We stole 2 Blazers but he got caught. I didn't!

When I was about 18 (years ago) I was stealing cars often. At one point my crime partner and I had to get a hold of identical Chevy Blazer’s for an associate who needed it for something.

So out we went one night to find them. We found the first one almost right away. The Blazer is easy to steal as it has tilt steering. All I had to do is break apart the steering column in the area around the tilt knob and presto! a screwdriver would start it.

My partner drove my car back to an all night diner’s parking lot. He jumped into the stolen Blazer with me and we drove off to find another one just like it. Almost an hour later we find it and my partner jumps out to get it. I park down the street and watching him do his thing. Minutes later he drives past me and we head to the pre-arranged spot to hand over the 2 Blazers.

Everything is going swell. We’re driving along when we see a police cruiser drive past us. I check my mirror and see his brake lights and then he is all of a sudden right behind us. My partner panics a little and speeds off with the police cruiser following him. I quickly turn off and head down a side street.

My partner races off as I enter a residential area, pull over and park. I try to figure out what to do next. I know my partner will double back and follow the same direction I took, just so he can bail out and get a ride with me. As I am sitting there thinking of what to do next, my partner races past the road ahead with 2 cruisers chasing him with lights and sirens on!

I sit there thinking that maybe I should change cars real quick. Since they saw 2 identical 4x4’s travelling together late at night, they probably have other police cars looking for me.

I shut off the Blazer, grab my tools and wipe down the car. I head out and check out the neighbourhood, looking for a car to take. I find a Chevy Celebrity station wagon (again with the tilt steering wheel) and make my way inside. I start it up and remove my jacket so I look a little different. I figure the station wagon will not get a second glance from the police.

I cautiously try to make my way out of the residential area, not quite remembering how I got off the main road. I take a couple turns here and there until I end up going around a bend right into a bunch of police cars! My partner’s Blazer was smashed up against a brick wall at the end of the cul de sac and there were at least 4 police cars around it. Cops and cop dogs were running all over the place.

I put the station wagon in reverse and got the hell out of there. Along the way, I passed a few cop cars and I smiled and nodded as I passed them by. I guess the station wagon worked!
I drove around the area a little, trying to find my partner who was on the run. I called back home and told the guys that he might call. I was hoping he’d make it to a pay phone, and then call me to come and grab him.

An hour passes and I decide to head back home myself and wait for his call. Waiting around the same area as two stolen cars was making me nervous.
5 mins after I get home, the phone rings. It’s my partner. He got grabbed by the police dogs and was now in jail needing bail. I was pissed that I couldn’t find him and get him before the police did.

I never got in trouble for that one; he wasn’t a rat so I didn’t have to worry. This is the first time I’ve told anyone about this!

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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