A Happy Valentine's Day?

There was no Happy Valentines Day around this house this year. My husband has been away on "business" since last Friday(he's actually in NY fucking one of his whores). I've been lonely and alone all weekend. I try and take comfort in my best friend on Monday night and she turns and tells me that she's cheating on her husband of fifteen years. Fifteen years! What the hell is this world coming to? Is nothing sacred anymore!

started drinking Monday night. By eight I was drunk, stumbling around my house. To most people there would be nothing wrong with a good drunk one night. To me however, it is a huge problem. I am a recovering alcoholic. I was 259 days sober until Monday. I finished a bottle of wine then moved on to Jack. The last thing I remember was the clock turning midnight and thinking, "Happy Valentine's Day asshole!"

woke up around noon yesterday and had a shot of Jack to beat my hangover back. A day after my drinking and I am ready to go to the liquor store.

guess the only question in my life left unanswered right now is how long this time around will I be able to keep my drinking a secret.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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