We broke in to her ex-roomates house and robbed her blind

What a terrible thing we did. I had just started dating this girl and all was cool until she first came to my place and I didn't have much to my name. She had been telling me all along how she hated her ex-roomate and wanted to get back at her. So she comes up with this plan to take me and my van and go to the house she used to live in to rob it.
So I did it. I needed stuff and had no respect for anyone, let alone a stranger that my girlfriend already didn't like.

We kicked down the door and took everything the van could fit. Tv, microwave, chair, bookcase, stereo and even a couple cool looking plants.

I broke up with her months later but kept all the stuff. IN fact, the same bookshelf now stands across from me.

I think I should throw it out. Bad Karma staring me right in my face.



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