Clothes shopping in the laundry room

I had just been kicked out of my girlfriends house wearing only the clothes on my back and a carrying a few personal things. I found an apartment pretty fast but was left broke and without clothes, furniture, food, etc.

So I went down in to the buildings laundry room and took some clothes out of the dryers and then went back up to my place. AsI was trying on my new clothes I had a revelation. I could take a bunch of clothes and then sell them to a second-hand clothing store that I knew about downtown.
So I did. I went back down to the laundry room along with four garbage bags. I filled them all up and brought them back to my apartment. After sorting through the things that would fit me, I put the rest in the bags and had a friend drive me to the store where I ended up selling them for enough that I could buy myself a bunch more clothes there.

It was a terrible thing to do but I was desparate.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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