Having an affair while on business.

I can't tell anyone what I am about to tell. For obvious reasons.I used to sell medical equipment overseas. I travelled extensively with many of my stops being in Asia, many of those being in the Phillipines and China. One trip I ended up at a bar called Red Lips where I met this amazing Phillipino girl. After taking care of her mama-san-madame-pimp she was mine for the night.
I ended up spending my entire time there with her. While I spoke to clients she would go shopping. I told her I'd see her again next time I was in town.
I've been back to the Phillipines six times since that affair. Each time I see her. I am even thinking about leaving my wife and marrying her, possibly even staying there on a long-term basis. I am now an ordained minsiter and my wife believes I am performing God's work in the Phillipines. I am not sure I can continue this charade any longer.

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