A friends secret but I am gonna tell it

She's been my best friend for 15 years I think. She's always been a "go-getter". Last week she told me how she was going to get her promotion at work. She's been there for at least 2 years now and others have been promoted above her, so she sais shes going to take matter into her own hands.

She's been little notes in her bosses office, telling him how hot he is and that she'd like a piece of him, then she signs it "secret admirer" I told her that's so highschool but she doesn't care. She's left a few notes and already she's seen him read one, then get all embarassed and look around to see who did it.

She tells me that she's gonna seduce him! I think if she isn't careful shes gonna get fired!

her best friend
Long Beach, California


Anonymous said...

Blah this story is week. I wanna hear how she boned her boss on his desk or somethin!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are an illiterate fool. You said, "this story is week." This translates to, "this story is the seven days beginning on Sunday and ending Saturday." "Weak", spelled with an "a", means powerless. Get a dictionary, because your mind is "week".

Anonymous said...

so what, who cares

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Too bad she can't get the promotion on her own without throwing sex into the equation.

She won't be the first to be promoted that way. Sad to say she won't be the last.