Why I wish he was dead.

I was told that I'd never get pregnant...but I did and the biological father is a piece of trash. I should have told him that it wasn't his...we weren't married, weren't together, just having sex. He's barely contributed to her life money or otherwise...only sees her because he knows I don't want him to. God forgive me, but I just wish he'd die so she wouldn't have to have him in her life. She'd be better off wondering what he was like than really knowing him.
He's a total worthless piece of crap. He stalked me, harassed me, abused me and made my life a living hell. His stepfather molested my daughter when she was 2 and her father says he doesn't believe that it happened...because she was with him when it did. I was the one who got the restraining order against that sick bastard that touched my baby. His mother is a pathological liar, his brother is a drug addict, his sister was on trial for the murder of her child, he's a worthless piece of crap and I wish he wasn't her father and I really wish he wasn't a part of her life at all.

I feel guilty that she has to have anything to do with him...she knows my husband and I are really the ones that love her and take care of her. I don't say anything bad about him to her because she has to find out for herself. I'm so sorry that he's her father.

That bitch of a judge took his side in court when I tried to get full custody. She saw us for 5 minutes and decided the fate of my angel. I am powerless against the system to keep him away from her. I've spent so much money trying...money that I didn't and still don't have, but did it for her. Then we ended up in criminal court and civil court so many times, finally because of the molestation and still her father has the same rights as me...it's just not fair or just.

So...you understand why I wish he was dead.

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