I really doubt he'll ever see his daughter again.

i had been seeing my boyfriend for 1.5 yrs. he was the biggest dick. it was a relationship from hell. his ex wife recently filed suit for full custody of his daughter. i dont blame her. he has been a drunk for the past year. he was wasted 24/7, he had no job till a month ago. well recently I had a doctors appointment and when I got out, I saw his car at a local bar. then i went home. he called me about 1/2 hour later to ask if I could pick his daughter up from day care. I could tell he was piss drunk, he was slurring every word. but I had a plan and said no. so he starts berating me and then I drive near the day care to see whos going to pick her up. his truck comes into the parking lot. he takes her. hes terribly drunk. picking up his 8 year old from after school care. i follow him all the way to his house. it was a perfect spring evening and i knew everyone would be outside. all the neighborhood kids are in his yard. im in the driveway.

He starts berating me in front of all these kids, i drive away. the next door neighbor (who is his daughters' school secratary) apparently heard him and called Child protection services. now he has a court case to deal with (and with what money? remember he was unemployed for a whole year!) and his house is going into foreclosure. i relayed my story to CPS. i really doubt hell ever see his daughter again. but what goes around comes around.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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