I cheated on you

You have been giving me NO attention these last few months. I gained some weight and I feel that because of that, you've lost interest in my and are treating me like shit lately.
I went out with the girls 3 weeks ago, remember? I told you I was going to sleep over at Sarah's place? I didn't. I slept over at Sean's place. I met him that night at PJ's. He gave me attention all night and actually listened to me when I spoke. I haven't felt so WANTED in so long, so, I let him have me.

You'll never read this, but, that night was the beginning of the end for us. There is so much more in the world for me than your negativity.
I should have left you a long time ago. Now I know I need to.

Name withheld upon request
Location withheld upon request

Having an affair? Want to?


Anonymous said...

Great. Another woman justifying her cheating.

Instead of posting your story here, why couldn't you just go and tell him about the issues you were having?

Instead, you open your legs to punish him?


Grow some 'nads.

Anonymous said...

Leave her alone.

She's obviously going to leave him. Besides, who cares about HIS feelings. He was treating her like crap!.

You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

She did not say the boy was treating her like crap? How do you know how the girl acted. Maybe she did something and thats why he didn't listen to her and stuff.. think about that.

Anonymous said...

If she is the type to go out and sleep with someone she just met, she probably doesn't deserve someone that treats her any better. Or to put it another way, guys who treat a girl right deserve better than some trashy whore.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The slut deserves however she was treated. Someone that goes out fucks some dude the first night they hang out deserves nothing better than whatever douche bag asshole she gets. Open your mouth and close your legs you whore.

Anonymous said...

how can you say "you go girl" to someone who cheats no matter what the reason? what a slut.

Anonymous said...

sounds like it could be my girlfriend. here's a confession...i hope it is so she we can end our relationship

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Cheating is NEVER the answer in my opinion. You should have left him, then gone out and done what you wanted. No need to degrade youself by turning into a cheater.