I was selling tap water

I started a bottled water company, supplying mostly to raves and big parties. Business was pretty good, water is very valuable in those scenes. With everyone tripping on E and thirsty, I made killer coin for a couple years.

The story I cannot tell is that I was selling TAP water. Right from my kitchen sink. I bought a capping machine for cheap at an auction. Then I'd take the empty bottles from the recycling bins, rinse them out, fill them with tap water, cap them and then slap my company sticker on them.

The collecting and washing the bottles was the biggest chore, but knowing that the same bottle I bought originally would last me at least 2-3 more refills.

No one ever noticed because they were all sky-high anyway. I made a truckload of money.

Name kept secret
West Coast

Quality Bottled water. Right to your door. No tap water here!


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