Under the blankets, in an airplane. Beat that!

It was on the plane ride back from this place we went to.

With whom? A friend I met at camp. We were kind-of strangers, but knew each other by name. Kind of.

It was a three hour flight to our transfer flight, we the two of us started cuddling. I stuck my hand up her shirt and started feeling her up. The assholes sitting in the seats next to us stared, so I stared back and they stopped staring. She got wet, so I started rubbing her crotch area.
She started breathing harder, so I slid my hands down her pants and fingered her until she came. Like four times. Shaking like crazy. I had to restrain her and keep her quiet. Lol.
Under the blankets. In an airplane. I know it's nothing like stealing cars, but still. Beat that.

-Common Sense

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Anonymous said...

I felt like I was thinking to myself just reading that.. I feel the same way. Look into Hunter S. Thomson. You may just be the only other person who appreciates him as much as me.