Dear the stories you cannot tell

I have a secret that I've been keeping for a while now. It's not something that I could really tell anyone about. I came across this site so now I can tell you my secret.
I've been lesbian for as long as I can remember but I cant tell anyone. My dad is ex-military and would die if he ever found out. I cant bear to tell him that daddy's little girl likes girls.
I've tried to talk to my mother about it. Since we're all Southern Baptists I cant even imagine what she'd say.
I once told my very best friend my feelings, and within two weeks she wouldnt talk to me anymore.

So to all the people that know me, I have something to say.


That felt a little better. If only I could put everyone in a room at once and scream that at them.

p.s. Thanks for putting this site up. It has brightened up my otherwise cloudy week.

Lesbian Pam
somewhere near Hattiesburg, MS


Anonymous said...
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The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Dear Pam

We are glad we could provide you with some "light" in your life.

We hope you'll be able to enlighten your family some day soon!

warmest regards
us @ the storiesyoucanttell
stories or secrets?

Granny Weatherwax said...

Hi, Pam!

I'm not a lesbian myself but I firmly believe that everybody on God's Earth has the right to happiness.
So if you like girls you like girls. Lots of boys like girls, so why shouldn't you?
Hopefully some day your family will understand.

I wish you luck,

Anonymous said...

You should go to college they love lesbians especially the ones that experiment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. Be strong.

Anonymous said...

chances are, everyone has already guessed it.

Anonymous said...

your family will learn to deal with it. I know it is corny but the truth will set you free. Family is forever it may take a bit of time but they will deal with it and will always love you no matter who you are loving.