I found out that the man that molested me is "anxious" to hear from me.

I found this site before Christmas and found it strange to be reading people's confessions and stories and secrets. After reading a bunch I submitted my own story.

Here it is

After I wrote my nasty secret I felt better. It felt strangely wonderful to tell total strangers something that I had never, ever told anyone else. I was finally to put the whole ordeal behind me.

Then my worst nightmare came true.
I just got a call from a relative. Apparently MAO is in town and is "anxious" to get in touch with me. WTF???!?!

That is exactly what I don't need in my fucking life right now.I'm angry. I'm hostile and I'm scared shitless. What so I do?


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Pat said...

You can tell him never and go to he'll. Or you can meet in a public place with someone there so your not alone and see if he wants to say sorry or so you can speak your mind about what happened and leave him to dwell on it for the rest of his life.

Now I strongly say take someone with you if you do go last thing anyone would want is time he could do something else to you. Good luck with whatever you do.