan so to speak. The ring was in the family for years and it meant a lot to my mom. We asked him about it, he denied, and we ended up throwing him out of the house. A few weeks later he got arrested for posession of drugs. Since it wasn't his first experience with the police, he ended up going to jail. he's been there ever since.

He has never fessed up about the ring. We all knew he took it, we just need him to admit it. We can't tell the rest of the family about it, because of our "status" in the community. We're considered "high-society" around here and it would a huge scandal if we told people that we have a junkie in the family.

We just want the ring back. We could start to forgive if he just gave it back!

Name withheld upon request
Somewhere in NY

I secretly snoop

When I am at a customers house, I like to go through their stuff. I work for a carpet cleaning company and whenever I am left alone in a bedroom or something, I always go through the drawers. Sometimes I find sex toys, sometimes I find weed, I've even found some coke in this one house.

I never take anything. I just snoop.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


Tell your secret

You know the one I am talking about C. Remember what happened last year when we went to Lake Mead together? When T. and R. went to bed, you came on to me with your drunken self and I had to literally push you off of me? You should tell T. what's up. Before I DO!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


I have a secret, about my behind

I shave my ass.
I'm not hairy all over, but my ass resembles Chewbacca.
I shave it on a weekly basis, from top to bottom, side to side.
No one has ever noticed for a couple reasons.
1)I never walk around nude
2)My girlfriend(s) never found out cause I made sure I was freshly shaven before they came over.

So there you have it. My ass is beastly when I don't pay it proper attention

Name withheld upon request
Location witheld upon request

I watched my roomate

We were in college, freshman year. He scored a lot of girls, whereas I had only a few. On more than one occasion, he'd be doing the girl on his bed across from me, while I was under my covers, pretending to me sleeping. On more than one occasion, I came before he did.

Thanks for the memories Bri!

CT in CT

Stealin' food

I've been short on money lately, so everytime I go to work I go into the fridge and take part of someone else's lunch. Some days its fruit, other days drinks and sometimes I'll even take sandwitches. I feel guilty for doing it, but I am starving by the time lunch comes around. I know it isn't right, but I've been doing it anyway.

B in Chicago

I've been peeping

I've been peeping at my neighbour when he's in the bathroom. Our houses are pretty close together, with our bathroom windows facing each other. He has a habit of opening the bathroom window when he showers. He's always naked it seems AND he's totally hot!

I almost want him to catch me. *wink*

Somewhere in the U.S.

I beat a guy for money

He was a dealer that new the location of a lab we wanted to jack. He wouldn't give up the information so I was asked to persuade him a little. I took him into another car, then proceeded to work answers out of him. First I used my voice, then my fists, then some pruning shears. Before long he was singing like Mariahand giving up the information people wanted, but in the process he had shit and pissed himself. I don't feel bad since he was bad anyway, but somedays I feel a little guilty.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


I played peek-a-boob with my Prof

I was excited to hear that I had him for this class. I had heard from a couple girlfriends that he was hot. One the first day of class I found out the rumours were true. He was a total hottie! He had brown hair and brown eyes, he dressed very nice and he had great shoes. Sounds silly but I was checking him out during the whole class, barely listening to what he was saying.

I decided I wanted to make some moves. The initial ones were subtle, a low cut shirt, a shorter skirt that I would normally wear. Day after day without fail I’d catch him looking down at my chest or at my legs, so I knew for sure he wasn’t gay.(Some of the rumours stated that he was too hot to be straight).

After a few classes, I figured it was time to spread it a little thicker. When ever I had questions for him, I made sure to bend over his desk to ensure that he could see down my top. I wore some of my sexiest bra’s and I know he enjoyed the view. A couple time he’d look up at my face and be all red-checked and embarrassed. He certainly enjoyed our little game of peek-a-boob.

A month or so into classes, I finally decided to make my move. I slipped a note between a paper that I had handed in. I wrote on the paper, “If you like what you’ve seen, meet me outside at 4 today. I’ll be in the blue car.” I was excited for the rest of the day, watching the time tick, getting more excited just thinking about what I was going to do to him.

I went and sat in my car at 3:50, checking myself in the mirror. I touched myself in anticipation, finding heat and moisture down below.

Then right on cue, he was knocking on my window. I had my skirt pulled up a little, showing more than enough of my nice legs. My blouse was opened at the neck, and from his position above me, I knew he’d be getting an eyeful of my lacy bra and my ample chest pushing out of it. I rolled down the window and asked him if he’d like to go for ride.

He told me that he’d rather follow me in his car, he didn’t want to get into mine in case someone saw. I told him fine, and to follow me. He jogged back to his car as I drove slowly out of the parking lot. Then he pulled in behind me and we drove out of the parking lot and down to a park that was about 10 minutes away.

The whole way there I was rubbing myself, occasionally slipping a finger inside my panties to feel the wetness. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, yet I could do nothing to stop it.

We parked in the park. He got out of his car and into mine. Barely two words were spoken before he leaned over to me and kissed me. We made out for minutes, his tongue exploring my mouth, my tongue tasting his sweet saliva. Everything about him was sweet. From the way he tasted to the way he dressed. Before long he had his hand on my boob, quickly finding my nipple and pinching it, making it hard. He slipped one tit out of my bra and spend some time massaging and rubbing it, making sure to pay attention to the nipples. As he played with my tits and kissed me, I began sliding my hand up his inner thigh. I could feel his leg muscles through his jeans, just as I could feel myself getting wetter. I moved my hand up his leg and rested it on his dick. I could feel it pulse as I touched it. It felt thick and swollen and I could tell that he was cut. I decided at that instant that I needed to suck it.

I unzipped his pants and pushed him back so he was laying back in the seat. He had a wild look in his eyes and I caressed his swollen cock. I gently kissed the tip, teasing him. He kept putting his hand on the back of my head to make me put the whole thing in his mouth, but I resisted. I wanted him to be as worked up as I was.

I licked up and down his dick, feeling the veins and each and every contour of his thick cock. I licked the taste and the texture of it, so within minutes of me taking it out, his dick was deep inside my mouth. I gently played with his balls as I sucked on him, taking my free hand and sliding it up and down his swollen shaft. He was hard as a rock and I was now wearing wet panties. I licked all around his head, looking up and into his eyes. I could tell he was turned on, his face was contorting and he kept shifting himself so that I’d have more of his dick in my mouth. I took my hand off his balls and grabbed hold of his hand. I took it and put it under my skirt, resting in on my smooth thigh. He took over as soon as I moved my hand away, searching for and finding my clit. He touched it and fireworks went off inside me body. I felt a tingle go all the way up to the top of my head.
He slipped a finger (or two?) inside me and I felt myself reaching a point that I hadn’t felt since last year at the cabin with Stu.(More on him another time!).

I kept sucking on him, while he kept dipping a finger in and out of me. We both sped up, his fingers plunging deep inside me while I slobbered all over his dick, my hand tightly going up and down. He made some noises I had never heard before, and seconds later told me he was going to cum.

I had decided prior that I wouldn’t let him cum in my mouth, only because I wasn’t too fond of the taste. I am not exactly sure why I decided otherwise this time, looking back it must have been my overall heightened state of arousal.

His sack suddenly got tighter and I felt his head quickly get bigger. I knew what was going to happened next. I grabbed hold of his dick, took it out of my mouth, just as the first shot hit my in the cheek. I let a couple more shots hit me in the face, the whole time looking straight into his eyes. Then I popped his dick back in my mouth and was rewarded with some hot, thick shots of cum. One hit the back of my throat, almost causing me some problems. I eagerly sucked the rest of his cum out, trying me best to milk every drop out. I put my fingers tightly around his dick , starting at the base, then worked my way up so the last sweet drop of his cum dripped into my mouth. It tasted sweet, sweeter than I had ever tasted. There wasn’t even the smell that I’m used to. I swallowed it without any problems, thinking the whole time that I wished there was more.

He told me that he never had a girl swallow him before, I told him that I had only done that once before. He said I was a “pro”. I didn’t take that personal, but now I’d rather he would have used another term. I wiped my face on my sweater in the back seat, then thanked the Prof from his time. He thanked me and told me that he’d see me in class the following day. He got out of my car, back into his and away he drove.

I sat there for a couple of minutes by myself, rubbing my clit trying to finish what he started. It didn’t take me long to get myself worked back up, thinking of his thick dick in my mouth. Within minutes I had my leg over the other seat and I was fingering myself as I touched my swollen and sensitive clit. Seconds later I came, my body shuddering and shaking, my legs turning to jello. My hand quickly got sticky, my fingers sore after all the work they did.

I drove home and showered, still tasting him in my mouth for the rest of the night.

I took the next day off, not wanting to have to face him. I did go to my next class after that, only to find that he was off sick. It was around two weeks before I saw him again, passing him in the hall. He simply smiled and nodded, something he did with everyone. At the next class, he was his normal self, polite and patient with us. I noticed no change in his personality thankfully. The last thing I wanted was to feel weird going into his classes.

The rest of the year was uneventful, we never spoke of it or anything. I did get a good mark in his class, without even applying myself much. I enjoyed my little time with my Prof, but I’d not do it again. Something’s in life you don’t want to do twice, it just makes the first time less special!

Name withheld upon request
Somewhere in California

Evil Desire

it all started out when i was 15. when i and clement were posted to the same class. i noticed that he wasn't like other guys. he was so soft. so fair. so elegant. like a girl. but he wasn't those kinda weird ass faggots. he was SO hot i was just turned on by him.

soon i found out that he lived really near me. and i decided to make my move. i offered to go back home with him everyday and yes soon we were really good friends. he never knew i looked at him that way or had that kind of feelings for him. everytime during physical education i'd just look at him and his sexy arms and legs. and just sigh in awe. i'd dream of him in all sorts of ways every night.

then soon his bday was approaching. i really had no idea what to get him so i called him, and lied about wanting him to tell me what to buy for a friend. in the process i got to know what he would want for his bday. and then 2 months later i sorta told him how much he meant to me and gave him the wallet he wanted and a keychain with his name engraved on it. and he was just SO touched and i never felt as close to him before.

but then disaster stuck. i sorta was upset about what he did the other day to me and instead of msging my friend i STUPIDLY msged him instead. and poof everything was shattered. he started hated me, calling me a fake and told me to just stay away from him. i'd never ever see him get this mad or angry over anything. he was always just so cool and calm you know. i even tried to send him a 'sorry' card and continued to msg him. but the last msg he sent me was: im never gonna msg you again. don't expect me to ever reply again.

and since then we never made up. we have never seen eye to eye or even talked to each other for just about a year now. just 2 months after the incident he migrated to australia for further studies. took me a while to get over him. he even came back to visit some of my friends and i. thoughout the whole lunch we never looked nor said a word to each other. but now i like someone else who happens to live really near me too.

at least this time its a GIRL. i've always liked girls like any other teenager but somehow with clement it was different. he was special.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

I'm so confused

Im in yr 10 and theres this chick ive liked since yr 8 and ive been too scared to talk to her till now. i talk to her heaps whenever i get the chance shes fuckin amazing and i would do anything for her or to get her. back then she didnt like me cause i think she thought i was a nerd, but im shappin up now, tryin everything i can do to get her. its real painfull cause everyday i see her with another guy and it breaks me emotionally cause it reminds me what im missin out on. my friend who is good friends with her has tryed to straighten things out for me, ultimately he thinks i should change social groups to the stoners and hardout jocks becasue she might like me more. im torn in between, i dont know whether i should or not, i think a change is in order but i dont know when the time is right. i love her so much and would do anything for her so confused.....

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


He's such a prick!

There was this concert a few years back that a local radio station put on. I got free tickets from my uncle, and invited my friend, her boyfriend, and my ex, who was my friend's boyfriend's best friend.

The only problem was that I was still kind of with my boyfriend now. We were on a break at the time, and I really wanted to go to this show with my ex, because of the artists playing.

The really bad part is that I took a double hit of speed before the concert. I quit drugs completely for the ex, and I was still very much in love with him.

I went home with my friend and her boyfriend to get ready, and I was tweaking like crazy there. We danced around to Jimmy Eat World and The Darkness, until her boyfriend got there. Then my ex showed up, and we kind of kept our distance from each other.

We got in the car, with my friend and her boy up front, and my ex and I in back. We joked and had fun on the way, and my ex asked me to leave him alone during a certain song. I thought to myself, "Okay, then I guess that means no." We get there, and get our seats and start rocking out. My ex and I sing our old song together, and laugh like idiots, and I'm still tweaking hardcore. We leave to go see the other stage, where a local band is playing. My ex and my friend's boy want to go mosh in the pit in front of the small stage, and so my ex gives me his wallet and necklace and ring. My friend and I go sit on the grass near the stage, and talk. My ex and my friend's boyfriend come back, sweating and laughing, and my friend and I do the girl thing and make fun of them. We all lay down on the grass, my friend with her head in her boyfriend's lap, and my ex and I pretty close. My ex and I start talking, and cracking jokes at each other, and he gets closer and closer until he kisses me. My heart nearly explodes at that point, and I don't think of my current boyfriend at all. My ex looks at me, gets a sad look on his face, and says something that I'll always remember.

"I can't wake up in the morning and have this mean nothing."

He asked me to be his again, and I agreed on the spot. We kiss and act like we used to, and my friend is really happy for me. I was coming down from the speed a little more then, and we left to go to IHOP. My ex was being cutesy and himself, and we shared some strawberry pancakes. We all went back to my friend's house, and they stayed until late. They left, and my friend and I stayed up all night (which I didn't have a problem doing) talking about what happened. I was so happy about it all.

My friend's boyfriend and my ex came back over the next morning, and we went on a walk in the wilderness by her house. It was so perfect. It is still one of those perfect moments for me.

The shitty part is that my ex's mom hated me, and after a phone call between he and I ended up with her accusing me of sleeping with the entire population of our town, I told him that I didn't want to do this to him, since my home life sucked and all, and he said he'd wait for me. I moved out 3 months later, and into a nice, stable home where I was happy. I get ahold of him finally, and try to drop hints he should come see me. He, after I questioned him, told me he was FUCKING ENGAGED. TO A MORMON CHICK.

He refuses to talk to me anymore, even though he used to be my best friend. I know it's petty, but I try and see if he'll come in when I'm working, because he and his fiancee buy stuff at my store every week or so. They haven't come in when I'm on shift yet...

But I'm waiting. He's such a prick.

-Wrathful Bitch

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Sorry bro, i railed your girlfriend

My girlfriend in highschool was a 10, abolutely physically perfect in every way, she even got scouted for playboy her senior year. We had been dating for 3 years and were very much in love with each other, the only problem being she was a year younger. I stayed fairly close for college, and it was only until she graduated and went to school in Florida that we started to grow apart. A year went by and we both tried to move on. She did, and ended up getting into a fairly serious relationship, but i never really could. Last week, she came home because Miami was wrecked by a hurricane, she was staying at one of my best friends girlfriends house thats pretty close to me. Were still friends, so i went to hang out with her and our friends practically every night. One night, in the house she was staying at, it was just me, my ex, and my boy's GF. We started to get drunk, and that turned into wasted. I started to make out with my ex just because it felt comfortable, right in front of her friend. After awhile we started getting into it, and by the time i had my shirt off, i noticed the other girl touching herself. My ex grabbed this girl by the arm, and shit started to get crazy, long story short, i fucked them both on my best friends bed, i even cleaned myself up with one of his old t-shirts. It was pretty amazing, and no one really found out, but know i feel guilty for betraying my friends trust, and wiping spooge on his clothes. Plus, i didnt use a condom at all, and my best friend said his gf still makes him put one on every night. I dont feel sorry i banged my ex, because the guy shes dating now is a fucking douchebag...i almost wish i had herpes so i could pass them along to him.


First Climax

I was babysitting when I was younger, not too familiar with the art of self-pleasuring. I had put the kids to bed then turned on the TV. After watching some videos I realized that I was feeling kinda horny. So I started touching and rubbing myself. The faster I went, the better it felt. I was pushing and pushing, trying to get my orgasm out. I had never had one yet, and the more I rubbed and pushed, the more it felt good. I pushed a little hard until suddenly I felt wet through my jeans. I got even more excited, thinking I had just had my first orgasm. I went into the bathroom to try and dry off my jeans, only to find that I had actually pee'd myself. I didn't have my first orgasm until years later.

B.F. in Akron

Stinky feet

I hated my roommate so much, she used to leave drinks around the room and drink them friend came over and put his stinky foot in her water, she came back later and drank it...i laughed so hard.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


My secret affair

I got married this summer, but had a feeling that it wasn't what I wanted. I did it anyway. Now, I am having an affair with my ex-boyfriend who I am still in love with.
I sneek over to his house as often as I can to see him.
I would get divorced but I still have feelings for my husband and we have a daughter.
Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time?
I don't know what to do...

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

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My secret child

I have an 8 year old son that only a few friends and
my brother know about. I cannot bring myself to inform
my mother that she has a grandchild she will never get
to see.
And to her mother...I'm sorry. I'm not sorry for
meeeting you, hanging out with you, living with you.
It was the definition of a whirlwind romance. I'm
sorry I almost ruined your life. But you didn't let
it. You went on, made yourself better than me.

I am too selfish to have children.
I am too childish to bring my spawn into this world,
on purpose.
I have mortality issues that I am trying to deal with.

The thought of going on day after day does not thrill
me in the least.
Growing old scares the shit out of me.
I don't want to grow old, nor am I ready to die.

I am sorry if I passed these on to our son. I know you
will do right by him. I couldn't ask for a better
person to raise a child of mine.

I will never forget you two.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


My secret identity

Not the old tv show either. I have been wearing my girlfriends panties for a while now. I wear them in public under my jeans. I can't remember how or when I started this, but holy shit do they ever feel nice! I don't get chaffed or rubbed raw when I walk. I prefer her satin ones. They feel so soft on my junk that I can't imagine wearing anything else. I know I'm weird, but hey, no one else knows!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

I've been lying

For the last year to my girlfriend about what it is that I do for a living. I've got her convinced that I am in sales, but in reality the only thing I've sold is my soul. I am really working at a restaurant as a short-order cook and I sell weed on the side. Some of you might say that it's no big deal, but she likes guys with money and I look like I have money. I can't really tell her the truth because then she'd hate me, but if things get more serious then it I'll eventualy have to tell her.
What the hell do I do?

Vancouver, BC

My dirty little secret

I've been playing with my father's girlfriend for a week now. Dad introduced us a month ago when I went to stay at his place for the weekend. She's pretty hot and young! Turns out, she thought I was hot too. Dad took off to the liquor store last weekend and left us both home alone so as he said,"you guy can get to know each other better"

We sure did. She watched out the window as he drove away, then turned around and told me that she thought I was cute. Seconds later she was sitting beside me and she put her hand on my leg. Before long we were makin out, and she was rubbing my cock through me jeans so hard and fast I cummed. She didn't seem to notice or care. She took my hand and put it on her tit as she was sticking her tongue in my mouth. Then she let me lick her nipples and rub her crotch really fast. I could feel how hot she as down there.

We did this for around 10 minutes before she said we should stop and continue some other time. It was fucking amazing! I wonder if she'd do both me and my dad at the same time. If she is cool with that, I am gonna tape it! My friends already don't believe me!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

My ex girfriend

I had a girlfriend once that wanted to have a sex threesome with her brother. I thought that was pretty fucking gross so I dumped her ass QUICK!

Danny in Toronto

My secret is safe

only because I am not gunna tell you who I am.

I pick my scabs and eat em. Been doin it for years now. Can't seem to stop.

I'm afraid someoen might catch me in the act!


My secret

I tried to kill myself a few times in the last year. My parents don't even know. The first time i took a bunch of my dads back pain pills and went in got ito my bed. I wanted to fall alseelp and not wake up. I did wake up in the morning and had a bad headache and was sick. a month later I slit my wrist a couple times. hurt too much to go deep so that didn't work. I think next time I will try hanging myslf. Why can't my parents just talk to me?


A story I haven't been able to tell

I'm not happy and i think its killing me.
I have almost stoped eating. I eat once every 2 days or something.
my friend tell me that I am not fat but I feel gross
Everytime I eat I puke.
I just want to curl up and die most days. I don't even wanna go to school.
why does live suck to much?!

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


A confession

I spat in my bosses Starbucks latte yesterday before giving it to him. He had been riding my ass all last week, then started up again on Monday. So I decided that I had enough. I brought him a latte as is the usual, this time I added a little extra shot of cream. Funny thing is, he told me later it tastes funny! Maybe he'll start getting his own latte now?

Susan in Seattle, laughing her ass off



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A story for you

I was the one that broke into my mothers house last year. I didn't really "break" anything to get in, just popped one of her bedroom windows open and climbed in. I took a few things, like jewelery that some asshole x-boyfriends had bought her and some clothes and shit.

I'm sorry Moms. You said you wouldn't help me anymore so I did what I had to.

location withheld upon request

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