Trying to get her fired

This stupid bitch at work. Everyone knows one of them. Always has her face in your business and always the first to bitch and moan and cause drama and gossip.

I've got one of them in my office. She's only been there a few weeks and already she is getting on my nerves. So I have begun Operation Bitch-Go-Home. I've made her life miserable around the office. After she makes coffee, I go and put extra grounds in the filter so the coffee is so thick like motor oil. The boss HATES strong coffee and keep giving her shit and showing her how to make it right. I canbarely control my laughter as I see her trying to tell him that she has been making it like he showed her.

I keep accidently on purpose forget to tell her about important meetings and clients to when she gets a last-minute notice she has no time to prepare. She is in charge of filing and I keep taking files out of the storage downstairs, just to put them right on her desk to put back. Problem is because she's new it takes her a long time to figure out where they blong in our massive file storage area.

I want her to leave. her voice annoys me, her style annoys me and the fact that she breathes the same air as me, bothers me. If she doesn't leave soon, I will be forced to escalate my efforts. Not sure what yet but after reading some of the stories here I have a few ideas.

Any of you have some for me? I want her GONE!


Frustrated and fed-up
Location kept secret


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