I jacked my ex for a two ounces of weed.

...and I was an asshole for doing it.

She called me and asked me if I had a hook-up for a couple of ounces. At the time I didn't but that didn't stp me from talking shit. I told her I could have her stuff later that night no problem. I met up with her and she gave me the money. After looking her right in her eye and lying to her, I left and drove straight to the liquor store where we bought a couple bottles and began drinking. We partied hard that night, I had no hook-up and I didn't have any intention whatsoever of even trying.
She ended up talking to my homie and the story went that I got busted somehow and was sitting in jail. I continued the lie later when I called her. She knew I was full of shit.

We stopped talking. I heard that the guys who asked her to get the dope, went to her place and took all her furniture and stereo and shit.

I was lower than low. Did I mention she was a single mother at the time? I suddenly feel sick. I am going to go vomit.

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Anonymous said...

DUDE Don't feel bad, it was her fault she's making a deal when she's a single mom anyway