An affair with an older woman

well i worked for a delivery company for about a year when a store opened up in my district well i decided to sell some of my product like baked goods and twinkees kind of pastries well one day and enchanting female caught my eye she was crying so i asked not to be rude but what the matter and she advised me that she was having problems with her husband and suff of that nature so i said everything will be all right well i basically comforted her then sealed the deal with a snack well then i would go over more and more stocking up and stuff and we had wonderful conversations and such and so forth well i decided to fall for her just sort of happened she was a bit on the heavy side in turn i liked she had and entoxicating frangrance wich she gave me a sample of so i can keep with me at all times then we got into the phone calls and then meetings of the secret nature well in turn at the store she would open late cause we would be making out with such a force it is a miricle that our necks didn't snap cause of the pressure of the kisses our bones poped with the force that i was holding her and she was just so passionate that her husband was toatally blind to it all and well i was to she then soon started to slowly get closer with her heart but not to close mind you she was still married and i was just in a 2 month relationship so then her buss. started to slow and she had to close , and i never heard from her again so everytime i smell that sweet perfume or an older more mature female my heart aches with passion and fire hoping to find a passion like that in an older female so to well if ne intrested please feel free to email me at like this will ever get read well i hope it does i wish to share it thanks for reading it

Location kept secret

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Anonymous said...

How much older than you was this woman? I have become involved with a younger man and often wonder why a 27 yr old man would want to be involved with a 35 yr old woman.....