Coulda been the whiskey, might have been the gin

Or it could have been the e that I took and maybe even the Red Bull/Vodka/GHB that I consumed. Not really sure what caused me to do this but I did. I came back to my dormroom after being out the whole night before. I hate my roommate. I turned on my computer and found my favorite porn site. Minutes later after feeling myself cumming I went and shot all over my roommates pillow. Not on the pillow case but I actually peeled back the case and shot on the pillow itself.

That night when he snuggled himself to sleep I laughed out loud. He looked confused and asked. I told him that I had seen something funny earlier that day. What I didn't say was the funny thing I saw was a premonition of him getting cozy on his cummy pillow.

Sleep well asswipe. I hope you finally decide to leave college instead of bitching and moaning all the time.

Best of luck to ya


That guy that hates your guts and shares a room with you.


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