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I cannot tell anyone how

I cannot tell anyone how my parents used to beat me with the belt. They would use the buckle side too and it would leave welts and cuts on my butt. I am 28 and I have the scars to prove it.
There are scars on my arms from trying to block the belt from hitting me.

Luke Skywalker
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More stories from The Girls

It's us again with a few more stories to tell.

-Tonya told me about a trick that took her to his Christmas Party last week. She said that the guy creeped her out. She finds out later that the guy's wife died under weird circumstances only 3 weeks before the party. She told me that she felt like foreveryone was staring at her. She thought it was because maybe they knew she was live but now she figures it's because they knew the dead wife or something. Freaky!

...they spend the rest of the cruise watching different sex things going on. Threesomes, moresomes...

-Brandi reminded me of a story from last year. She went on this date with a guy who was going to a boat party . She gets on the boat only to find about 50 people already there. They all seemed hot she tell me.

Hour into the cruise and she realizes it's some kind of porno party when she walks into a couple of girls doing it in front of a circle of guys. She runs to tell her date off, but he tells he that he wanted them to watch together, then go back to his hotel to do the do. So they spend the rest of the cruise watching different sex things going on. Threesomes, moresomes you name it. Brandi tells me later that she had some of the best sex that night. Her date wasn't the greatest in bed, she used the great memories of the cruise to help her.

More after the New Year. We're going to be getting our party on and won't have time for any internet. Bye!

The Girls
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Steroids worked for me

I used to do steroids a few years back. Nothing major just some d-bol. I messed with the cream for a bit and even tried the clear but after the whole Bonds thing I got scared. I started taking it to give me a little boost when I started working out again after my ACL blew during practice.

...I was able to do some pretty impressive things with a bat before I was hurt and especially when I was juicing. Base hits were now doubles and foul balls were homers ...

I'm a college player with a good chance of getting picked up by a big league club in a couple of years if I can keep up my production. Juicing was a way for me to get back in the swing of things after being hurt. Baseball is my life right now so I did what I needed to do to get back up to speed.

My guy friends noticed I was getting ripped fast but my girlfriend was not too happy. She said I developed a shitty attitude and some nasty side effects like backne(acne). I had huge zits on my back and arms and I always seemed greasy she said. We almost broke up over it all.

I was able to do some pretty impressive things with a bat before I was hurt and especially when I was juicing. Base hits were now doubles and foul balls were homers suddenly.

I told no one, and eventually stopped using them a while after my knee healed.

Now I am trying to get to the show on my own without the roids.

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How the worst day/night of my life started

"Nigger lover" was how it all started. The worst day/night of my life.Here's how it went down.

I was doing time for some shit I had done in my teens. Sentenced to just under a year, I was doing state time in a rough jail.

I had always gotten along well with black people having grown up in the 'hood. While on lock down I gravitated towards the kinds of people I knew. I did stand out being white but that had never stopped me before from hanging around mostly blacks and I never thought twice about it. I went with what I knew.

So...I keep having problems with this one asshole screw. He is power-tripping like no other. He's also very small and I'm very tall so I think "Small-Man Syndrome" is affecting him. Him and I keep butting heads about going to yard or using the phones. It seems like constant battle with him for no real reason.

So the fateful day he seems like he's real pissed off. He comes into the range and tells everyone that not only are we not getting our phones turned on, but we aren’t allowed to go out to the yard. A few of the other cons bitch and moan but no one speaks up.

I do.

I approach the little guard and ask him what's up. He is aggressive from the start, getting right into my face. He asks me if I have some sort of "fucking problem"

I tell him I do.

...You are quite kind of nigger lover aren't you Con? I see you hanging out with them all the time. I've been watching you. Angry 'cause you can't go play basketball?"...

He asks me what I am going to do about it.

I shrug my shoulders because at that point I had no idea what I could do about it. He is a guard, I am a convict. Nuff said.

He gets even closer in my face and tells me that I'm only angry because I can't "hang with the homies" as he puts it.

I ask him to repeat himself, hoping that the "homies" around us are listening to his bullshit.

He's moving right up to me now, only inches away. My heart is racing. On the street I would have already rocked this guy if he got so close to me. This is jail so shit's different.

He whispers.” You are quite kind of nigger lover aren't you Con? I see you hanging out with them all the time. I've been watching you. Angry 'cause you can't go play basketball?"

I really didn't hear the last things he said. I was already telling him to go fuck himself as soon as the word "nigger" escaped his lips.

He pushes me and it knocks me back couple feet.

I look at an old-school Federal guy that was there waiting to be transferred. I ask him, "That was assault right??"

He says, "Hell yeah it was and I saw it all"

So I respond, "So this will be self-defence."

I punch the guard right above his eye, hitting the orbital bone causing a huge cut above his eye. The flap of skin falls down, covering his eye and causing blood to start streaming down. He face changes from anger to panic.

As soon as I had make contact, his partner outside the gate hit the panic button. I can hear the sirens as the little guard gets his balance and launches himself at me. I've got him in a headlock, throwing uppercut after uppercut into his face. He's trying to fight back but it's not even close. He's 5'6" and maybe 160lbs while at the time I was 6'4" 250lbs and angry at the world and now him.

I notice the rest of the cons race to get against the wall as me and the guard are wrestling. I glance over at the gate to see a line of guards waiting to get in. They are all dressed in riot gear.

Within seconds they are in the range with us. I last for about 20 seconds, trying my best to cover up and still throw some punches.

They throw me up against the wall and I black out.

...1 broken collar bone. 1 broken nose. 2 broken ribs. Untold kidney damage. Almost ruptured testicles. Cracked front tooth. Ear ripped. Skin tore under arms, between legs. Numerous bruises and two black eyes...

The next thing I remember, I am hogtied and on the floor in the hallway. I have blood streaming down my face and my jumpsuit is all ripped. My whole body hurts.

There are around 10 guards there. The Goon Squad. They are the biggest fucking guards in the jail and I'm sure I've never even seen 1/2 of them before. They must have shipped them in from Norway or something. They are like vikings. Fucking huge Neandrathal guys.

They pick me up like I am a pig on a stake being taken to get cooked.

Into the steel lined elevator we go. Once the doors shut, all hell breaks loose.

They all start punching and kicking and grabbing me. I try to block the kidney shots with my elbows but they pin me in the corner, shove my face into the metal corner of the elevator so i can't see.
I try and turn my head to get a look at them, but one guard nearly pokes my eye out with his leather gloved hand.

Another guard reaches down and grabs my balls and squeezes hard enough that I almost faint. They continue beating me until suddenly everything stops.

The elevator door had opened.

They drag me out and drag me down the hallway towards solitary. We get closer to the big steel door and I notice I seem to be heading towards the frame of the door. At the very last moment I manage to move my head out of the way just as they slam me into the steel door frame. The impact breaks my collar bone. I scream my head off.

They continue dragging me until we reach the hole. One of them opens the cell door then 4 of them launch me into the cell, still hogtied. I land on my stomach and slide right into the concrete stool with my now broken collar bone. I pass out again from the pain.

I am not sure how long I am out for but when I wake up there is another bunch of guards in my cell. They are removing my shackles and cuffs. They are being extra rough it seems. My kidneys are taking a pounding and my broken collarbone is being ignored.

They tell me to take off my clothes. I tell them I can't because my shoulder is broken. That wasn't even out of my mouth when suddenly they start ripping my clothes right off my body. They tear my jumpsuit and drawers right off followed by my undershirt. They rip my skin under my arms and between my legs while doing this.

...They lock me back up and I lie there for the rest of the night, naked and bleeding...

I'm bleeding from around 7 different areas now. They've got me naked. They put my shackles and cuffs back on and leave me on the floor naked and bleeding.

Then they leave the cell, lock the door and open the slider on the window so they can see in. For the next 2 hours before they finally send a nurse in, different guards walk past and call me names and tell me that I better watch out and that I shouldn't have hit one of them.

I start to cry now out of pain and a little bit of fear.

The nurse comes, I tell her what happened and she doesn't seem to give a shit.

They make me sign a bunch of papers saying that they did nothing wrong. Out of fear I quickly sign the papers. They lock me back up and I lie there for the rest of the night, naked and bleeding.

The morning comes and they tell me they are going to transfer me to another jail for my own safety. After allowing me to clean the crusted blood off my face they let me pee. Bloody urine and I know my kidneys are damaged. I do a quick rundown of what they did.

1 broken collar bone. 1 broken nose. 2 broken ribs. Untold kidney damage. Almost ruptured testicles. Cracked front tooth. Ear ripped. Skin tore under arms, between legs. Numerous bruises and two black eyes.

I get to the bullpen and run into one of the guys from my range. He quickly tells everyone else what I had done. Word quickly spreads that I am the one that kicked the shit out of that asshole guard that no one liked. Suddenly I am quite popular.

They transfer me to another jail and keep me in the hole for two weeks. Once I get upstairs and into normal cells, words travels and again I am treated extra special by the other inmates and even given a little more space by the guards.

Even though that night was the worst event that had ever happened to me, it made me much stronger knowing that 10 big men couldn't beat me down. That alone has gotten me past some troubled times since.

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Funny money

Now that Christmas is over and New Year's is on it's way I can get this off my chest.

Ten years ago I had some problems getting money together for Christmas presents. Things were tight around my place and the little money I had, I spent it on food and gas. I was thinking that nobody would get gifts from me until I had a great idea.

...I printed out close to $500 that Christmas and went shopping...

Before I had lost my job I had bought a high-end computer and laser printer. I scanned a $10 bill and printed one out just to see. I thought it looked pretty good so I went to the am/pm and bought something. They took it without a second glance.

I printed out close to $500 that Christmas and went shopping at any store where I knew someone. I used to work in retail so I knew quite a few people. They didn't even think I was using funny money, too busy talking to me because we knew each other.

Everyone's gift that year was bought for free. I haven't done that since and won't again but it sure did work at the time.

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A Christmas party like no other!

I LOVE Christmas parties now more than I ever have before. Why?

Keep reading. It's a long one!

My wingman and I jetted off to our Christmas Party last week. The powers that be decided to hold it in a upscale hotel this year instead of the convention center like last year. Good for us, bad for them.

S. and I chalked a couple lines in the car on the way down. It was some choice blow and before long I was feeling wicked and S. couldn't stop making comedy the whole way there. We got to the hotel an hour after it started and went straight for the sign-in table so we could get our drink tickets. S. was quick-handed and managed to scoop an extra 4 tickets when the girl wasn't looking.

A few drinks later and another dusting of powder on our slopes and we were good to go. They start serving dinner but we weren't hungry so we went to the hotel bar to pass the time before we could go back and start mingling.

...S. was all over the Married Woman. They started making out in the elevator while me and Soccer Mom had conversations...

After a couple rye's we noticed a couple older women at the other end of the bar. One looked kinda classy with her business suit get-up and other more like a soccer mom but dressed up nicer. She's got the feathered hair and bangs with a skirt and a half-decent looking shirt. They didn't look like they belonged together but they did because they were laughing like old best friends.

S and I sent a couple drinks over to them. We joked about banging the MILF's at the bar. They accepted the drinks and waved us over.

We skip the introductions and order more drinks. A couple more drinks later and we've made good friends.They seemed down to party. Time flew by as we chatted them up.

S. then made his move. He suggested we head upstairs to their room. One of the coug's was married. She had a big honking ring on her finger. The other was a soccer-mom-gone-wild, with the 80's hair and the "MOM" pendant on her chain. Both women were down so we got in the elevator and headed up.

S. was all over the Married Woman. They started making out in the elevator while me and Soccer Mom had conversations and shit. We got to their floor and into the room.

The mini-bar gets raided and I take yet another trip into the can to powder my nose. I'm feelin no pain now. I come back and sit beside Soccer Mom and offer to give her a massage as she plays the "my back is killing me" routine. Being the gentleman that I am, I tell her to lay down and I put my big hands on her back. She's oooing and ahhing as I rub her down.

I look over as S is laying with Married Woman and she's got her legs wrapped around him. They are making out heavy and I start smiling as I see his hand go under her shirt.

It's so highschool make-out party and I'm lovin it like McDonald's.

I keep rubbing and snap off Soccer Mom's bra as I go. Soccer Mom giggles and I continue. I sit on her ass and I know she can feel how hard I am. I know I am poking her through my dress pants.

...I can tell she likes it kinda rough and even though it's Christmas I decide to be a little naughty...

S has Married Woman's shirt off. She's got a sweet bra on. ONe of those push-ups ones so half her boobs are hanging out. It's hot.

That excites me so I turn Soccer Mom over and start rubbing her tits pretending to be giving her a "chest massage" Her nips get hard, I get harder.

I reach over to turn off the bedside lamp and knock a drink over in the process. Soccer Mom doesn't seem to give a shit because once the light goes off she pulls me down on the bed and sticks her tongue in my mouth. She tastes smoky but I ain't complaining.

I tongue her right back and grab hold of one of her nipples. They are like erasers except harder. I play with them for a while as her hands roam all over me. She finds my 8-incher and grabs it like she owns it.

I let her cop a feel then push her over and climb on top. I start grinding into her and feel some serious heat from her. She making some noises now and really turning me on.

...she's diggin her nails into my back. It hurts like hell but I don't care right then. I plunge into...

I hear a noise from the other bed and S. is getting some oral attention. Married Woman is hooking him up bigtime! She's got him deep and he's got himself propped up against the headboard and I can see the grin on his face with the light from the bathroom coming in.

Soccer Mom is getting anxious, trying to pull my tie off. I move her hands away and start pushing myself into her. She moans and bites my arm hard!. I pull it away and hold her arms down on the bed. I can tell she likes it kinda rough and even though it's Christmas I decide to be a little naughty.

I lean down and ask her if she wants it. she whispers back "yesss!"

I reach down and unzip my pants and pull it out. I take her hand and wrap it around me. She gasps then smiles and I know it's on!

I reach under her skirt and feel her excitement. She's wet and hot and not stopping my advances. I toy with her a little bit with my finger to gauge her response. Her legs widen and she shakes with anticipation.

I take my head and run it up and down her getting my tip all wet. Then I put my mouth to her ear and ask her if she's ready. She can barely answer. I slip myself inside her and without warning she's diggin her nails into my back. It hurts like hell but I don't care right then. I plunge into her all the way to the hilt. She tries to move back up the bed as I fill her up. Again I pin her arms down on the bed and drive into her. Suddenly she bucks and shudders then I'm soaking wet.

...I continue on feeling like a champion. The coke has me sufficiently numb enough to last forever...

I look back over to see how S. is doing. He's laying down on the bed and the married one is riding him like he's the last man alive. She's got her back arched and grabbing on to his knees. He's playing with her big ones and looks like he's loving every minute of it.

At that exact moment I think I've made the wrong choice. Married Woman looks like the better bang.

I continue on feeling like a champion. The coke has me sufficiently numb enough to last forever. I keep plunging inside Soccer Mom until I feel her tighten up. Seconds later she explodes over me soaking me again including my balls and the bed. She thrashes around the bed, screaming and drawing the attention of her friend. Married Woman looks over and yells" Ride him Martha!"

Martha? I almost lose my wood right then and there. I hate the name Martha. While Soccer Mom doesn't look like Martha Stewart, now I can't stop thinking of the domestic diva.

I wait until Soccer Mom finishes thrashing on the bed. I take my dripping self out and make her clean me off a little with her mouth. A little drier now, my attention turns to Married Woman and my wingman S.

I sit on the edge of the bed as Soccer Mom rubs my back. I'm looking at Married Womans ass which is damn fine. Soccer Mom asks me if I like what I see. I nod and she tells me to go over and have some.

Married Woman looks over and smiles. She motions me to come on over. I hop over to that bed and stand above her, my business all in her face.

She starts sucking on me, tasting her friend. I wonder to myself how many times they've done this.

...The whole scene is making me crazy. Me and S have done some crazy shit in the past but nothing like this...

She plays with my nuts and sucks me off as S. pounds into her from below. I reach down to play with her ample chest and I guess that was an invite for Soccer Mom to get me from behind.

She spread my cheeks and starts licking my ass. I almost bust wide open right then and there.

Soccer Mom's licking my ass as Married Woman treats me like a straw. The whole scene is making me crazy. Me and S have done some crazy shit in the past but nothing like this.

I feel it coming. I announce that I am about to explode. Married Woman tells me to come on her ass. I move a little to make sure S doesn't get hit with any shrapnel.

I reach around and grab Soccer Mom's head so she sticks her tongue right in my butthole. That's it for me. I explode all over Married Womans ass. As high as I was it was a helluva orgasm.

After frosting her ass I bring Soccer Mom's head around and she licks my seed off Married Woman's ass. It was hot seeing that.

I settled back on the other bed and enjoyed the scene. After Soccer Mom takes care of my mess, she starts making out with Married Woman. It's like girls gone wild and MILF all at once. Like me and S met a couple real live porn star freaks.

As I am watching the holiday festivities I see that S. has finally caught a groove. Soccer Mom has gone over and dropped a tit in his mouth and he's got his hands dug into Married Woman's ass. Without warning he pulls out of her and nuts on her ass and the sheets. Married Woman hops off and tries to catch a bit of it. Soccer Mom already has her hand out and manages to catch a blob of S.'s juice. She shows it to Married Woman who promptly licks it up. The two of them make out while milking the last drops from S. with thier hands.

...It's like girls gone wild and MILF all at once. Like me and S met a couple real live porn star freaks...

Soccer Mom goes into the bathroom and gets a couple of hot wash cloths. A few minutes later and we're all dressed and red faced trying to figure out what to say next. S. fixes that and thanks the women for a wonderful time and tell them to have a Merry Christmas. I join in and it's hugs and kisses for the women as we make our way out of the hotel room. A few more waves and we disappear into the elevator.

The whole way down we laugh our asses off. Like I said. We've done some crazy shit before but we've never pulled something like this off before.

We had back to my company's party, eat a bunch of food, do a couple more lines then spend the rest of the night drinking and talking shit.

It was probably the best Christmas party my company has ever thrown!

Name kept secret

Merry Christmas

Here's hoping you all have a great Christmas. Enjoy your holidays, cherish the quality time with your friends and family. Going to take a couple days off so there won't be updated stories, unless a really great one comes in.

Make sure to come back and visit soon, especially with all those holiday party stories that you cannot tell!

All the best!

The Stories You Cannot Tell

Here kitty kitty

I was a bad kid that did some bad things growing up. I once bought a cat and named him Tupac because he was black and had a bad attitude. I got sick of this cat pissing and shitting everywhere so I tossed him in the dumpster outside my building and went back inside. Later than night I am sure I heard Tupac crying. Years later and I still feel like shit.

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He's the grinch

2 weeks before Christmas and my buddy has turned into the grinch. He told me last night that he found this guys wallet yesterday in a parking lot. He said he was walking between the cars and he kicked something. he looked down and saw a wallet so he scooped it. Then he tells me there was over a thousand it it. He said he thought about it for a second when he got in his car. Then he took the cash and dropped the wallet back down.
I laughed at first when he told me then got pissed off when I realized it was probably some guys Christmas money.
He told me he's real poor right now and I know that's true. He told me he's keeping the cash. Maybe I can convince he to pay it back to the guy or something. He probably got his wallet back. After this I am not too sure I want to hang with him any more. What ever happened to being a Good Samaritan?

Name kept secret


Christmas dinner disgust

Growing up my mother was a terrible cook. Christmas dinner was especially heinous, she could never get the turkey right. Often over cooked, seldom cooked too little. I guess we should have been happy with what we got but I would have rather had ham. You can't screw up ham even if you tried. Well, she mightscrew it up.
The story I cannot tell is that I used to pretend to eat it and feed it to our dog. Not once or twice but Rambles would get all my food pretty much. People used to ask why our dog was so fat.

Saint Nick
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I don't want to tell her, it'll ruin the fun

I have been reading these stories all day. Mine is a little different.

I love my wife in many ways. Sometimes I do things I can't tell her just because then it would ruin the fun for me. Just last night I did something else that makes me realize just how much I love her.

I was thirsty before bed so I went to get some juice. I poured the remains of the juice jug into my glass. I was about to drink it when I suddenly realized that if I drank this cup of juice, she would have to make another jug instead of being able to quench her thirst. So I poured it all back in the jug and drank water instead.

This is a story I can't tell only because I like doing these kinds of things for her, things she will never realize I am doing. It makes my love stronger.

Grand Bend


Me and the girls are lovin this thing

Me and my girls are lovin this blog! We got a computer at work and during our breaks we read the stories. Now we wanna add ours too!

Shauna once got a call to see a guy in a hotel room. She was told that she had to knock on the door and when the door opened she was to walk in and kick the guy right in the balls as hard as she could. The money would be on the table. She was told to wear work-out clothes and say nothing.

...she was to walk in and kick the guy right in the balls as hard as she could...

Shauna says that she was told that the guy had a fitness instructor wife that wouldn't give him any and was always doggin him.

Shyla says that she got a weird one. She gets a call to go to apartment. She is let in by guy who passes her a phone. He tells he to go in other room and wait for the phone to ring. The guy calls her then they have phone sex for an hour. He pays he and she leaves and she never ever had to touch him!

we'll post more story's when the other girls come in. Thanks!!

The Girls
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Trading secrets

After being employed for the same corporation for over twenty years I have had enough. Enough working overtime without proper pay, enough being mistreated by superiors as well as enough of not getting promoted when I should have been promoted above those same aforementioned supervisors.

...The place was loud and boisterous which worked in our favor. No one could hear us talk...

A few years ago at Comdex I was working the booth when I was approached by a man that told me he was working for a rival firm. After discussing our products with him, he informed me that he was rather interested in the products we manufactured and would love to get his hands on any technical reports, calculations, analyses and studies that I could obtain. At the time I had no interest in this knowing that it was both illegal as well as unethical. He gave me his card and I filed the idea as well as his card in my Rolodex assuming we’d never speak again.

I revisited his ideas and offer months ago after yet another incident with a technical manager at work. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. I searched until I found the card buried beneath other cards that I filed.

I called the man. He suggested we get together for dinner at Ben Benson’s. Not a big steak fan but since he offered to pick up the tab I was not going to argue. Arriving a few minutes early I found him already waiting. The place was loud and boisterous which worked in our favor. No one could hear us talk.

...I made a deal to provide him with some of the technical specifications of the products we manufacture...

After talking for just over an hour while enjoying steaks and a few drinks, I made a deal to provide him with some of the technical specifications of the products we manufacture. He would provide me with a decent supplement to my income and I would provide him with what he wanted.

Wrong? Yes.
Worth the money? Yes.
Worth losing my job? Depends on when/if I am caught.

This is a story I cannot tell for obvious reasons. I feel guilt on occasion yet relieved when I am paid. As I move closer to retirement my level of stress decreases as I am to better plan for my future after employment. It was apparent that this corporation was not going to take care of me, so I am going to take care of myself.

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Worst job of his life. Serving crack heads

A friend told me his story recently about when he worked in a crack house. He told me that he saw many different kinds of people walk in the door. Full-on cracked out crack heads, to hookers and sometimes even people that looked like they were in business on a lunch break! He told me on more than one occasion he someone he used to know from school would come in all cracked out with a frothy mouth and the jitters.
He told me he only worked there for a month or so because he needed some extra cash and he knew a guy that could get him quick cash. He said it was the worst job of his life by far.

Location kept secret

I can't tell her

I can't tell her what happened, now that I found out what I have. I've gone and gotten myself a std. I have been with my girlfriend for over a year and a few months ago I slipped up badly and made it with another girl that I have known for year. I went to the Dr. when I noticed I was not feeling correct. He ran some tests and now I have to take meds to get better.

I should leave my girlfriend. I can't bear to think about passing my std to her. I have no idea of what I should do.

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100 000 of you visited? Thanks!

Yes, yes I know. Nothing fantasic, right? Only 100 000 visitors and there is cheering?
Yup. Happy and not afraid to show it.

After a couple months and this blog has touched over a hundred thousand people.
Not too bad huh?

This time next year a million of you will have passed by.

Thanks for stopping in, thanks for sharing your stories and your secrets.

So...Same time next year perhaps?

See you then!

Sorry about the damage I caused

Call it survival at your expense and for that I am sorry. I was hitchhiking across the country trying to get from NC to California. I didn't have many dollars so I had to improvise. I would go and nicely break into houses and steal food and clean clothes and soemtimes have a shower or even a nap. I did this a bunch of times probably over 30 during my two week long trip. I tried my best to clean up after myself and any damage that I did but I still violated people. I'm sorry for that. if I knew all your addresses I would send you all money because I am doing pretty good now. Sorry!

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Ex sex is best

Well this happened 2 weeks ago. My ex and I are good friends and she has a habit of getting hot and crazy from hogtied pics and playing herself to sleep. I just happened to be there during one of these times and she decided she needed a little finger action so i started with a finger in the pussy and worked one in her ass as time went on.

...Whenever she gets all hepped up and needs relief, or just gets excited talking to some guy online, I get the full reward...

I all the sudden got an evil thought when she closed her eyes so I unzipped and lubed up and just as she was getting to the point of no return I shoved it up the poop shoot as fast and hard as I could. She shuddered twice then started scroaning deeply and begged for more. After we both blew our loads(big puddle) I figured she would come to her senses and blast me but it turned into a steady fuck-buddy gig.Whenever she gets all hepped up and needs relief, or just gets excited talking to some guy online, I get the full reward of a big titted, tight assed hotty who doesn't think shooting a load and starting again is a bad way to spend a night.The real joke in this is that until now I've beat my head into walls frustrated trying to tell her that sex was fun and should mention we divorced after I belted her across a room 6years ago because I couldn't get her to have sex for nuthin. Bitch of a world ain't it. The only problem with all this is if our families find out her's will try to kill me and mine will try to get her to remarry me so we have to keep quiet because sinning is soo much fun.

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It's a secret!

What was I thinking?

When I acted improperly towards a client this morning I must have been in medical distress. There isn't another explanation. I am not sure what came over me. I found myself making comments I have never made towards someone before, overtly sexual and not appropriate in a business setting. I was pretty bold. After re-living the whole conversation over lunch I realized my behaviour this morning could have cost me my job.

My only saving grace is that the client was not offended. That realization excites me to no end, but the larger problem is the statue of my employment. I'll never make that mistake again.

Not leaving my name and never mind where I work.

A nasty habit

I am sure more people do this based on what I see on Animal Planet and shows like that.

When I fart, I do my best to smell it. I am not sure why I need to sniff my own funk. Maybe I take pride in how foul a stench it is sometimes.

I am more primate than most it seems.


When I worked at a hospital

I used to work in a hospital. I worked in the kitchen washing out the carts and putting trays in the dishwaher and stuff.

I had access to the cafeteria when it was closed so when I got hungry I'd sneak behind the counter and help myself to sandwitches and cheesecake. I'd eat it as fast as I could then take the empty plate and wash it and putit back. I must have gained 30 lbs working there.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


I want to get my boobs done

I talked to my friends and they all support me. I haven't asked my dad yet but my mom thinks it is okay. My dad is harsh religious so I kinda know what he will think. He already thinks I dress to slutty when I don't. I want to just go get them and not even tell him. I just don't know if I will get away with it.

I cannot tell my dad. He will lose respect for me if I do. Will he be more angry if I don't tell him and just do it?


Name kept secret
Location kept secret

Protect yourself when you send your pc in to get fixed!

Hi guys love this site, have read it since the day you started it and finally decided to submit a story of my own. I have many stories that I have thought about submitting and someday I probably will. I'm submitting this story/secret because of a similar story I found on this site.

...I know their secrets and what they look like naked and in most cases they are very hot...

I work at a computer shop and sometimes I get computers from customers to fix. While working on them I also browse through the My Documents folder and subfolders and have found a lot of porn which doesn't much interest me because there is so much of it available but I also have come across some steamy pictures and a few videos too of the owners, who are mostly girls (maybe guys try to fix their own computer more than girls) and on many a guy's pc's I find pictures of ex-girlfriends. I have a portable harddrive that I connect to the pc's and copy the pictures to it.

I don't plan on doing anything nasty with these pictures like posting them to some website but I like keeping them to myself. Sometimes I also meet many of the girls on the pictures in the shop and I always smile within and think to myself while servicing them that I know their secrets and what they look like naked and in most cases they are very hot.

...remove anything that you don't want out in the daylight the next time you have your computer fixed...

While you may have had fun reading this and the similar story I hope you also think to yourself and take some measures to not become one of these people and remove anything that you don't want out in the daylight the next time you have your computer fixed because, seriously, most guys who are in this line of work do this. But not all of them are, shall I say honest for lack of a better word, and post them wherever they like too. That can hurt a lot of people and I don't think that is right to do.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

Do you own a VW?

You need to buy a alarm if you don't already have one.

I often wondered how to let you know with out incriminating myself. I may have stolen your car. If you were a victim I am really sorry. I have gone on and become a decent person and have had my car stolen too.

...used to steal VWs all the time. At least 50-60 i figure and I lost count...

I am writing this because you need to know how easy it is so you can do something. Public service i guess.

I used to steal VWs all the time. At least 50-60 i figure and I lost count a few times. Not trying to brag but in 35 seconds I was gone.
It was easy too.
Push flathead screwdriver under the doorhandle and in to door. Pop the lock. Thes shadow from doorhandle hides screwdriver hole handy when yer driving later. Starting is no problem thanks to the plastic ignition peice that I carried. I smashed apart an old ignition and took the peice that the wiring harness went on to. I just had to unplug the wiring hardness and clip in on to mine then I turned it with the screwdriver and varoom it starts. Then I brake the steering easy with myfoot. It is so cold that the metal freezes and is easy to bust. I used to just hotwaire but that took longer. Once I got the plastic thing I saved time.

So anyways. I guess you can use this info in case you ever lock your keys in the car and no way to get home. If you own a vw get a alarm because you car is really easy to steal. I am sorry again.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

My Documents

I work for a on-site computer company that services both commerical and residential clients. I frequently am left in front of a pc for hours on end, installing software, troubleshooting, cleaning virii, you name it. I recently found that a great way to pass the time is to go through people's My Documents folder. Here's a list of some of the tasty things I've found.

...many naked photos of men and women taken with webcams, featuring poses on the same chair I'd be sitting on...

-Many, many naked photos of men and women taken with webcams, featuring poses on the same chair I'd be sitting on to work on their pc's. Sometimes I'll arrive to find the camera pointed at the bed. I always check for photos and videos when I work on a pc that someone has in a bedroom, especially when they have a camera attached!
-Quite a few sexy video clips featuring the pc owners getting down and dirty on the floor in front of the pc, or on the bed.
-Sexy stories but I am not sure who wrote them. Some are steamy!
-More photos and video clips that the pc owners have downloaded. It's funny seeing what turns these people on. Funnier when you have to talk to them after looking at what they download!

...I am working on her computer and I find photos of her doing slutty poses or whatever...

I haven't seen any child porn thankfully. I'd have to report that to the police somehow without letting them know how I found out. All the pix and vids I've seen were adults I figure with a few hot teens in there too.

My all time favorite is when I go to a house and a hot girl opens the door. Then I am working on her computer and I find photos of her doing slutty poses or whatever. Seems like whenever that happens, I spend an extra long time fixing the computer!

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Location kept secret

Liar liar

I moved to a new city and told anyone that would listen that my pa was a connected guy. The women seemed to like the line for whatever reason. It got me in trouble one night as someone that was connected overheard me talking then cornered me in the bathroom later on. After a little talk with him I never made those claims again.

Not a Don
Somewhere in NY


I've been cheating on my girlfriend/fiancee

I've been cheating on my girlfriend/fiancee. It started when we were yet to be engaged. I went on a trip to a football game and after a night at the local strip club I got courious for some sex. I looked up an escort service in the phone book, never having done this before I was ver scared, and called. was my first time with an escort. I paid her and we talked awhile before she gave me a mind blowing...

I was told there was one girl on call and after she called me back we agreed to meet in my room. She was very nice and understanding that it was my first time with an escort. I paid her and we talked awhile before she gave me a mind blowing BJ and then rode me to completion. We used protection the entire time, of course.

While searching for ways to find people to just hook up for sex I discovered a site that lists popular gay crusing sites. I'd never heard of this so I explored the website and became very curious. I then used this site to hook up with 4 different men for blow jobs and sex. I found I have a taste for guys, but only really get off with women. I still think about doing it again, but I have stopped. I'm still looking for that one last hookup I never have had. The only that is everything my fiancee isn't to end all. I hope I find it before we tie the knot, if not then I'll likely die never knowing what I'm missing but have always sought.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

I'm in love with a black guy

Normally who I love and do not love would not be an problem. This time my parents will have a problem with the person I am dating. My parents are pretty old fashioned and a bit racist and they'd kill me if they found out I was dating a black guy. He's perfect for me. He listens to what I say, he cares about my feelings and he's not a player. I want to tell my parents badly, but I know they are going to flip out once I tell him that it is a "brother".

I think it might be best not to tell them about his skin colour. It shouldn't matter. I'll just bring him to dinner and then they can make up their minds. Christmas dinner might be a little awkward but at least they'd have no choice but to accept him!

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They’ve employed a junkie

I’ve been taking speed to keep me awake at both jobs. I don’t think anyone has noticed. I’m still productive and get all my work done all time. One time I even came to work after chasing the dragon all night. Luckily my sup’s were not around that day. I just couldn’t find the energy to get to work. I had been working two different jobs on the opposite sides of town and I needed a little pick me up. I just have to be careful and I’m sure no one will find out that they’ve employed a junkie.

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close encounter with jessica alba

i was working at a restaurant a couple of years ago doing security for a wedding reception. she walked in with her boyfriend who is that guy from her show that's in a wheelchair. they both walked in and went to sit down. i couldn't take my eyes off of her. she came over to me and asked if i worked there. i replied that i did not and i was only here for security reasons. she gave me a smile, then a wink and then walked back to her table. again i couldn't take my eyes off of her. her hair was exactly how i like hair. long and brown with some waves and curls in it. her body was incredible, her lips full and her smile captivating. i think it was the wink that set me off. i finished my detail there and then went home to my bed to think about her some more. it didn't take me too long before i was playing with myself, thinking of how i might have been able to spit some game to her and pick her up. i let my imagination run wild and before long i had a mind-blowing orgasm. it was like two in one. i came, then right away had another one. i cleaned myself up and was fast asleep before long.
now i need to go and get that dvd of the movie she was in. into the blue or something like that.

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I used to work late at night resulting in a the ritual of stopping in to the jack-n-the-box to get a bunch of food. I didn't want to get caught with the fast food as my wife would kill me, so I used to throw it out the window on the way home.

At one point, I saw last night's food bag on the side of the road as I added yet another bag of garbage to the side of the road.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


Somebody's grandfather

I was using a online dating service and having tons of fun dating and meeting new people. I went on quite a few good dates and a few that I'd rather forget.

...shared a rum and coke and then we started making out. He was a good kisser for an old guy...

There is one that I will mention. I found out that he lived close to me, only a couple blocks away. He asked if it bothered me that he was older. I asked him if it bothered him that I was younger. We both said no!

He asked me to come over. I told a friend where Iw as going and who with, just in case things went weird. I walked over to his loft, shared a rum and coke and then we started making out. He was a good kisser for an old guy. We ended up making lust, then I hurried out of there as fast as I could.

I ran home laughing, thinking about the fact that I just did someone's grandfather. Not only that, but he was pretty good! He told me he was like wine and got better with age.

Name kept secret
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am not very nice sometimes

I've done some shitty things to people in the past. Two of these things are...

-I once stole my landlords new credit card and went shopping with it, then denied everything when he confronted me about it.

-I went to a house party and got hammered, then went around smashing holes in the wall. The house belonged to my best-friends parents.

I'm better now. I grew up.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


Carrying without concern for him

I am in my second trimester and I still haven't told him. In fact, I might never tell him. I don't want him being a part of our lives so I am going to break up with him soon, before it's obvious that I am pregnant. Thank god for cozy sweaters!
My intentions were to be with child before I turned 28 and he was able to provide me with that. I did love him, but I knew from the start he would not be good marriage material or father material. I wanted a child and now I am on my way to bringing one into this world. I am so excited!

Name kept secret
Location kept secret



I've never been a tipper. I always pay the bill and then I'm done. This came to a head a few weeks ago when a waiter chased in L.A. chased me down for not tipping. I was embarassed and had my lady with me so I was doubly embarassed.
My father never tipped, saying it was because no one ever tipped him when he was doign his job. I guess I am just like him afterall.

No tip for you
San Jose


Why I hate Christmas

My little brother died 8 years ago. He died just before Christmas. Every Christmas since when the whole family gets together it becomes a big cry fest. Everyone is so happy and cheerful for a while, until someone says "I wish he was here too". Then the whole day goes to shit.

I feel even sadder because I was supposed to play with him that day and I told him to get away from me because he was being annoying. I totally miss my little bro and I hate Christmas because it reminds me of him. This year I am going to be sick so I don't have to go for dinner.

Name kept secret
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My dad has been having problems lately. He is on the verge of losing his job because of cutbacks he says. He also knows about moms secret boyfriend now. I know he's getting worse because 3 times last week he came home drunk. He was driving too so that makes it even worse. Mom knows and they've fought about it but it hasn't changed. I think I should call the police next time he calls to say he is coming home. I'll call them and report a drunk driver. My family is falling apart in front of my eyes.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


I'm in charge of the coffee machine at work. I've been stealing change from it since I was given the keys. I steal at every job I've ever had.

Name kept secret
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Free subs

I used to date a girl that worked at well known sub franchaise. She'd bring home food all the time. Big packages of meats and cheese and bags of buns. We'd somke up and chow down on big ass subs all night.

I realized after dating her for a few weeks I realized she wasn't cool. The subs kept calling my name so I strung her a long for a bit so I could get free shit.

I ended up getting her pregnant. I took off right away and told her it was for her to deal with. I left the state a while after that and never saw her again.

10 years later and I still haven't forgiven myself for what I did to her.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


She's hotter than most

My girlfriend is hot. Hotter than any other girl I have dated before

She has the smile of Paris Hilton, the moves of Brittney Spears, the tits of Pamela Anderson, the butt of Jennifer Lopez and Brooke Burke's smile.

...She kisses me and it tastes like I licked an ashtray...

Butt, she smokes. It's nasty. She kisses me and it tastes like I licked an ashtray. It's so fucking gross I am thinking of leaving her. She might be hotter than anyone else, but the smoking is a turn off.

I wish there was a way I could tel her without her getting all mad. She told me already she won't quit. It is a shame that I might have to ditch her.

Name kept secret
Locations kept secret

I was totally rude

I was nasty to this old lady today. Iwas late for work, trying to hail a cab. There was an old lady close to me and she was also looking for a cab.

...I was so angry I didn't even bother to see how she was...

One finally pulls over and I go to get in but she pushes me out of the way trying to get her hand on the door handle. Not even thinking, I pushed her back. As she as falling she reached out to grab on to me and pulled my ipod out of my ears and pocket. She stumbled and fell and my ipod crashed to the ground. I was so angry I didn't even bother to see how she was. I just got into the cab and told the driver to go.

I never used to be so nasty. I cant believe I am more angry at the broken ipod than I am concerned at the old lady's health.

Asshole in Brooklyn

Tossed homeboy through the window.

I tossed this guy through a window during a fight on the street between me and my buddies and 4 other doods. We were drivin home from the club when these guys started talking shit at our car when we turned the corner.

...He was punching me in the head and ear and neck and I was trying to choke out his friend...

One of them told us to fuck off or something so we pulled over. I was the third one out of the car cause I was in the backseat. My first 2 buddies were already up in the faces of the other guys. One of the other guys was being all loud and shit at my bro and this pissed me off. I kept an eye on his as I circled around the back of him. I was waiting for him to say some shit to my bro.

Suddenly he charged at my buddy and then the fight was on for real. I was able to grab the back of the charging guy so I reeled him back put him in a choke. Everyone was grabbing someone but somehow there was an extra guy that was able to get on my back.He was punching me in the head and ear and neck and I was trying to choke out his friend.

...flung the guy off my back. I didn't realize how close I was to the storefront window...

The guy behind was pissing my off so I flung the guy I was chokeing into the wall then took a few steps and flung the guy off my back. I didn't realize how close I was to the storefront window we were fighting near. The guy flew through the air and smashed the store window and landed inside and skidded across the floor before hitting the counter. People inside were shocked. There was a lot of people around, all of them were stunned.

I ran in the window after that guy cause I was pissed off. My ear was bleeding and my head was hurting from him punching me . I stood over him and asked him if he any more for me. I told him to stay on the ground if he knew what was good for him.

He got up and tried to come after me but I punched him and knocked him down. Then some hero from inside the store tried to step to me but I get all up in his face and tell him to back off before he gets some. I turn around and run back out to the street to make sure that my homies weren't getting pounded. one of my guys was getting manhandled so I gave him a hand.

...People inside were shocked. There was a lot of people around, all of them were stunned...

Minutes later we bolt outta there. I ran two block away and into my apartment bldg. I went up and went and looked out my baloncy window. There was still a commotion outside the store. I watched and about 3 minutes later the police showed up.

I never got caught even though I was told the pigs were looking for me. My girl was all mad cause I ripped the jacket she bought me.

I feel bad but not too much. Dood was on my back punching me and shit! he's lucky I didn't do more!

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


Home Depot and me

I was working a buddy's landscaping company. He asked me go to Home Depot and pick up some "big o" which is piping he uses for his drainage jobs. I got in my jeep and headed down.

...I brought it back to the job site and never told my buddy what happened because he'd think I was a moron...

The rolls of the big-o were pretty big but I managed to fit it in the back of my jeep with some of it sticking out the back.
I'm not sure what happened but somehow along the way, the big o fell out of the back of my jeep. I got back to the job site and when I went around back of the jeep, the big o was gone.

I told my buddy I'd be back in ten mins. I took off back to home depot. I pulled into the parking lot and noticed they had some rolls of the piping against the wall. After thinking about it and realizing that this roll would cost me money, I made the decision to just take a roll and drive off. I brought it back to the job site and never told my buddy what happened because he'd think I was a moron.

I feel like shit that I did that. I never shoplifted anything before and haven't since. I do go into Home Depot and shop and have since spent Lord knows how much money there. That's my way of paying them back i guess

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


My supervisor

I've got a few stories to tell. I'll start with this one.

My supervisor is a total asshole. Talks to me like I am 10 years old, treats me like I did him wrong.

...I'd cut out his fucking tongue out and and staple it to his face. I feel that might end such behaviour...

I cannot tell him how I really feel because I'd get in shit at work and I have a great job that pays well.

One day I want to go up to him and tell him a little secret about me that he doesn't know. I used to be paid to collect people's debts. Paid well because I did quality work. You feel me?

So yeah. I wanna go up to him and tell him how lucky he is that I went square and got a real job. Lucky because if he talked to me like this in real life he'd only do it once. Then I'd cut out his fucking tongue out and and staple it to his face. I feel that might end such behaviour.

Thanks for havin me. I'll be around I'm sure. I like the look of this place.


I feel like leaving him

Everytime he comes home drunk, I feel like leaving him.
Everytime he spends money at the track, I feel like leaving him.
Everytime he comes home smelling like strange prefume, I feel like leaving him.
Everytime he goes away on business and comes home looking fresh and relaxed, I feel like leaving him.

I can't leave him. He's my ticket out of this deadbeat town.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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Jacked my best friend

In high school I broke into my ex-best friend's car. We had a falling out and I was kinda pissed off.
His amp and speakerbox were way better than mine so I jacked them out of his car when he was in class.
Then I drove past him a month later with my car booming. We still don't talk.

Location kept secret



I've been telling people I meet that I am an orphan. I think it is much better than explaining that I hate my father and rarely speak to my mother. People usually stop asking questions about my family shortly after.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


It was like Robitussin for her

My girl had to goto the hospital with a bladder infection. They wanted to admit her for the night cause it was a bad one. I left to go and take care of some things and told her I'd be back to tuck her in before I went home for the night.

...The zipper on my jeans was a foot from her reach. I moved closed and she reached out to me...

I got there around 15 minutes before visiting hours were over. We were talking about what time I was going to come back in the morning, talked about her meds and what the Dr was telling her.
Midway through her telling me she needed to drink more cranberry juice, I suddenly felt an urge in my loins. I gave her that look I do when I need her, the look she's seen over the years. It's the same look that created our children. I asked her how she was really feeling. She had some meds in her so pain was not an issue. She saw the twinkle in my eye and the grin on my face. She told me she was okay and asked me what was on my mind.

I felt my cheeks going red, thinking about what we could do. Her in this quiet hospital room, me with my urges standing right beside her head.

She told me we couldn't do anything, the nurse was going to come in. I went to the door, closed it most of the way and returned to her bedside. The zipper on my jeans was a foot from her reach. I moved closed and she reached out to me, her eyes twinkling from passion and medications.

...she accepted my love potion #9, saying later it was just the medicine she needed...

She unzipped me and took me in her mouth. As she pleasured me, I kept an eye on the door by watching the reflection off the window on the other side of the room.

She made love to my most intimate spot, stroking and licking, paying sweet attention to my two buddies that were hanging out.

I got caught up in the moment. Thinking about how naughty this was, thinking we might get caught, thinking the nurse might be hot and join in. I'd seen that movie before.

Seconds later, without much warning I climaxed. Lovingly, she accepted my love potion #9, saying later it was just the medicine she needed. She said it was like Robitussin for her. It fixed everything. We had seen the Chris Rock stand-up weeks earlier. It was a great one-liner from her, icing on the already wicked cake!


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I'll never forget his initials MAO

yeah. hard to forget.i was at a family retreat. he was my cousin somehow. he was in his mid-20's. 1 was 13. he did shit to me that still hants me to this day. made me question my whole sexuality growing up. took me along time to realize it wasn't my fault. some days i wake up and think i should find him and charge him then sue him so i can have some money. i deserve that much for what he did to me. i can take the money take careof my family better.

other days i wake up and hope he has died.



Slugging will never be the same

So I've been slugging it the last month. Saves me a bunch on fuel and parking, plus my precious car doesn't have to try and battle the traffic anymore. My mom thinks I am crazy, I pretty girl getting into strange cars with strange people. I can handle myself, so I am not too concerned.

I'm standing 3 back from the front of the line. A Ford pulls up and the driver calls out his destination. A couple of people behind me reply, but since i am before them I walk towards the car. I open the back door and get in. The driver smiles into his mirror but says nothing. I take a closer look at him. He's middle-aged, a decent head of hair that looks to have been cut recently. I can see no wedding ring on his finger, his wrist has a shiny gold watch that looks pricey. He's wearing a shirt and tie, I assume pants too! He's got no facial hair(which I happen to love!) and he's pretty cute.

He says nothing for the first ten minutes. I look out the window, wondering what his story is. I've only had 3 cute guys pick me up, the others very unhot. Two of those three weren't polite and the last one was married so I paid him no mind. I'm not looking for a date, just a ride, but it's nice to be in the company of cuteness!

I can feel him checking my out in his mirror. My face gets flush I can feel it. He finally breaks the silence and asks how long I've been slugging. I told him for a month now. He asks how I am finding it, I tell him it's much cheaper than me driving and that I can meet some interesting people. He asks me to tell him about myself. Cautiously I give him general details. He tells me about himself. He's an accountant for some firm downtown, divorced, been picking up slugs for over a year.

As he talks, I watch his lips move. On three different occasions, I feel a flutter between my legs watching the moisture from his tongue as he licks his lips. He reminds me of LL Cool J, licking those fab lips of his!

We continue making idle chit chat, and I continue being turned on. My mind wanders as we talk, thnking about the idea of stranger-sex. I had fantasized a few times about it, having random sex with a stranger. I had a one night stand in college, but since then, I've been a good girl.

Until this morning.

The more I thought about my driver and the more he licked his lips, the more turned on I got. I have always loved sex in the am, a great way to start the day. Here I was getting all hot and bothered from a total stranger in a suit and tie. I put my hand between my legs, trying to relieve the pressure against my pussy. My pants seemed to be bunched up in the groin area, so I tried to pull them away from me to give my precious a little breathing room. I accidently on purpose touched myself in the process and then the trouble began.

He was talking about driving this one guy that talked alot, as I was thinking about him pulling over and driving me somewhere. "Right here!" I thought to myself, pressing on my clit. That sent shockwaves up and down my body.

He licks his lips again, I close my eyes for a second, thinking of those lips "right here!" as feel the mositure. I think about him taking my damn pants off and taking my for a ride that I'd never forget.

Then we stop. He turns around and says,"here's where you get off"

He had NO IDEA how close I was to actually getting off.

I walk into work minutes later and I was ready to go home for the day. I had no desire to work. I wanted to be home, cozy in my bed, my friend in my hand and my eyes closed, thinking about licking lips suit guy.

Slugging will never be the same

That brunette in DC.

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What I tell people when they ask about my son

I usually tell them that he's doing great, still in college, still working hard to get his business degree. I have most people still convinced that my son might actually go places, might be a credit to society.

Instead he sleeps on the streets, occasionally finding a friend's couch to bed down on. I haven't seen him in just over 8 months, the last time was a quick glance as I passed him while on the train. He was down near the same shelter that we both had volunteered at years before, and I was on the train, looking down at the streets passing by.

Drugs and alcohol now cloud his mind, when before his hopes and aspirations filled his mind. He now relies on a needle or a bottle, when before he'd rely on his good judgement and mature attitude to help him past trying times.

I miss my little boy and I wish he'd come back.

T. L.


It's not his.

I did a test and found out a week ago that I'm preggers. Yup. Little ol' me.Little ol' me has a problem tho...
I've been dating a guy for a while now, but he's not the dad. The real father is a guy I met one night at a girlfriend's stagette. We had a fling even though I was dating my boyfriend for a while and it was gettin serious. I know it isn't my boyfriend cause we didn't even have sex for a month or so.
I'm screwed. Literally and figutatively.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request


New and improved phone sex.

I was out of town on business and missed my girlfriend. I her after a few days and told her that I was going to call her at night so get some wine and be relaxed when I call.
Later than night I called her on the hotel line and we started talking dirty. Half way through the call I told her to get her cell phone and put it between her legs and make sure it was on vibrate. I called her on her cell phone with my cell phone, making it buzz between her legs. I let her message pick up, so it buzzed even more when she hung up. I kept redialing her cell as we talked dirty. Before long my efforts were rewarded when we shared a splendid long distance orgasm. It wasn't nearly the same as being with her, but it was as close as we could get. nex time it's going to be a cam-phone!!


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