Somebody please help me find him

I recently returned home to Maine from a week long jaunt to Wildwood, New Jersey. One day while I was at the beach with my husband and son, I met eyes with a Canadian man who took my breath away. It may have been my imagination but I do believe the attraction was mutual. He gave suttle hints of his interest in me, or so I think he did. At one point, the tide came in forcing my family and his to move our blankets and chairs back. My family moved first and I was bummed because I was further away from him. I was so excited when he began moving his beach stuff closer to us, or me.

He landed his chair about a foot away from mine and I had to physically restrain myself from reaching out to him. I wanted, needed to touch his body. I was on fire with desire. He proceeded to wade through the water and I followed. I stayed close behind him as we went deeper and deeper. He then spoke to me. He pointed out dolphin that were playing in the water ahead of us. His voice was deep and very sexy. I stood so close to him and my breath quickened. I had planned on discreetly touching him. His hand, his back. I wanted him to know he was affecting me and I hoped for him to respond. Ever since that day, I've been plagued with constant thoughts, fantasies about him. I think about him night and day and it is driving me insane. I don't know his name and only know he is from Canada.

I would give anything to make contact with him. In kick myself in the ass for not being forward thinking and perhaps slipping him my email address or cell phone number. Had I, I am sure we would be corresponding, which would be highly satisfying for me. Ofr course, I'll never find him. So I'll be forced to continue dreaming about touching his body, kissing him passionately, fucking him over and over. My body is in a constant state of arousal for him. This goes beyond any crush I've ever had.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I might find this man, please share!

No man has ever had this affect on me. Somebody please help me find him. My body needs him. Respond with your thoughts.


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