If I had a gun

If I had a gun I would walk in to work tomorrow and shoot my boss in the face for what he has been doing to me. Under any other circumstances I would have quit as soon as the first time touched me like he did. He has done it a few times, even though I've told him to stop. He doesn't care. He acts all dumb as if it was a accident that he bushed by my chest while reaching for something. Or he accidently runs his hand across my ass while reaching for papers or something. He doesn't care and I'm sure I'm not the first girl he's done this to. He looks like a career-pig-male-showvanist. I'm a pee-on and beneath him. I feel like telling one of my brothers so he can go have a chat with him.
If I didn't need this job so badly to raise my two daughters I would kill him I swear. Men are pigs. I hate them all!

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

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