I've had two abortions but I still haven't told him

I have been cheating on my husband with three different men, two of which got me pregnant so I had to abort. This bothers me in a few ways like the fact that we've been married for almost four years and STILL I haven't gotten pregnant from him. I guess he must be sterile because these other men didn't seen to have any problems impregnating me.

Another problem is that I am so desperate to have a child that I am considering leaving him to have a baby. I can't tell anyone because they will think that I am a slut or something. I have needs and he's not meeting them so I might as well go somewhere else right????????

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


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Anonymous said...

u must have some patience.. i know such cases and they had a baby a bit late, but had one at last. they didnt give up. u shud continue loving ur husband the same as the first day.. it not a wise thing to live him to get a child from another man! the child which ur husban will give u will be a gift from the Gods. i know wat i'm talking about! n i sincerely wish u get twins form him in the coming year ;)