No one knows it was mine to this day

In 8th grade I took a class trip to DC. the night we got there I had mexican food and wasnt feeling good later. I was constipated. well, at about 3 am i finally got it out. I tried to flush the toilet but to no avail. I didnt know what to do, there was no plunger so I just decided to leave it there. well the next morning we all woke up a little late, me being the last to wake up. I find my three friends fighting over who the crap belonged to. it just so happens that earlier that one of my friends who well call P, was walked in upon by one of my other friends while trying to scoop the poop out of the toilet with her bare hands. she was funny enough to blame it on a burglar who broke in just to terrorize us by taking a monster brick dump, then later saying that after she peed and flushed the toilet the monster brick dump defied the force of water and appeared in the toilet. she was fucked.

A plumber was called after our teacher started banging on the door because we were holding up the bus. it took the plumber 20 minutes to unclog the toilet. we made the whole 12 busses in our group over an hour and a half late leaving the hotel that day. the whole day we spent accusing each other of taking the shit, going back and forth shifting the blame. at around dinner time P finally admitted to the poop after breaking down. no one knows it was mine to this day


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