Accidental dope dealer

*all names have been changed to protect identity.

People know me. They know what I do.

It began easily enough. I was 16 years old and still in Highschool. It was when the rave scene began to explode, and Ecstacy was the hot new drug. I had a neighbor who I was in awe of. This guy had money, nice cars, and as many beautiful women as he could handle. (We will call him G.) I remember one time seeing his totaled BMW in his drive way from a drunk driving accident...and a brand new BMW showing up the next day. His 5 Yr old daughter use to run around with thick stacks of money, and he would always buy us neighborhood kids ice cream. Being about 11 when I first met him i was clueless to what he did. He told our neighbhood he was a professional kick boxer..and the neighborhood believed it..he had the scars to prove it..but it wasn't from kickboxing. He was probabably 20 yrs older than me, and all i really knew about him is he lived extravagently

One day I was walking home from the bus stop and G pulls up to me in his fully restored 87' Monte Carlo SS Aero Coupe..and ask me if i know anybody who does candy (street term for Ecstacy) I said, "Yeah, people at my school are going crazy for that stuff."

He ask me, " How would you like to make some money?" And he hands me a bag with 20 Ecstacy pills in it. He tells me to sell them for 20 Dollars a piece, but he is going to give them to me for 7 dollars. I really didn't know what I was doing, but I knew i made 13 dollars from the sale of each pill. I sold all 20 the next day at school.

I had about 260 dollars spending money in my pocket. That beat the 3 dollars my mom gave me for lunch money, and thats when I decided I liked having this extra cash. G kept frontin' me the pills, and I kept on moving them. I sold them at raves, at the mall, at was good.

I began meeting other people who were dealing, and I began networking. I started selling weed. It started small..a dime bag here.. a dub there..the occasional eight...I was partying hard. Smoking a lot of pot and taking a lot of E. One day at school after the homecoming assembly school security tells me to go to the office and wait for them. I knew they were on to me, and I give all my contraband to my friend George, and he stashes it. I go into the office and I see Brian. I had been using Brian's car to make runs. and I don't know what he has in that car or what I forgot. I would skip classes to go meet kids who wanted pot when they were skipping. Brian was a straight edged kid. No criminal intent with this guy. They tell us to go into the principals office, and they have a police officer with them ,and they begin searching us. We have nothing on us. They take brian to his car, and a school security guard comes back from the car with a weed pipe, and a bb gun. I'm thinking were fucked. Brian starts to cry. We are going to get expelled from the school district. Thats when George rushes into the office and tells them everything is his. He took the rap for Brian and I. George ends up getting expelled and never going back to school. I get off the hook. Brian does to. Goerge becomes addicted to painkillers..weed..and other drugs.. and is now in jail.

I kept my operation low key until I graduated from highschool in 2003. By this time E wasn't selling like it use to, and it's market price had dropped to 10 dollars. I stop selling E, and began selling large quantities of weed. My time in the game had put me in contact with other dealers. I was known as a reliable and fair source to buy weed from. I always conducted my business fairly. You pay for what you get. I am not going to stiff you to make a few extra dollars. I began getting fronted quarter pounds, and than pounds...eventually I was moving a lot of weed. Selling up to 8 pounds a week, sometimes in a day. I started making a lot of money..II started carrying a pistol.

I got pulled over with a friend of mine. We were coming back from a party and he was driving..and had consumed alcohol. I was 19. He got pulled over and arrested for DUI. The car got searched. I got searched. His girlfriend got searched. They found a ounce and a scale...they knew it was mine, but it wasnt on me. They couldnt bust me for it...and my friend got charged with it, but he eventually got the marijuana pocession charge dropped form his case. No charges for his Gf. I got lucky again.

Im 20 now, and I am still doing the same thing. Selling weed...and a little bit of E... I just recently got pulled over while driving my girlfriends car. I had a pound in the trunk and a pistol...and a few drinks in me. I should have gotten searched, but the cop let me go and sent me a ticket in the mail...

I recently began selling cocaine...and i began snorting the stuff. The first rule is to never use your own product, and im breaking it. I think I am on the brink of being addicted. Nobody knows im doing the stuff. I'm losing my temper..and i'm paranoid. I turn 21 tomorrow and I am questioning my life. Is it really worth take the risk? I've been doing it for so long, and it's the only thing I'm good at. But I don't want to end up in jail. I dont want to dissappoint my parents. They have been hearing the whispers about me..they dont mention it..but sometimes my mom will ask me if im selling drugs. i tell her,"No."

I sometime think about George, and how he started stealing to support his drug habit...I don't want to end up addicted to drugs and in jail...I dont want to be the man who sells drugs to peoples parents..i dont want to be responsible for fucking up somebodys life...i dont to disappoint my parents..they know im better than this...


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