She acts like her shit doesn't stink

I was taking some files in to her office when I glanced at the garbage can. Lying on top of the trash was a pair of panties along with a bunched up pair of hose. Now I can't say for sure if they were hers, but, she didn't have any visitors in her office recently nor did I leave them there.
I couldn't help myself and picked up her panties. They were crusty and stained. How funny that I found such a nasty specimen in her garbage can. My boss, the clean-freak, the same woman who should wear gloves all the time because of her fear of dirt and germs. Now I can't even look at her without smirking.

She acts like her shit doesn't stink and as if her farts smell like pot pourri. Not only that, but she has some sort of dirt phobia. Always turning up her nose at the mention of anything not clean, and not even wanting to be near anything "germy". Knowing what I now know if going to make work much more bearable now.

Location kept secret

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