Me and my ex

Ive been married for almost two years now. ive never had an affair, but i want to so bad it makes me crazy sometimes!!! it was weird one day and it almost happened. my wife was out of town on business and so i went to another city to go out to a club with a few friends (one of which was my ex g/f) we all got pretty trashed and then proceeded to one of my ex's friends house. there we continued to drink and laugh and talk about the good times.

i went to bed early because i had to drive home at 4 AM so i could be at work by 630 soon after my ex joined me on the floor in the second bed room, i pretended to be asleep. once she laid down she started to rub my hand and then my chest and then my crotch, the whole time i pretended to stay asleep. what made it even more akward was that her current boyfriend was asleep on the other side of her! if only i would have just not "stayed asleep" i would have a much more interesting story to tell. it was really hard not just rolling over and taking her right there on the floor, but i was just to afraid of waking up her boyfriend. maybe another time.

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