I smashed someone's car.

I was backing out of a driveway around 9:30pm. It was dark and raining. I thought that I had checked for cars but, when I reversed out I smashed into someone's car. The door got all dented in and the window was smashed. I didn't stick around to knock on the door, or leave a note. I paniced and took off.

My apologies to whoever owned that car. Hopefully you had insurance

Somewhere in the US


Anonymous said...

Idiot! Someone hit my car and left... now I have to pay for someone else's stupid mistake. How could you be so stupid?

Anonymous said...

I love how you tell your little story on here and that makes you feel better. People like you are scum. Even if that person had insurance, he has to pay more for the premiums now because of a loser like you.

Anonymous said...


The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

Hey D.K

You should have stuck around. Not the best way to deal with it. It was an accident right? Shit happens. Don't make it worse by runnin'!