I stole something

About two years ago, I went to a drug store to get some condoms. I thought that I had money on me, but realized as I was about to go to the checkout that I didn't have my wallet with me.
I circled around the store wondering what to do. I had a big date that night and was sure that I was going to be in the position to need the condoms.
I looked around and saw that no one was looking. I quickly shoved the box of condoms and walked out of the store. My heart felt like it wsa going to jump out of my chest. I unlocked my bike and pedalled as fast as I could.
I did get "some" that night and the condoms worked. I should have bought them and I feel guilty.

So to the person that owns the Savon in L.A. (I don't want to say which one), I am sorry for taking them!

Encino, California


Anonymous said...

You ride a bicycle and still get laid. Give the young or sad men some advice.

Anonymous said...

jerking off in a condom and giving it to your boyfriend doesn't constitute getting "some"

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

You did something irresponsible, in order to be responsible.

Save your money and just buy them next time perhaps?