He'd kick my ass if he found out.

After reading some of the roommate stories I had to post a bit of a confession about my roommate.

He'd probably kick my ass if he read this. I am the typical geek, he is the jock. More like jock-strap. I am typing this on his pc.I use it often because my pc is too slow and he's got a way better vid card. He doesn't like me even touching his "baby". He's always downloading porn or making some lavalife chick but as soon as he leaves the dorm I am on it.

The story I cannot tell him is that not only do I use his pc for posting to sites, checking my emails, but I also jerk off to the porn he downloads. While that is not necessarily a bad thing the main issue that I sit naked on his leather executive office chair. If you've never sat naked on leather, you need to try it today.
He's got some pretty sweet lesbian pron which is my alltime fav. On more than on occasion I have left "leather conditioner" on his chair after flogging myself.

I better get off now, he's due back from his morning jog in the next twenty minutes. My luck he'll catch me before I hit send.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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