How my first lesbian experience happened

My first lesbian experience was almost a year ago. It was in May, and I was with my girlfriend at the time. We had been dating for two weeks already at the time, and we didnt plan for it to happen, it just did.

One day, Taylor (my girlfriend at the time) walked me home from our bus stop, and came inside my house with me when I told her that my brother was gone (my family is homophobic, and she wasnt allowed inside the house anymore after my parents found out about her, so we had to keep it a secret). So, we went into my room and curled up on my bed in my room for like half an hour. We just layed there together for about 10 minutes, and then everything started happening. She had been teasing me the past couple days, asking me "how far she could go" when it came to undressing me or touching me. So, she started touching the inside of my thighs and eventually put her hand down my pants. I didnt tell her to stop what she was doing, so she just continued going, and I just decided to take my pants off, and then I layed on the edge of my bed while she gently touched me. It was the most amazing feeling ever, and I wasnt nervous at all b/c I trusted her.

Suddenly before I knew it she had started fingering me, and I just like went crazy, but not bad crazy. She did it for like nearly 5 minutes, and I was just shocked yet happy at the same time when all of that happened. I was self conscious at the time b/c I didnt know if she would like comment me or something on the way I looked, only b/c that had never happened to me before with her, but once I realized that she didnt care about how I looked I felt more confident about myself and now im not self conscious anymore. It makes me so happy to know that I could actually fall in love with a woman, when i didnt think that it was ever possible, but after the first time for me, i just fell madly in love with her. It will definitely change your life and how you think of yourself. Dont let anything hold you back though, I mean I see it as a way to get close to the person you love the most in your life. All I know is that I loved it, and I hope you love it too!

I cheat on my girlfriend with her best friend

I am a college student and this crap is really starting to get to me. I work hard, study hard and drink harder. Somehow I just cannot come to telling anyone that I am bi. My girlfriend, whom I have been dating for several months now is completely in love with me. I took her virginity and she says that she wants me to be the one and only, her lobster, whatever other people call it.

It kills me because she is really sweet to me and always there, however, sex is not really interesting with her anymore, and I cannot come to stop liking her best friend (who happened to introduce us).
She is the type of girl that will cry if anything goes wrong and has serious self esteem issues. I am a very straight up, outspoken, cut-throat, in your face, person.

I feel like she doesnt know me and I dont know if she knows me but I dont want her freaking out because Im bi. Much less, I dont want her to tell my fraternity brothers that I am bi because I dont know how they mihgt take it.

I am confused as crap now, and I am really about out of ideas.


Me and my camera phone

Have been very busy lately. I've found a new fetish for myself. I like traveling on buses and trains and trying to take upskirts photos. Sometimes I'll get a great shot right away but sometimes I need to take a couple of them before I get a good one. I love my camera!