My first orgasm

I was in my first high school assembly doing some sort of dramatic thing. We were in front of the whole school. At one point during our performance, a few of us had to lie flat on our bellies for a couple of minutes while other things were happening around us.

I'm not sure why or how it happened, but suddenly I found myself orgasming. There was no lead-up, certainly no foreplay or anything. I just came in my pants.

Something I'll never forget, nor tell anyone.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret


Anonymous said...

Talk about a 2 minute man!!

Anonymous said...

My wingman in basic did the same thing his M16 jammed and he started shooting.

Anonymous said...

maybe you pissed your pants

Anonymous said...

If this person never had an orgasm until they were in high school, they're either a girl or a sexualy repressed man. Either way, I think tantra might be right for him/her.

Anonymous said...

holy shit, how can you say not haing an orgasm before high school is pathetic? jeez you are in highschool at what? like 13 years old... you cannot listen to a swear in a movie but you have been with a girl (I wanna say woman but.. 13... *shudder*) damn last i checked the age of consent laws told you to keep it in your pants. lol that young you prolly don't understand what the term masturbate relates to

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Wow. That must have been one helluva "dramatic thing" you were doing.

Hopefully you've found some self control!