I crapped myself

Not really myself, but, damn near close.

I was working in a customers house when suddenly I felt the urge to shit. Normally I can control such urges, but this time it was really painful. I obviously couldn't do it in the customers house so I went out to my work van.
I didn't have a toilet in my van obviously, but I did have a plastic bag. So I jumped in the back and dropped my drawers, trying to aim my backside at the plastic bag I had laid out on the floor.

Worst case scenario happened. I shit all over my work van. It was a bad situation. Even worse, I had nothing to clean up with. So I used my underwear. I quickly cleaned up and went in to finish with the customer, hoping that I didn't smell like shit the whole time.

Now I know what is up when I see people's underwear on the side of the road!

Shit-for-brains in Seattle


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are not the only one that has had this sort of problem.

You are NOT alone!

p.s. I assume that you are a dude.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to ever go near that van. How the hell could you get the smell of that out?

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me when i was working at a golf course, i had to shit so bad but couldnt in the clubhouse, so i hopped on a golf cart to rip to the 13th hole to use the out house, but sh1t my pants running in the door, so i wiped it up and threw them in a water trap on my way back.

Anonymous said...

Some people make me sad to be a person. Use a toilet.

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Dear Shit-for-brains in Seattle.

Please keep WetWipes in your ride. We've found them very handy for such events.