Oral sex in the church basement

When I was 15, my 14 year old girlfriend and I would go to church together on undays. Most of the time we would just tell our parents that we were going to church and then we would hang out outside the church and smoke cigarettes instead. One Sunday we snuck into the cafeteria of the catholic school that was attached to the church. It was in the basement and very dark. We started fooling around and she went down on me. As she was giving me a blowjob a priest walks in and sees us.

I shoved her away with my legs and almost kicked her in the face I was so startled. The priest gave us a good talking to, and make matters worse I lied to him and said I had attended mass earlier. He knew both of our parents and told her parents all about what happened but never mentioned it to mine. I was not allowed to see her anymore, but I did anyway. We would sneak out at night when our parents were sleeping, and that worked out well until she got picked up by the cops one night because she was drunk.

Name kept secret

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