Eating out of a dumpster.

I had been just kicked out of my house. Already unemployed, I was having problems getting money together. I was starving and getting sick because of it. I was walking through an alley trying to find a place to sleep for the night when I saw a woman throwing bags of bread in to a dumpster. There was a bakery there and she was throwing away literally hundreds of loaves of bread. I watched from a distance as she threw out bagels, muffins, hamburger and hotdog buns, you name it.
I watched as put the lid down and then locked it. After she went back inside I quickly made my way over. Even though she had locked the lid of the dumpster, I was still able to get my hand in there and grab some bags. I managed to get a bag of bagels and some muffins before I was scared off by some guy coming out of the store beside the bakery.

I ate the food as fast as I could. A couple of hours later I went back with an iron bar that I found and then broke the lock on the dumpster lid. I opened it up and spent the next hour picking and choosing different bags of muffins and bagels and even donuts! I was in heaven.

I filled up my knapsack with the breads and left the area.

Looking back I am very embarrassed that I had to stoop to that level. I've obviously turned this around since. Took me some time but with the help of a couple social programs and my family I was able to get off the streets, get some training and now I've got a pretty sweet job.

Now when I see people digging in dumpsters I smile.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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