Hey guys, it's me..Just some information...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking over here. Been dealing with some personal issues that have resulted in me having to spend some time away from this blog...

This last story I posted was in my Hushmail for a while before I posted it. I was having some reservations and as a result I let it sit there for a while. In the future, I shall add a "NSFW" which means "Not Safe For Work"...This way, if you are at a place where adult content cannot be viewed(at work, at home with the kids around, at school, etc), come back later to read the story as the story will contain adult language or situations.

I don't want anyone to get in trouble reading my blog! So if you see NSFW, then use caution!!

Thanks for all the support people. I appreciate it. Please make sure to keep submitting your stories...You've all got at least one, so if you haven't taken the time yet, please send your story in.

Have a great weekend!!


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