I cheat on my girlfriend with her best friend

I am a college student and this crap is really starting to get to me. I work hard, study hard and drink harder. Somehow I just cannot come to telling anyone that I am bi. My girlfriend, whom I have been dating for several months now is completely in love with me. I took her virginity and she says that she wants me to be the one and only, her lobster, whatever other people call it.

It kills me because she is really sweet to me and always there, however, sex is not really interesting with her anymore, and I cannot come to stop liking her best friend (who happened to introduce us).
She is the type of girl that will cry if anything goes wrong and has serious self esteem issues. I am a very straight up, outspoken, cut-throat, in your face, person.

I feel like she doesnt know me and I dont know if she knows me but I dont want her freaking out because Im bi. Much less, I dont want her to tell my fraternity brothers that I am bi because I dont know how they mihgt take it.

I am confused as crap now, and I am really about out of ideas.


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Jas said...

I say don't tell her you're bi as it sounds like she might not be well equiped emotionaly to handle that fact. At least not without support would involve her sharing your personal info, as she will have every right to do if you choose to give that info to her. Once you give someone something, its there's to do as they please. Would you give a lousy driver the keys to your car? There are just some people you should not let have your keys if they don't have the ability or a license to drive. Remember that and act accordingly.

That said.....If you are sleeping with her best friend I think it won't be long until she finds out maybe she should have kept her keys in her purse instead of giving them to someone she didn't really know well enough to be so generous. Live and learn. Good Luck. Be Yourself. It'll all be okay if you know who you are and act accordingly.