Staying at the YMCA

My friend and I had to stay at a YMCA for a couple of weeks when we arrived in the city. We were going to stay there until we found an apartment.

Three days after we arrived my friend was in the showers when some guy reached out and touched his junk. My buddy told me for a second he wasn't sure what happened. He had been washing the soap out of his hair when he felt something touch him. He said he looked down and saw the guy about to touch it again!

So he yelled at him, punched him once in the head. The pervert fell down and huddled in the corner, saying that he was sorry and just wanted to touch it. My buddy said he yelled at him some more and then he got off the floor and ran out of the showers.

My friend finished and then came back and told me the story. we tried to figure out why he did it and it was decided that it was because he was a black guy. Just so happened he was well-equipped. We joked about how the guy was amazed at his girth and just had to reach out and touch a real live black penis.

Oddly enough, my friend has never told this story. It was a secret until now.

Location kept secret

p.s. When we checked out a couple days later, we found that half of our stay had been paid for by an unknown person a day earlier! Where boys will be boys
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