A beatdown over the phone

There is one thing that would always cause a fight when I was in jail. The phone. Usually there'd be 2 phones to a range which held around 28 guys. 2 phones + 28 guys = a good reason to fight.

This one time I was the one that needed the phone. My cellmate was on it talking to his girlfriend. I already didn't like him because he kept shitting in the cell just after we got locked up, instead of taking his dump before and saving me the stench. I told him repeatedly not to do that, but he was a fucking moron.
So there he was having phone sex with his girl. The other phone was being tied up by the guy that ran things, he was talking to his lawyer. We all knew well enough that when he was on the phone, no one was to bother him. So I didn't.

I went up to my cellmate and tapped his shoulder and asked him to hurry up. He quickly looked up and waved me off. I stepped back and paused, thinking of what I was going to do next. I walked into my cell thinking that perhaps it was time to do some shanking but since I wasn't really a weapons kinda guy I thought I best handle this with my hands, only after I asked him once more.

So I politely (remember I am in JAIL. Being polite is quite strange) went up and gently tapped his shoulder and asked that he hurry as I had to call my lawyer about some upcoming issues. He looked at me, flipped me the bird and told me to fuck off before putting his hand back down to continue his conversation.

I heard him say, "It's okay baby, it's just some piece of shit."

He didn't get the word "shit" out before I started swinging. I threw punch after punch at him. Upercuts, jabs, right hooks. He was trying to defend himself and talk to his girl.(If it was me, I woulda dropped that call right quick).

He managed to land a punch on my cheek that really pissed me off. I grabbed the phone out of his hands and started beating him with it. At one point I him pinned up against the bars with one hand as I beat his face in with the phone.

He lost consciousness and I let him drop to the floor. I wiped off the phone and started making my call, just as the screws showed up. They opened the door and dragged him out, asking what happened. Everyone looked the other way. No one saw anything.
I was never really a violent man and since I was released over 15 years ago I have become model citizen. I am married, have children and a grandchild.

The reason I cannot tell this story is because my new family has no idea of the things I did in my past. Also, I sometimes find myself thinking about the guy and wondering if he was okay because at the time he did not look it.

I'd rather if you didn't post my name or location. Thank-you.

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