Send in your stories

I've gotten to the point where I have told most of my stories. While I created this blog so that I could get my stories off my chest, hundreds of you have sent in your own personal stories and confessions for the world to read. With your support, my blog has seen almost 1 million visitors and had over 300 stories posted in the short time it has been around. Thanks!

Now I need your assistance.

Is there a story you cannot tell that you've been contemplating telling?
Now's the time.
Something that you want to confess but didn't have a place to hear feedback about your confession?
Here's the place.
Perhaps you know of someone else's story and want to tell it?
Send the story in.

I'm working on some strategies to get more people here and hopefully that will mean more stories. It's all up to you regular readers...Send those stories in!

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