Me, drugs, and two hot girls

A few years ago I was living in another state when I accepted the job that I have now. To celebrate my new job and moving to a new state, I decided to go out with a bang and threw a big party complete with "party favors" (coke, weed, booze, more coke)as I planned on buckling down and working hard once I began my new job.

Most of my friends were there as well as a couple of girls that I had always wanted to screw. So the party's going great, everyone's having a good time when one of the girls, Heidi, a big breasted blonde, asked if she could crash since she didn't feel safe driving while stoned? Being the good Samaritan that I am, I said "SUURRRREE". So later in the night, people are gone or going and another girl, Kim, a red head and coincidentally, also big of breasts asks if I was going to stay up to do some more party favors with her to which I replied; "SUUURRRRE"

So there we were, me and two big breasted cute amazons; Heidi had that nordic,valkrie thing going for, blonde haired, blue eyes, cute body, tall-about 5'9, maybe 5-10, and again, breasts as big and round as my head, and Kim-about the same height as Heidi, not as cute but pretty nonetheless, she DID have a nicer ass, red hair, blue eyes, sort of a country girl but not, and lil' ol' me just sitting on the floor around my table getting higher than I think I've ever been in my life and drinking what was left of a big bottle of cheap chardonnay. We're sitting there telling jokes and talking about people at work when the rumor of Kim being bisexual came up; someone at work spread it and since I was leaving anyway, figured I'd ask.

So she says that one nite her, the guy who told, and his girlfriend were at his apartment smoking pot when the guy's girl started making out with her, no warning, she just started kissing her(so she said) and that they all got naked and the dude, i guess was so excited that he blew before he could put it in and could not get it up again, forcing the girls to satisfy only each other for the night. She said that he spread the rumor about her because he was mad at her for constantly needling him about it and he thinks that's the reason his girl broke up with him shortly after.

So we all laugh at this, do some more bumps, and she asks me and Heidi if either of us had ever been in a threesome? I said yeh, once. Heidi surprised me with a yes as well. Without missing a beat Kim then takes her shirt off exposing her massive breasts that until then I had only daydreamed about. Heidi just busts out laughing at the look on my face and at Kim as she starts shaking her breasts vigorously from side to side, it looked funny so I started laughing too! Heidi then takes off her shirt and starts doing the breast shakey thing too! We are laughing our asses off at how silly they both looked shaking their breasts together like that! Then Heidi reaches over and cups one of Kim's tits in her hand and sort of curiously feels the weight, then she grabs both and kind of juggles them up and down. Kim is cracking up at this and starts to do the same thing with Heidi's tits, only instead of juggling them, she bends down and pops a nipple in her mouth. Until this moment it had all been sort of harmless naked fun but this sort of upped the ante.

Now I had been wondering where this evening was headed, especially when the shirts came off, I know some of you probably think I'm dense but I have been in situations similar to this where I was SURE I was going to get some but ended up sadly mistaken.

So Kim is sucking on Heidi's tits and to my surprise, Heidi is letting her! And enjoying it! So I go; "can I have some?" to which Kim takes one her tits in her hand and motions for me to come over and suck it, which I do, it tasted just as good as it looked! So now we're all on the floor, the girls making out now and I'm just sort of going from tit to tit, four big ass titties all up in my face, nipples in my ears, nipples in my mouth, I think I even had em' in my nostrils a coupla times!
This goes on for few minutes when Heidi pulls away to pull off her jeans, Kim quickly follows suit and looks at me and says "come on, let's see what YOU got!" I quickly undress, joining in the nudity, and we all again get back in a pile. Kim decided she had enough of tit and moved down to munch on Heidi's box. I sit back to watch for a minute while jerkin my gherkin; which I was starting to notice,was sadly limp.

I began to get worried because normally, I would have been hard the minute the first shirt came off, hell, normally I'da jumped up on the table and stuck my dick in Heidi's ear as soon as she freed thos lucious sweater melons! I look down at my boy and he's sort of looking back up at me with that sad one eye as if to say, "sorry boss, no can do".

The girls, for the moment, are into each other and probably figure that I'm enjoying the show first before I join in. I watch as Kim brings Heidi to an orgasm, almost breaking Kim's neck between her legs while doing so. Heidi then looks over at me and tells me "come here, I want to suck you now." I come over and lay down beside her, she kisses me for a bit then moves down and sucks Mr. Limpy McNoodle into her mouth, I don't want to seem totally useless so tell Kim to sit on my face, she does and starts moving her hips back and forth as my tongue massaged her sopping wet clit.

I'm trying not to think about it but my guy is just not responding to Heidi's awesome mouthwork. Kim's legs are starting to twitch and by her steady grunts, I can tell she's about to come. Heidi must have noticed too (at least I hoped that was the reason she stopped sucking) and came up behind kim to grab her breasts and kiss her on the neck. I guess it was too much for Kim because she exploded and ground her pelvis into my face until she collapsed to my side,spent for the moment. The girls cuddle and I excuse myself to the bathroom with the excuse that I want to see if Kim broke my nose with her orgasm.

Once in, I look at my soldier in the mirror, like Dirk Diggler from the last scene of the movie "Boogie Nights" and say "look motherfucker, you better get your act together NOW. We got two horny girls out there who are going to want us to pull our eight tonight and I don't think that pie is the only thing they want tonite, capisce? So quit BEING a pussy and let's go GET some pussy! I swear, you come through for me tonite and i'll NEVER do this shit (the drugs) again" Then I cut the water on, lathered my hands with soap and began to slowly and softly massage my crank again. I don't know where I got the idea from but it worked and wood was achieved! I washed the soap off, dried and went back to my living room.

They fell asleep in each others arms! FUCK! Now my boner was raging and not showing ANY signs of going away soon. I went and got a blanket and some pillows, covered them up, put the pillow under their heads and got under the covers with them next to Kim with Heidi on the other side; A Kim Sandwich. So I'm laying there with these naked amazons and I have a rock hard boner sticking straight up because I can't lie on it. So I turn on my side facing Kims back; my boner kind of pokes one of her butt cheeks. She then sort of wiggled her butt until Mr. Happy is right up against her box, she then sort of pushes back on it; now I'm not sure if she is doing this in her sleep, or for some reason doesn't want to wake up Heidi but I just go with the flow. She only gets the head in when she stops so I take the baton and push on in. I do a nice slow fuck and feel her juices welling up. I prop myself up on one elbow and try to look at her face which is nestled on one of Heidi's breasts; eyes were closed and she looked sleep but she had a strange grin on her face, again, not sure if she is sleep fucking or what but whatever, it's feeling goooodd.

So we go at it for awhile until I pull out and shoot on her ass. I use part of the blanket to wipe it up and as I'm doing so, her hand moves onto the spot I where I came. I watch as she then sleepily wipes her face, smearing some jizz on her left cheek and Heidis breast. Now this turned me on again and I decide; fuck it, I'm waking Heidi up and getting some of that ass too! So I maneuver on top of Heidi and start kissing her, she wakes up and still half asleep starts kissing me back, she feels my hard on bumping against the inside of her thigh and reaches down and just as easy as you please, sticks it in her. Kim is still lying down but only facing me and heidi now, no longer in Heidi's embrace. I can't tell if she's still sleep or not but it looks like she's watching and that turns me on even more. Heidi begins bucking up and down, thrusting her hips beneath me and I reciprocate by slamming into her. It's a quick, vigorous, and energetic fuck which ended with me blowing a load deep inside her. I then collapse on top of her while she still grinds beneath me, getting her second orgasm of the night.

Spent, I roll over, now on the opposite side of the floor than before with Heid now in between me and Kim, and fall asleep.

We all wake up sometime late the next afternoon, and sort of hang out in a funk as we all were coming down from all the drugs and alcohol. No one said anything about the sex and somewhere along the day, after Kim left, I ended up fucking Heidi again, this time in the shower before she too, took off for home and work.

The day I left I decided to stop by on my way out and say bye to the girls. A coupla weeks had passed so I figured it'd be safe to bring up the crazy night. We had a good laugh, especially when I told them about the pep talk I gave junior in the bathroom and Heidi said she thought she heard me talking to someone but wasn't sure. I said that I had a great time and hope they did to to which Kim replied and Heidi agreed that if I wasn't leaving, it would never have happened.

Sure, whateve you say lady, I got mine and it was good! Anyway, I left and learned a valuable lesson; If you even have the slimmest chance of getting some poontang, unless it's viagra, leave the drugs alone, let the girl, or girls, have it all since it seems to perk them up for sex, that is unless you too want to end up in your bathroom trying to talk your dick into getting hard.

Dirtybadman in California

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