I am 20 years old and have a painkiller problem

I am 20 years old and have a painkiller problem. I started using codeine's and vicodins back in the 10th grade. Soon my group of friends started stepping up to percocets which was when i started using them regularly. When I started college I slowed my useage, until i met OXYCONTIN, soon I was selling it and using it almost everyday. I feel really guilty because I know I caused more then one of my friends to pick up the habit just to help support my own. They probably would have found oxy somewhere else but I still feel like shit when I think about it. This year I have barely been using more then once a month. A few days ago I tried heroin (sniffing not injecting), the next day I bought another vile. I still feel in control of my usage, but am worried about losing control again like when I was selling oxy's. Right now I am thinking about buying another vile to use tonight, I will probably end up doing it. I wish I could findsome oxy's because honestly they are cheaper, not cut, and better feeling (at least to me) then D-Block (heroin). I know I have a problem, but painkillers can make ANY situation good or bad better. I have quit before but I always go back. I am a college student with a very bright future ahead of me on Wall Street, I really dont think I will ever be completely clean, but just hope I can find oxys in New York so I dont have to use Heroin.

I feel strangely good sharing this story thank you.

Name kept secret
Location kept secret

Click here man. NA will help you get clean.


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