A good reason to not use public pools

I was washing my hair after having another enjoyable swim in my local public pool. It wasn't very busy and I had the changerooms to my self. I had my eyes closed, trying to get the soap off my face and shampoo out of my hair.

I hear some noises and then another woman comes in to the shower area. Looking through soapy eyes I could see that she was late-30's, long scraggly hair, carrying a huge purse and way too many shopping bags.

She throws down her numerous bags and pulls her pants down. I rub the last bit of soap out of my eyes and watch in horror as shit falls out of her pants. She squats down right there in front of me and it was like she was pissing out of her asshole. I was horrified. I could not believe my eyes.

I scream at her that she is disgusting.She yells back,"What was I supposed to do. It happened at the mall. I couldn't walk home like this!"

I yelled at her that she was nasty. The stench was unbearable. Hot steam from the shower and her ass spraying all over the place.

I had to get out of there. Just typing this is making me sick.

I had to jump over the shit and piss stream to get in to the pool area where I took off running to tell the lifeguard who said," Are you serious?!" before sprinting off.

It was so gross. You can't even imagine unless you've witnessed something similar.

I have since taken my morning swims elsewhere and now I always wear flip-flops instead of walking around barefoot.

I think this is a story SHE cannot tell!

M in D


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