I'm 18 and have erectile dysfunction

hey guys... i cant tell anyone else so i might as well tell you

i am 18 and have erectile dysfunction. i cant get erections very often and when i do i lose them. i lose them most with sexual intercourse where trying to put on a condom or barebacking it in either way i lose it ... sometimes i can get a few mins out of sex when i am fucking a girl but not always. oral sex and masturbation i lose them less frequently but it sitll happens.

i have never came in a girl because of this problem. i have had 5 sexual partners - all women - and the result is always same... lost the hard or oculdnt get it hard in the first place ... some girls think i am gay but some buy my dumb excuses

honestly, i feel like less of a man and have no idea what to do

i see a doctor, what is he going to do? give me viagra that i cant afford at 10 a pill?


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