Free food for a month and a half

I got a hold of an ex-roommate's credit card after we kicked him out. He was an asshole of the highest order. Used to steal our food and liquor from the fridge even after repeated warnings. He never cleaned, rarely bathed and seldom smiled. So we kicked his ass out.

2 days later his Visa arrives. Now this happened about 15 years ago, before Visa's got swiped.I 'm not sure you could pull it off these days but the remaining roommates and I started going to dinner at girlfriends restaurant that she worked at.Being starving students, we needed the food badly! We'd order these huge meals and beers then pay with roommates credit card. We did this for a couple of week until the girlfriend told us that it looked strange that the 3 of us were eating wicked food every Friday and Sat night, getting a huge bill and paying it with visa when we looked no older than 18. We weren't!

So we stopped for a week. Then I called the girl and asked we could order take-out instead. She told us we could. So for the next two weeks we'd order shrimp salads, steaks, ribs,chicken pretty much anything we could find on the menu. We'd bring the ex-roommates credit card then she's run in through the card machine for the imprint. Because she was doing it, she never called it in.

We enjoyed the free grub for over a month and a half until the girlfriend finally said that a manager had asked about the card. Apparently Visa had called to investigate. We never went back to the restuarant or ordered again. A good time was had by all, except for the asshole roommate. He got his!



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