You are full of shit lil bro

You keep telling me that you've quit using. Yet youre high whenever you bother to make it home.
You keep telling mom and dad that your fine. Yet you totally aren't
You keep stealing shit from our house. Then lie about it.
You keep taking money from moms purse. I've seen you
You've even taken pills from dad's medicine cabnet, and you know he needs them and are expensive.

You keep taking and taking and taking.

I ain't "taking" it anymore.
The next time you do something wrong, I'm calling the police. You so much as blink too many times, I am gonna put some shit in your room, then call the coppers and tell them what's up. Then maybe they'll lock your ass up, so you can get some help.
Enjoy your high while it lasts lil bro. The end of the line is amost near.

Your loving sister
San Diego, California


Anonymous said...

Hey you sound like jennifer grey from Ferris Bueller's Day off. Quit worrying about how much fun your bros having and move out of your parents house already. And good looking out for family, if you call the police on your bro you just messed up his life.

Anonymous said...

way to go stupid... assuming that he's the one in the wrong even though he's the one looking out for his family... unlike his brother he seems to actually care that his family is getting hurt, which is just wrong for a son to feel about his parents, right?
the first thing I would tell you to to is confront your brother... and talk to your parents about this... calling the police would be a last resort, but don't hesitate to use it if you feel it to be necessary...

Anonymous said...

heh I totally agree with whoever made the second comment except this is a girl you are referring to, SHE cares about HER family, and HER brother is a fuckup.... (the letter ends with "your loving sister) other than that good call.. if my kid brother was on anything, he would get the beating of his life... if he stole from me or my rents, he probably would not be able to talk about it for a few months

The Stories You Cannot Tell said...

My older brother got caught up in the same shit when we were younger.
My dad gave him a beating that almost ended his life. My bro was kicked out, then he found Jesus, got clean and straightened out.

He hasn't spoken to our dad since, but we're still cool.